Shower Head Reviews

Best Rain Shower Head Reviews

A mind boggling array of rain shower heads with a range of exciting features are now available in the market. Before you decide to go shopping it might be wise to go through some of the best rain shower head reviews.

First, take the time out to list your requirements for a shower head. Quality, price, features, controls and aesthetics are just a few of the features you may want to focus on while looking for your ideal rain shower head.

Your final pick should not only look good at the time of purchase, but also keep you happy a few months down the line. Some shower heads corrode or become jaded in appearance within a couple of months of use due to nature of finish or poor design quality or other factors. Shower head reviews by other home owners can be an excellent way to sift through the fluff and find the best models and brands.

Choosing and buying a rain shower head is a matter of matching what’s available with your own requirements and preferences. Some buyers may want LEDs to light up while using their shower heads. Others may want the latest in shower head speakers. Older people might look for shower heads with a sliding rack or a longer hose that allows them to shower while sitting down.

Keeping in mind the different buyers’ needs like cost, durability, design and features we have chosen the best rain shower head reviews that give you detailed information about the models which are available today. If you want to check out the top 3 rain shower head reviews alone, then click here.

Rain Shower Heads Explained

As a child, did you enjoy going out to play in the rain? Well, if you’re looking to recreate that experience as an older person, you can do it in the privacy of your bathroom – with a rain shower head.

As our collection of best rain shower head reviews will reveal, there are many different features that set apart one model from another. But all of them are uniform in that they bring the fun back into showering!

Rain shower heads makers come up with innovative products like the models which mimic a rain storm right in your shower stall. You will love the steady and pleasant stream of water coursing down your body, gently washing and cleansing. It’s like bringing the great outdoors into your bathroom, so realistic you’ll never want to get out from under your shower.

The design of each model of rain head shower head is unique. Some are round and others are square shaped. Some are very thin with many small holes. Water pours out at a steady and even pace, drenching you for that exquisite feeling of a rain shower.

To make it even better, some shower head manufacturers add features like ‘pulse flow’. This makes the water gently sprinkle down on you in droplets. Other extra features include

a massaging pulse flow
a downpour setting
a water saving mode
…and more

As you’ll see from the shower head reviews, usually these models are made from chrome, brass and steel. Installing rain shower heads is simple. All you have to do is swap your regular shower head with the new one. An extension arm is sometimes required to increase the height or to position the shower head better. Otherwise it can be directly installed on the ceiling for a better imitation of a rainfall.

Rain Shower Head Reviews : Features & Benefits

1. Rain shower heads help you relax as you shower.

The water flows gently over your head, shoulders and down your body. The jet can be directed at an angle unlike from a regular shower head, so you won’t have to take evasive action to avoid a stinging spray.

It’s more relaxing and calm to soak in a rain shower head. There are also additional options for a massaging shower, or a mist shower setting where the stream gets thinner and sprays droplets around. All you have to do is select a setting and step under the stream. Enjoy a relaxing, gentle rain-like experience.

2. Rain shower heads provide a larger showering area

A rain shower head is designed to be bigger than a normal shower. It’s at least 64 square inches in area, while a regular shower head only reaches a diameter of 4 to 8 inches. In a smaller shower, you have to keep adjusting your position to get a complete wash. With the rain shower head, every part is fully covered under the stream and you can simply stand in one place and enjoy the rain shower as it gently or vigorously sluices over you.

3. Rain shower heads have a classic design element

The design and style of most top brands of rain shower heads are classic and installing one in your bathroom ups the style quotient. House guests will love spending time in your shower – though that may not always be a good thing if you don’t like having them around for too long!

Top 3 Rain Shower Head Reviews

Moen S6320 Rainshower Shower Head Reviews

Most Moen Velocity Rain Shower Head reviews speak about how this top notch model radiates cool chic with its grey metallic chrome finish.

The Moen S6320 rain shower head comes with 2 settings. You can choose either the concentrated rinse or rain shower option depending on your mood. Moen a world leader in rain shower technology, and the S6320 delivers great results with this shower head.

With 3 times more spray compared to other regular rain shower heads, the Moen rain shower head reviews are uniformly raving delights from happy users. The chrome finish on the product is made of brass and built to last. This rain shower head is easy to install and you won’t have to call a specialist for extra plumbing work.

The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty for home owners. So you are assured of a leak- and drip-free product. For non-home owners, the warranty is for 5 years. For a detailed report check out our full rain shower head review of the Moen Velocity 6320 here. Learn more – click here.

Delta Arzo Square Rain Shower Head

All Delta Arzo Overhead Rain Shower Head reviews suggest that this is a wonderful choice for any bathroom. It excels in both looks and style. It is chic, stylish and ultra-modern in design.

Showering in your Delta rain shower head equipped bathroom is like using the shower at a 5-star hotel. The droplets from your shower feel absolutely refreshing, and many users say it’s exactly like standing in a real rain storm.

The shower head’s square shape ensures a large area to shower in without having to move around. The brass provides a long life while the chrome finish gives it a classy look and feel. A faucet is included with the shower head.

If you are choosing a shower head based on looks, quality of the product, performance and affordability, then the Delta Arzo rain shower head meets the bill. It comes with a lifetime warranty. Check out our detailed Delta Arzo rain shower head reviews here.

Hansgrohe 27474001 Raindance Downpour AIR Showerhead

Rain shower head reviews are unanimous about the Hansgrohe model. They all agree that the 10 inch Hansgrohe Rain Shower Head is one of the best rain shower heads on the market today.

Hansgrohe’s advanced air jet technology ensures that even a 2.5 gpm shower feels like 6 gallons per minute. The drops are bigger and the shower is more intense. The shower head has a chrome finish, and unlike other rain shower heads, it is round in shape.

The choice of brass for the design ensures a long life. Shower heads accumulate dirt over time in the nozzles, but the easy clean design of the Hansgrohe Raindance shower head allows you to simply wipe away the dirt. Due to presence of impurities, minerals and lime in the water you may see limescale buildup on other shower heads that detracts from the look of bathroom fittings. But that will not happen with the easy-to-clean Hansgrohe Raindance shower head.

This shower head and the extension arms are sold separately. Overall the price is higher than comparable models. But the Hansgrohe is a quality rain shower head that will last for years and give you a great deal of satisfaction every time you use it, making this extra price well worth paying. You can read our detailed Hansgrohe Raindance Shower Head reviews here.

So there you have it – three fantastic models of rainshower heads to enhance your bathroom and showering experience. It’s absolutely impossible to go wrong with these three top choices in rain shower head reviews.

Pick one and enjoy the luxury of a rain shower head right from home.