Best RV Shower Heads

Looking for the best RV shower heads? Here are detailed reviews of the top brands and models of low volume high pressure shower heads ideal for recreational vehicles, camper vans and mobile homes.

Best RV Shower Head Reviews

Preparing a list of the BEST RV shower heads wasn’t easy. With dozens of options available for RVs and campers, digging deep to identify the top rated brands took patience, research and analysis. Surely you’ll agree that the results are worthwhile!

If you own a recreational vehicle (RV) and spend a lot of your time on the road, it can seem as if your RV is a home from home. Showering on an RV can pose some unique challenges, given a limited water supply and space for a bathroom.

RV shower heads are specially designed to meet these constraints and overcome them. With one of the best RV shower heads in place, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t feel right at home – even in your vehicle!

And here’s an interesting point that many people overlook.

An RV shower head can just as well be installed in a bathroom in your house, to enjoy all the convenience and benefits it has to offer – especially a significant conservation of water without compromise on a spa-like experience.

Your camper van’s RV shower head can be a modern addition to supplement your upgraded lifestyle, letting you hit the roads in style and enjoy your travel time in comfort and luxury.

Some Helpful Tips About Shower Heads For RVs

  • An RV shower head uses oxygen technology to boost air content in water, adding a lightness to your shower stream.
  • High pressure water jets help loosen knotted muscles and relieve cramps, giving you a relaxing wash at the end of a tiring day.
  • Most RV shower heads offer a trickle mode to lower water usage, as well as a pause mode to stop the flow at a touch.
  • It’s possible to reduce water consumption by nearly half by using an RV shower head.
  • The best RV shower head models deliver powerful water streams that let you wash faster, saving both time and water.
  • RV shower heads don’t require much space, and can conveniently fit into most campers and RVs.
  • With this type of shower, a handheld shower head is often easier to use than a mounted conventional one.

Given the twin limitations of volume and pressure of water that affect the quality of your shower while in a camper van, the main factors that determine which RV shower head model to choose are water conservation and shower spray pressure.

Bad quality heads break down frequently, and selecting the right kind of RV shower head can be a critical decision for your continued enjoyment. This RV shower head review features the best handpicked models that meet strict quality and performance standards, while winning accolades from hundreds of happy users.

Best RV Shower Heads


Oxygenics RV Body Spa Shower Head

If you’re looking for an RV shower head that’s powerful and specially designed for camper vans, then you’d do well to research the Oxygenics Body Spa. This immensely popular RV shower head was designed from the ground up to do one thing very well – improve water pressure while increasing area of coverage.

Planned to ruthlessly eliminate any wastage of water, this is a shower head that’s tailor-made for your RV shower because you’ll save every drop of water possible in your limited capacity RV tank. You can never be sure when that extra few gallons will come in handy, so this is a serious advantage if you’re on the road in your RV for long trips.

The way an Oxygenics Body Spa RV shower head turns even low water pressure into a strong jet has to do with innovation and creativity in their shower head design. It is amazing how effectively it is able to convert weak water supply streams into a decent jet you can shower in comfortably. This feature alone makes it our pick for best RV shower head.

Another interesting and valuable function of the Oxygenics RV shower head is the ‘smart pause‘ mode that lets you instantly shut off the shower while soaping yourself, restricting water flow and conserving the supply in your tank. A spin off benefit from this is how water temperature is preserved better than with other shower heads.

A setting for needle jet sprays lets you rinse off soap and shampoo more effectively with less water consumption, making it a desirable feature for those with long hair. The shower head is designed to minimize clogging even at low water pressures and the components are corrosion free.

Installing and removing this RV shower head are easy and quick. Materials used in constructing the Oxygenics shower head are top class and durable. No more having to replace worn out or broken parts often.

For all these reasons, the Oxygenics Body Spa is one of the best RV shower heads on the market today. You get great performance at low water consumption in the form of a durable, long-lasting shower head that’s also affordable and readily available to order online.


  • Saves water to extend your tank’s life
  • Forceful spray for effective cleaning
  • Corrosion and clogging resistant parts
  • Pause mode helps prevent water waste
  • Quick and simple installation


  • Plastic hose and wall mount may break, needing replacement

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Yoo.Mee Hand Held Shower Head

A Yoo.Mee hand held shower head is another great choice for your RV if you’re looking to enjoy a relaxing, clean shower at the start or end of the day. This great shower will ease aching muscles and stiff joints with a pleasant, strong jet of water to massage pain away, leaving you fresh, energetic and comfortable.

Elegantly designed in stainless steel, the Yoo.Mee handheld shower head will add a dash of class and style to your RV. It delivers a powerful stream of water even from a low pressure supply, with an inbuilt 2XP turbocharger that supplements your water pipe.

There are 3 spray settings available to adjust your water stream any way you like. You may use a forceful high-speed stream for a quick wash, or a gentler spray setting for a relaxed cleanse. There’s also a ‘pulsating’ setting that alternates the force of your stream to have a massaging effect on your tired muscles.

The Yoo.Mee RV shower head is of heat-resistant high quality ABS plastic and has nozzles made of silicone rubber to help avoid clogging and build up of salts. It also makes the shower head easy to clean by rubbing it with a dry cloth, or even with your fingers.

In short, the Yoo.Mee will match the demands of even the most discerning RV owner and leave you happy about the investment you’re making in installing it in your camper or home.


  • Convenient to handle and use
  • Has 3 settings for a more enjoyable shower
  • 2XP technology boosts water pressure
  • Sturdy and durable, made of plastic and stainless steel
  • Nozzles are clogging free and easy to clean
  • Easy to install


  • Pulsating spray may not work at times

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ETL Body Spa Oxygenics Shower Head

Attractively styled, comfortably designed, the ETL Body Spa Oxygenics is one of the best RV shower heads to enjoy a powerful and relaxing shower in your camper van. It comes with adjustable settings to vary the force and nature of your shower stream, making it possible to customize your experience and enjoy a quick wash or relaxing batch.

One of the biggest advantages of the ETL body spa over other RV shower heads is how effective it is at boosting water pressure. For less water consumption, it delivers a more enjoyable showering experience by achieving greater force of the water stream.

Like other Oxygenics shower heads, the technology that powers the ETL Body Spa RV shower head involves increasing oxygen in water to create shower droplets that are larger, lighter and cling to your body, giving a sensation of a cleaner rinse. This is one of the few models of RV shower head that can offer such an experience, making it a popular favorite of many camper owners.

With an instant water heater, you’ll simply need to fill the reserve tank before being ready for a nice, warm shower. The ETL oxygenics shower head is durable and clogging-resistant, providing maintenance-free operation for extended periods of time. You won’t waste time struggling to clean it or creating a mess inside the van.

You won’t need to go shopping for any accessories either, as the ETL body spa shower head comes with a kit and installation manual that’s a complete solution. You’ll get a shower holder, a shower hose (60-inches long), a shower regulator, and even Teflon tape to secure the parts into place. A lifetime warranty from the manufacturer should also allay any unease you have about its longevity and durability.

With a 2 GPM flow rate, this RV shower head is hard to beat in terms of water conservation as well. Being handheld, the shower is easy to use for people of all ages and even those with disabilities.


  • Forceful shower stream even with low water pressure
  • Conserves water use
  • Offers a range of spray settings
  • 60 inch hose and accessories included
  • Handheld, offers greater convenience
  • Non-clogging, maintenance-free
  • Lifetime warranty included


  • Makes slightly more noise while operating

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Aqua Elegante RV Shower Head

Aqua Elegante 6-function RV shower head is a top pick that deserves consideration by any serious camper van or trailer owner.

With six distinct spray settings that allow a diverse range of showering experiences, the Aqua Elegante is one of the most convenient RV shower heads among those we reviewed. You can operate the shower in saturating blast, pulsating massage, gentle rain and water saving modes, as well as two other combinations of them.

Another distinctive advantage of the Aqua Elegante is the incredible six year warranty offered by the manufacturer against defects and malfunction. This RV shower head is ideal for a range of different situations including campers, trailers and even regular homes.

Constructed from heavy-duty ABS plastic, the shower head is durable and long-lasting. The stainless steel casing is corrosion-proof, and a removal shower restrictor lets you adjust water pressure according to your needs. It can help you enjoy a spa-like experience whenever you like, even under conditions of limited or low water pressure supply.

The Aqua Elegante RV shower head can be easily installed without a plumber’s help. Nozzles are self-cleaning and don’t clog easily. Even in hard water, it is rare for the holes to get blocked by calcium or other mineral deposits. This is a luxurious RV shower head for anyone desirous of a mixture of durability and function with elegance and class.


  • Six different spray settings
  • Delivers excellent water pressure
  • Easy to install
  • Self-cleaning nozzles
  • Durable and rust-resistant
  • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty


  • No accessories like bracket or hose included

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PIH High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head

If a high pressure RV shower head is your top priority, then the PIH handheld should be among your choices of best RV shower heads because it was designed with the primary focus of delivering high pressure jets at low water consumption. A 59″ hose offers extra convenience and comfort.

Even when you’re showering in a camper trailer or mobile home, you won’t need to worry about whether your limited-capacity tank will be enough to wash your hair or enjoy a relaxing shower. With a PIH RV shower head, even a limited amount of water stretches a long way, and at high pressure to boot!

You can shower in pulse massage or great shooting modes depending upon your needs, or engage the pause mode to temporarily cease water flow while you soap yourself, thereby conserving limited water supplies.

The PIH is one of the few models we reviewed that can deliver an intense pressure right from the moment you turn on the tap. But there’s also a trickle setting to engage at the press of a button whenever you want to limit the amount of water you use.

The shower head is easy to install and is compatible with universal pipes and attachment settings. Its versatility and range of showering options make this a great choice for campers and recreational vehicles.


  • Delivers high pressure stream
  • Conserves water usage
  • Offers 6 different spray settings
  • Durable, functional and sturdy
  • Easy to install
  • Very affordable


  • Pause setting malfunctions occasionally

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Ecocamel Jetstorm Shower Head

An Ecocamel Jetstorm is among the best RV shower head options for a home trailer or camper.

Powered by ‘Air Core‘ technology, the shower head intelligently mixes air with water to generate powerful, light streams of water that cling to your skin and course gently down the body to deliver a pleasing and enjoyable experience – and at the same time, washing away grime and soap with minimal water utilization.

A clever design innovation helps the Ecocamel RV shower head deliver high pressure jets of water even if pressure in the water pipes is low. This shortens showering time and conserves water use. The installation is simple and quick, requiring no special equipment or even the services of a plumber. Just remove your old shower head and screw this one into place!

A lifetime warranty from the manufacturer safeguards you against any defects and malfunctions down the line. The fact that Ecocamel offers such an inclusive guarantee should further reassure you about the quality of workmanship and materials that underpins this offer.

The shower head is protected against frequent clogging or mineral deposits, making it virtually maintenance-free. The head can be rotated and adjusted to stream water from different angles and heights to suit your needs. The ‘Air Core‘ technology injects water and air under excellent pressure for a thorough and refreshing shower.

Given the constraints of space, water quantity and pressure that face an RV owner, the Ecocame Jetstorm shower head is a great choice that delivers superior performance with durability in an affordable package.


  • Delivers good water flow at great pressure
  • Clog-free and easy to clean
  • Installation is fast and simple
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Cleans easily by wiping
  • Shower head can be adjusted and rotated


  • Fewer modes of operation
  • No color choices

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Oxygenics Fury Shower Head For RVs

One more well-deserved entry on any list of best RV shower head models is the Fury shower head kit from Oxygenics. It’s the most affordable, and also very versatile, making it perfect for most needs.

The shower head comes with a range of settings and delivers decent water pressure with all of them. It infuses air into the water stream to deliver fluffy, fuller water drops that clean more efficiently and leave you feeling cleaner and more satisfied after a shower.

Oxygenics Fury is an RV shower head that brings the comfort of showering at home in your bathroom to the wash you take while you’re on the road. Even if your water tank is limited in capacity, there’s no reason to clamp down on your enjoyment of a relaxing shower with the Fury RV shower head.

A trickle flow water-saving mode can help lower consumption without any compromise on quality of pressure or cleaning effect. You can shower and shampoo with confidence, knowing there won’t be any soapy residue as your shower pressure drops or water unexpectedly slows to a trickle.

A slip-free rubber grip gives you better security and lets you get a firm grip on the handset even while your hands are covered with lather. The controls are easy to operate with your thumb even as you grasp the handset.

The Oxygenics Fury RV shower head ships with accessories including a wall bracket, tape, a 72-inch hose and water saving accompaniments that limit flow to 2 GPM. A lifetime warranty safeguards you against manufacturing flaws, and the device can be purchased in a choice of different finishes to match the interior of your recreational vehicle.


  • Offers 5 spray settings
  • 72-inch hose gives greater convenience
  • Lifetime warranty included
  • Comes with several accessories
  • Water saving mode lowers water bills


  • Pressure may be high enough to cause messy spills

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Dura Faucet Recreational Vehicle Shower Head

The Dura Faucet SA130 is a hot selling RV shower head for motorhomes, trailers and camper vans. From detailed study it is clear that this model fully deserves inclusion among any list of best RV shower heads because of its superior quality, high level performance and unique functionality.

This durable shower head manufactured from premium components will last you for several years and require little if any maintenance to keep working at peak performance. The construction from lightweight synthetic material is a refreshing departure from the heavy metallic framework of other RV shower heads.

As demanding campers and travellers expect comfort with convenience from a showerhead that will accompany them on long journeys, a shower head has to offer a combination of style and a relaxed, enjoyable showering experience in order to be classed among top picks in the niche. The Dura Faucet RV shower head matches up nicely.

This device is uniquely designed with several innovations to help save water and deliver a strong shower stream with limited water use. It also has a trickle valve switch to control consumption of the precious liquid, helping your limited tank capacity stretch over a longer time. Moderate water flow becomes adequate for a refreshing shower because of the technology used by a Dura Faucet to deliver a powerful shower stream.

A mounting bracket and easy installation instructions round off the shower kit, and the DF SA130 ships with a 60-inch hose that allows water flow at rates of 2.2 GPM. This means you’ll get a very forceful jet at a tiny increase in water flow.

The quality standards of a Dura Faucet RV shower head meet the certification requirements by CUPC and UPC, fully justifying the price you’ll pay for it. There are watertight rubber seals at all junctions to eliminate the possibility of leaks. The shower head even comes in several color choices to match your interior decor.


  • 2.2 GPM at 60 PSI delivers a strong shower stream
  • Convenient 60-inch hose extends reach
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Water saving modes available
  • Different color options are offered
  • Easy to install


  • The plastic showerhead and hand grip may not be as durable as metal ones

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What Exactly Does An RV Shower Head Mean?

An RV shower head (or recreational vehicle shower head) is exactly the same as a regular home shower head, except that it is designed in some specific ways to be adapted for use in campers, trailers and RVs.

Sure, you can simply install a regular rainfall shower head or handheld shower head that you would buy for your bathroom at home into your RV as well. But that would disregard the unique constraints faced by a camper van owner.

1. RV water tanks have limited capacity for water volume. So a shower head that uses water generously, or recklessly, wouldn’t be appropriate for it.

2. RV water tanks deliver water to your shower pipes at relatively lesser pressure than the water mains at home. So an RV shower head must make adaptations for delivering a good shower experience in the face of low pressure.

3. RV bathing/showering areas aren’t as large as a bathroom at home. Your RV shower head must factor in this and limit the area of drenching, without compromising on the quality of your shower.

The big difference of an RV shower head over other types of shower heads is that they are engineered to deliver high pressure streams of water without consuming proportionately high volumes. This is made possible by design innovations and shower regulators.

If you’re buying a new RV or camper, chances are good that you’ll want to replace the shower head it shipped with for a more efficient model. This is because RV manufacturers and dealers aren’t always keen on equipping the vehicle with the best suited shower heads.

When the model you get pre-installed consumes too much water, or delivers low pressure, or gets clogged up and blocked often, or creates a mess, you’ll wish you’d heeded this advice – and researched the best RV shower head. So save yourself some pain down the road by doing some background checks and installing the best RV shower head for your vehicle.

How Do Shower Heads For Recreational Vehicles Work?

RV shower head Oxygenics

Like any other shower head, one designed specially for an RV should also deliver a spray or stream of water that’s good enough to cleanse, relax and refresh the user. Most shower manufacturers focus on constructing designs that can offer a range of different spray modes, and ensure water flow at stable pressure and temperature so that the showering experience is enjoyable.

Your RV shower head has to work with certain limitations.

  • It cannot spray water wildly, but must keep the jet focused on a smaller area to prevent messy wetting of your RV floors.
  • It has to ensure a steady, high-pressure flow even if the inlet pipe allows only low pressures.
  • And the device has to be water efficient so that the limited tank capacity can be stretched to the max.

There are several excellent models of recreational vehicle showerheads that meet these challenging demands. In fact, there’s a huge array of models, with different sizes, types and brands to pick from. Out of this collection, we handpicked the best RV shower head models to save you time and trouble sifting through a group of several options that aren’t quite up to scratch.

Cleaning your shower head is never fun, and it’s worse with an RV when you may have access to only limited resources. RV shower heads are usually easy to clean using a cloth and a mixture of baking soda with vinegar and bleach to dissolve mineral deposits that can clog up nozzles.

What Are The Types of Camper Van Shower Heads?

Like other shower heads, there are some different types of RV shower heads, each with its own unique features, advantages and drawbacks over others. The right choice for your needs will depend upon your individual requirements.

Single Spray Shower Heads

These shower heads come with adjustable nozzles through which water jets out in a single stream. You can customize the mode of water flow by pressing a button or turning a knob. This device is simple and uncomplicated. While single spray heads are readily available, they are usually costlier than other kinds.

Rain Shower Heads

While a rain shower head delivers a fantastic showering experience, with a large area of coverage and a higher flow of water, they may not usually be the best choices for an RV shower head. However, if your RV shower will be used only by one or two people, or you foresee replacing water in your tank to be simple and inexpensive, this may be a good choice.

Handheld Shower Heads

Most RV shower heads are of the hand held variety to allow greater flexibility and convenience of use. The area you can reach with a long hose attached to a handheld showerhead is large. One problem with this type of RV shower is that you may end up spraying water everywhere, if you aren’t careful, and create an ugly mess inside your vehicle!

Dual Shower Heads

A combo device with two heads, one of which is often fixed while the other is hand held, is popular among some RV users. The water pressure is usually excellent with these devices. However, since there are two heads, water consumption is often much higher. This makes even the best dual shower head a less desirable type of RV shower head.

What To Do Before You Buy RV Shower Heads?

Handheld RV shower head

With so many models to choose from and a range of types of RV shower heads available in the market, your decision to buy one should be taken after considering the following features:

1. Efficiency

Keep the 2 most important criteria an RV shower head should fulfil – deliver a high pressure spray, and conserve water volume.

A shower head’s efficiency is revealed in the data reported by the manufacturer and by reviewers who have tested out the model extensively. You should be sure to check water flow measurements before deciding upon a model. Make sure that it will deliver adequate flow and pressure to have a satisfying shower.

Regular shower heads have a water flow of around 2.5 GPM (gallons per minute). Older models were more wasteful of water, while newer models generally conserve water better. For an RV shower head, consider models and brands that have maximum flow rates of 2 GPM. Anything more than that will deplete your tank too quickly.

2. Performance

Although our handpicked best RV shower head models all boast of superlative performance, it is mandatory for you to carefully review these details before making your choice. Get an RV shower that delivers excellent pressure to rinse yourself thoroughly without wasting a lot of water.

You don’t have to get obsessive over each model you’re looking at. Shortlist your favorites (2 or 3), and then dive deep into them and study performance characteristics carefully. If possible, try them out yourself to make sure.

The best performing RV shower heads will save you water and maintain excellent water pressure all through your shower, even though the RV water tank only has limited amounts of water that are delivered at relatively lesser pressure. The good performers also allow a great deal of user control over flow, pressure and type of spray.

3. Handheld Shower Heads

Some RV shower heads offer only mounted heads which have somewhat limited reach. A handheld device is helpful in an RV because there is limited space and you will benefit from the ability to reach all parts with a handheld shower head and long hose.

Look for a model that matches the rest of your RV decor and also see if there are all accessories like shower stand and a holder for the handheld head.

4. Showering Modes

Older RV shower head models offered little flexibility. They would just gush out water or sting your skin with high pressure needles, leaving you drenched or hurting! Newer and more advanced models allow customization with multiple showering modes.

Switching between modes is as easy as pressing a button or turning a handle. Many models have water-saving ‘pause’ settings that let you turn off the water flow instantly whenever you want. You can adjust the water flow to be soft and gentle, or forceful and stimulating.

Water flow rates can be changed between 1.5 and 2 GPM for different modes of operation. Shower regulators help convert low volume flows into high pressure streams that clean more effectively and also feel more comfortable and relaxing.

Recreational Vehicle Shower Head

5. Longevity

Durability of an RV shower head parallels materials used in constructing it, as well as the manufacturer’s brand. Top quality makers are known for their products that last for many years without needing repairs or replacement.

Cheap isn’t usually the best choice, since they won’t last long and require costly replacement. Also, the more expensive RV shower heads have advantages like being corrosion-proof, clog-resistant, and being easily cleaned.

All other things being equal, you should look for a corrosion- and rust-proof shower head, preferably one made of stainless steel, and check particularly for durability and quality of materials used in its construction.

6. Design and Aesthetics

When everything else about functionality is ideal, the best RV shower head should also go further – and add a touch of beauty, class and elegance to your recreational vehicle. That’s why design and aesthetic appeal are things to consider in your choice of showerhead.

Make sure that your shower head matches the overall feel and color scheme of your RV’s toilet and other accessories. Chrome and brass finish lends a kind of style to your bathroom that’s hard to match with cheaper plastic and foam equivalents.

7. Ease of Use

While you’re on the road with your RV, you don’t want to shower with a device that takes a degree in rocket science to operate! So look for simplicity and comfort in the operation of your shower head.

Expensive and high-end shower heads may come with many benefits, but can also be quite confusing to operate. Simple advantages like a non-slip grip and a large, comfortable handle to grasp your hand held shower head are of great value. A magnetic stand or fancy gimmicks like LED lights in your shower head may not be as valuable.

8. Installation

Ease of installation and the ability to set one up without having to seek out a plumber can be of great help. If installing an RV shower head will require making extensive modifications, or if each change will need the services of a plumber, you costs could easily skyrocket.

So get an RV shower head that is easy to install, and that comes with an instruction manual for DIY installation. Most include shower kits that have everything needed to install your shower. Many do not require any special tools, and are compatible with universal connectors that are found in every RV or camper van.

The best RV shower heads often can simply be screwed on in a couple of minutes – and you’re good to go!

9. Price

Last, but not least, consider the cost of your preferred RV shower head. Price ranges widely, but most RV shower head models are affordable. Unlike fixed home shower heads with exotic features like shower panels or rainfall shower heads, these models are rather basic and functional.

Also consider your own budget and try not to spend more than you can comfortably afford. There will definitely be other costs in maintaining your RV, and you won’t want to later on regret the amount you splurged into getting a fancy shower head that you didn’t really need!

Do You Really Need An RV Shower Head?

RV shower head types

It might sound remiss to leave this question right to the very end of our discussion about RV shower heads. However, consider this…

Unless you know

  • what an RV shower head actually is
  • how it is better (or worse) than other options
  • which models are available, and how good are they

… you can’t meaningfully answer the question about whether or not you need one!

So this is really the BEST time to ask yourself:

Do I really need an RV shower head?

Well, there are several significant advantages to installing a suitable shower head in your recreational vehicle that works around the two major constraints of a. not enough water and b. not enough pressure.

Let’s see what these benefits of having an RV shower head are.

1. Lower Consumption

Water use with an RV shower head is less than with conventional shower heads. As a consequence, energy consumption of your RV comes down, as less heating or cooling is necessary for the lower volume of water used in your shower. This can be of great importance while you’re on the road.

2. Saves Water

Low flow shower heads can save upto 40% of water usage while showering. What’s even better is that you can achieve these savings without losing out on water pressure or an enjoyable shower. RV shower heads limit flow to 2 GPM or less, which brings down water bills and extends how long your limited-capacity tank can stretch.

3. Eco-Friendly

Reducing water and energy consumption by using an RV shower head indirectly helps preserve the environment by lowering carbon emissions and conserving precious natural resources. Who would have thought your choice of shower head may well end up reversing climate change, huh?

4. Aesthetic Appeal

The right RV shower head can add a touch of class and elan to your RV’s interior while enhancing your pleasure from taking a shower at the end of a tiring day, or at the beginning of a new one. With a range of models and brands to choose from, you’ll never be short of the right device to suit your taste, budget and decor.

5. Superior Performance

Taking a shower in the limited confines of a recreational vehicle may well become a forbidding challenge – if you didn’t have the benefit of an RV shower head. By letting you take control of your water stream, and offering pause and trickle flow modes to conserve water usage, an RV shower head makes showering on the road less stressful, uncomfortable or inconvenient.

The choice of several spray settings makes for a joyous, pleasurable showering experience that can set the tone for your day and leave you feeling relaxed, satisfied and content.

The Shower Head FAQ

Q: Do RV shower heads really help save water?

As we’ve discussed earlier, where typical shower heads consume 2.5 GPM of water, the RV shower heads are often rated as consuming less than 2 GPM, with some models operating optimally at 1.7 gallons per minute. What’s more, by design creativity, they are able to turn even low pressure inflows into strong, powerful jets to offer you an enjoyable shower and a thorough drenching!

Q: Are RV shower hoses flexible and strong?

Yes, most brands have shower kits that include hoses and other accessories. These shower hoses are flexible, vary in length for greater convenience, and are quite durable. They connect with the shower head via universal adapters that are generally leak-proof and secure.

Q: Can low flow showers deliver high pressure too?

That is precisely what makes RV shower heads so appealing. They are able to convert low pressure inflows into forceful jets and streams that can massage away aches and pains, needling into knotted muscles and relaxing them effectively.

Q: Which RV shower head brands are the best?

The best RV shower heads that provide superior value to camper trailers and mobile home owners are those from top brands like Aqua, Oxygenics, Dura Faucet and PIH. These brands have backed their products with cutting-edge research and constant innovation that makes them a household name in quality, engineering design and performance metrics.

Q: Is a high pressure shower head superior for RV use?

Your RV water tank has a fixed capacity, so your choice of shower head should be based on getting the maximum showering value from that. Water conservation should be your top priority. A powerful shower can help by washing away grime and soap faster, thereby saving upto 50% of water. It also saves time by letting you finish your shower faster.

Q: Should I get a handheld or fixed shower head?

For an RV shower head, a handheld is preferable because it offers better access to hard-to-reach parts of your body, especially when you are forced to shower in a relatively smaller space. A fixed shower head isn’t a bad idea, but a handheld device offers greater flexibility.

In Summary

We have discussed quite a lot about RV shower heads, and analyzed their pros and cons as well as looking in detail at the best RV shower head models and brands in this report.

Hopefully you now have enough information to make a considered choice. Look at factors like durability, price, performance and efficiency before you decide. And make sure to match your unique, individual preferences with what’s available on the market to pick the best RV shower head for your needs.

You can easily and conveniently order your shower head online from Amazon. Or you can pick up the right model from your neighborhood hardware store. By choosing one of our handpicked collection of RV shower heads, you won’t go wrong.

An RV shower head is not a luxury. It is a necessity, if you want to save water, enjoy a great shower, and enhance the experience of being on the road and traveling extensively.

Spend a bit extra to get the ideal device for your needs. Then enjoy a lovely drenching shower any time – even while you’re driving around the country!