Tips to Prevent Hard Water Buildup

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So you want to prevent hard water buildup? Hard water buildup can be a frustrating and unsightly problem in any bathroom. It can leave your shower head clogged, your tiles looking dingy, and your skin feeling dry and itchy. But there are steps you can take to prevent hard water buildup and keep your bathroom … Read more

How to Clean a Shower Head

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Let’s talk about how to clean a shower head. Maintaining a clean and functioning shower head is essential for a refreshing and hygienic shower experience. Over time, mineral deposits, soap scum, and bacteria can build up and clog the tiny holes in your shower head. This leads to reduced water pressure and a less enjoyable … Read more

LED Shower Heads

LED Shower Heads

Best Light Up LED Shower Heads Reviewed As new technologies are adopted at a blinding pace, innovations in existing products are also happening all the time. Have you ever wished that your shower head could play music… so you could dance in the shower? Well, bluetooth shower heads with speakers fulfilled that wish. So now, … Read more

Kids Shower Heads

Kids Shower Head

Best Kids Shower Heads Reviews Little children like to crawl about, play in the dirt, wrestle on the floor with pets and more. While some kids love bath time, others are not too happy about having to get into tub or under the shower. It can be a real struggle to make a young child … Read more

Best RV Shower Heads

Best RV Shower Head

Looking for the best RV shower heads? Here are detailed reviews of the top brands and models of low volume high pressure shower heads ideal for recreational vehicles, camper vans and mobile homes. Preparing a list of the BEST RV shower heads wasn’t easy. With dozens of options available for RVs and campers, digging deep … Read more

All About Kohler Faucets

Kohler Faucets – The Finest Faucets For Your Bathroom & Kitchen Kohler faucets are among the finest when it comes to durability and quality. You should consider incorporating a Kohler kitchen faucet into your bathrooms and kitchen to improve your home’s overall appearance. These faucets are available in various colors, finishes and styles. You will … Read more

Moen Faucet Parts

Moen Faucet Parts – How To Choose Your Faucets Wisely Moen faucet parts are market leaders in plumbing supply and bathroom remodelling. When it comes to house embellishment, we tend to choose every little thing wisely. But little do we care about the bathroom or kitchen, except for the storage cabins and tiles. We even … Read more

Outdoor Solar Shower Kits

Outdoor Solar Shower Kits

Top Picks: Outdoor Solar Shower Kits Reviews Homes with swimming pools are common these days. Swimming is a fun activity, especially in summer when it is a great way to cool off. But to keep it safe and hygienic, chlorine is added to pool water. After swimming you must rinse off to remove the chemicals … Read more

How To Choose The Right Shower Fixtures

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There is a wide range of bathroom shower fixtures that can make the bathroom a perfect place for relaxation and freshen your mind and body. The modern shower fixtures designs can spruce up the decor of a bathroom, while the beautifully designed shower heads and designer fixtures reveal a classy touch to any bathroom. Bathroom … Read more

Shower Head Reviews

Shower Head Reviews

Best Rain Shower Head Reviews A mind boggling array of rain shower heads with a range of exciting features are now available in the market. Before you decide to go shopping it might be wise to go through some of the best rain shower head reviews. First, take the time out to list your requirements … Read more

Shower Head Types – Discover 9 Types of Shower Heads

Shower Head Types - 9 Different Types of Shower Heads

Did you know there were different shower head types and that each one has unique features? If you didn’t know that all shower heads aren’t alike, or understand the difference between the different shower head types, then listen up – because you’re about to discover everything about the nine distinct types of shower head – … Read more

Shower Panels

Shower Panels

The Best Shower Panels Reviews Why do you even need shower panels? Well, sometimes it’s not just the water pressure or the showering experience but the whole atmosphere that adds to feeling of happiness when you enter the bathroom. One of the reasons why LED shower heads and shower head speakers are so popular today … Read more

Speakman Rain Shower Head Reviews

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1. Speakman Neo S-2762 Rain Shower Head Speakman Neo S-2762 Rain Shower Head 2. Speakman Neo S-2762-MB Rain Shower Head Speakman Neo S-2762-MB Rain Shower Head 3. Speakman Neo S-2762 Rain Shower Head Speakman Kubos S-2763-MB Rain Shower Head

Grohe Shower Head Reviews

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Grohe Rain Shower Head Reviews 1. Grohe Euphoria 260 Rain Shower Head The Grohe Euphoria 260 Rain Shower Head makes it possible to enjoy a luxurious spa experience right in the comfort of your own bathroom. An absolutely fantastic bathroom upgrade that many American homeowners have discovered to their delight. They have made it their … Read more

Other Rain Shower Head Reviews

Shower Head Types - 9 Different Types of Shower Heads

1. SR SUN RISE Rain Shower Head SR SUN RISE Rain Shower Head 2. HOMEDEC Square Body Shower Bodyspray HOMEDEC Square Body Shower Bodyspray 3. HOMEDEC Square Massage Shower Body Sprayer HOMEDEC Square Massage Shower Body Sprayer 4. HOMEDEC Shower System with Body Sprays HOMEDEC Shower System with Body Sprays 5. Danze Wall Mount Body … Read more

Delta Shower Faucet – All You Need To Know

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Check out Delta Faucet models Home owners are uniformly delighted with their Delta shower faucet. As a homeowner, you will need to replace your shower faucets sooner or later. This can be occasioned by wear and tear, or even malfunctioning. When such a time comes, you should already know the different kinds of Delta shower … Read more

Tips for Cleaning Moen Shower Heads

Moen shower head reviews don’t often focus on the risk of not cleaning the heads. If you fail to clean your shower head properly and regularly, then taking a shower can harm your health. This is because your shower head might contain harmful bacteria. Here are some tips for cleaning your Moen shower head. For … Read more

Bathroom Vanities – How To Choose The Right Ones

Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities go a long way in making your bathroom look more impressive. However how your bathroom’s shine and elegance depends on how you decide to decorate it. Nice bathrooms look even better with the use of appropriate bathroom vanities. Vanities are a generic term used to describe small furniture such as tables with mirrors … Read more

Benefits of Hand Held Shower Heads

Benefits of Handheld Shower Heads – All You Must Know If you are looking for broader shower dimensions and a unique experience altogether, handheld shower heads are the way to go. Handheld shower heads are both flexible and convenient, and the fact that you can direct the water in any angle that you want is … Read more