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Best Light Up LED Shower Heads Reviewed

As new technologies are adopted at a blinding pace, innovations in existing products are also happening all the time.

Have you ever wished that your shower head could play music… so you could dance in the shower? Well, bluetooth shower heads with speakers fulfilled that wish.

So now, how about some lights too? The latest rage is light up LED shower heads. As a rainbow of colors light up your shower, you’ll be transported to a fantasy world. Kids absolutely love it. And the LED lights also show you how hot the water is – and stops you from getting scalded.

Light up LED shower heads in the guest room are sure to impress your visitors and entertain them. There are many choices to select from when it comes to the best LED light up shower head.

Here are the 3 best LED shower heads reviews for you to check out.

Explaining LED Shower Heads

LED shower heads are like any normal shower head except that they bathe you in a rainbow of colors as you shower. This makes the experience more fun and enjoyable. It adds color and spice to your daily routine. No more drab and dull baths. Who wouldn’t want that?

Color Changing Shower Heads – How Do They Work?

LED shower heads work by using the pressure of water jets to light up. They don’t need electricity, which makes it safe to install in the shower. There are no batteries which need to be replaced or recharged. LED shower heads lighting works as long as there is water flowing under pressure in the pipe.

You can chose from models that offer a combination of different colors, or one with a single color for your LED shower heads. In some LED shower heads the lights fade in and out, while others give a steady illumination. Only water activated LED lights are used, so you won’t have to worry about electricity bills or face any risk of electrocution in the shower.

Benefits of Light Up LED Shower Heads

The benefits are more sensory with light up LED shower heads. They are simply a fun way to take your showering experience to another level from the old routine of just washing under a steady stream of water.

It’s so novel and fascinating that your LED shower heads might just get kids who hesitate to take a shower to actively seek out the bathroom for the light show in store when they bathe.

LED shower heads can even create a relaxing and enjoyable showering experience for you and your partner. It’s time to fall in love with your shower again!

LED lights in some shower heads visually indicate the temperature of the shower water. This is especially useful for children or elderly folks who might otherwise scald themselves before they realize that the water is too hot. Blue indicates really cold water and red shows that the water is too hot.

Best LED Shower Heads Reviews – Meet The Top 3

There are plenty of light up shower head models to choose from, and finding the one that you like can be difficult. Here are a few we think are the best.

VDOMUS Rainfall LED Shower Heads

LED Shower HeadsLED Shower Heads
Rated one of the top rated rainfall and LED shower heads in many reviews, the VDOMUS Rainfall Shower HeadLED Shower Heads is easily mounted on your bathroom wall or ceiling. Made of highly durable chrome or ABS plastic, it is rugged, durable and lasts for years.

Use the standard G1/2 female thread connector to install this model with ease on your existing plumbing. The combination of a rainfall and light up LED shower head gives you the pleasure of showering in the rain while also lighting up your surroundings in blue, pink and red.

With its 12 RGB LED emitters you will simply love the colorful show and water spray. LED lights will change color with the temperature of the water. If you want to mount this shower head on the wall, buy a shower arm also. This is a very eco-friendly and water-saving product.

Learn more about the VDOMUS® LED Light Color Changing Wall Mount Round Shower HeadLED Shower Heads

iCooker Color Changing LED Shower Heads with Temperature Sensor

LED Shower HeadsLED Shower Heads

Another popular light changing shower head model is the iCooker LED Shower HeadLED Shower Heads. It is designed to change colors as the water temperatures changes from cold, through just right, to scalding hot.

So if it is green, then you know that the water is cold. When the temperature is just right for bathing, then the stream of water from LED shower heads appear blue. And if it changes to red, you know that the water is too hot.

The hose for iCooker color changing LED shower heads is sold separately. So to install the shower head, make sure that you buy the hose also. It is pretty simple to install on your existing pipelines. The turn dial on the shower head controls the force of spray of the water. So you can adjust it to get the exact flow you want.

Learn more about the iCooker color changing LED shower headsLED Shower Heads

Color Changing Light Up Shower head by Shower Door Direct

LED Shower HeadsLED Shower Heads

If you want a fun shower head then Color Changing Light Up LED Shower heads by Shower Door DirectLED Shower Heads may be the perfect choice for you.

All you have to do is turn on the shower and you can watch the ever-changing rainbow of colors light up your bathroom. It’s so much fun to shower in a flood of color. This LED shower head is made from chrome and the direction-changing connector lets you aim the shower head to wherever you want it to.

Learn more about the LED Color Changing ShowerheadLED Shower Heads by Shower Door Direct

LED Shower Head : Great Fun For Everyone

Here is something that will really spice up bath time, not just for the kids, but for adults as well – an LED shower head. You can now get a shower head with a LED that lights up and changes color with the water temperature.

Not only is it pretty to look at, but it saves you getting into a shower that is too hot or too cold. There is nothing worse than stumbling out of bed on a cold winter’s morning, turning on the shower, letting it run for a couple of minutes and then stepping in to find it is only lukewarm.

A LED shower head will tell you the water temperature by changing color as the temperature of the water changes. There are now many different models on the market but generally the light will be green if the water temperature is 90 degrees F or less, changing to blue and then to red from 108 degrees to 115. If the temperature goes above 115 degrees the red LED will start flashing. The color of the light actually affects the water coming from the shower head so that if it is hot your water actually looks red, or blue or green if it is colder.

What is really clever about these LED shower heads is that they need no electricity. From a safety point of view this is good news, because obviously water and electricity do not mix well together. Not only is no wiring needed, but no batteries either. The LED shower head lights work entirely on the pressure of the water flowing through them. Sadly, this means that if your water pressure is low a LED shower head may only operate very weakly or even not at all.

Another advantage of LED shower heads is that you can shower in the dark! No need to switch on the bathroom light, just shower by means of the free light provided by your shower.

Of course, not only is this fun for the adults and has a very practical use from the temperature point of view, but it is great for the kids too. Many parents report being unable to get the kids out of the shower at all.

LED lights are now fitted into many different types of shower head including the rain shower type and the waterfall. Some shower heads have a dual purpose head which can change from rain shower to waterfall and back again giving a different kind of pattern from the LED lights.

Installing a LED shower head is, or should be, simplicity itself. Most of the shower heads will fit most shower hoses and it is usually simply a question of unscrewing the existing head and screwing on the LED head.

You will also find that these shower heads are not really all that expensive, many being available on the market for less than $50.00. So for a small investment you will keep the kids occupied at bath time and at the same time be able to avoid that awful moment when you step into a shower that is either too hot or too cold. Definitely a bonus on a cold winter’s day, or even a hot summer one if you want a quick cold refreshing shower after a day in the sun.