Outdoor Solar Shower Kits

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Homes with swimming pools are common these days. Swimming is a fun activity, especially in summer when it is a great way to cool off. But to keep it safe and hygienic, chlorine is added to pool water.

After swimming you must rinse off to remove the chemicals from your skin. There are outdoor solar shower kits so that people can rinse off once they exit the pool. Outdoor solar shower kits are all the rage and to learn more about them, just continue reading – or click on this link for the best outdoor solar shower kits reviewsOutdoor Solar Shower Kits.

Outdoor Solar Shower Kits – Explained

An outdoor solar shower is a showering system placed close to a swimming pool, with a solar heating system to heat the water. You can rinse off the chlorine, mud and dirt from outdoors before entering your house. It is also simpler to have the shower stalls outside rather than allowing sopping wet kids and adults into the house.

No more soaking carpets with chlorine-laced water and generally dirtying your floors. Outdoor solar shower kits can be installed anywhere – near the pool or wherever else you want them to be.

Advantages of Outdoor Solar Shower Kits

Public beaches and pools usually have many outdoor solar showers where you can have a quick bath to rinse off chemically treated pool water or to wash off the salt and sand sticking to your body from the beach.

These showers are simple to operate with either a lever or a push button that activates the water flow. Usually these outdoor showers offer only cold water, which makes is uncomfortable and even distasteful to rinse off after a relaxing swim.

Outdoor solar shower kits solve the problem by warming water in the shower. This ensures that you’ll not skip the post-swim rinse, and won’t carry all the sand and chlorine back to your car or into the house. An outdoor solar shower kit uses energy from the sun to heat the water, so you get to shower in warm water. Usually it is only just warm enough to be comfortable. But that should suffice for a quick rinse.

Outdoor Solar Shower Kits Reviews

Yescom 7 1/2ft High 2-Section Foldable Solar Heated Shower

Outdoor Solar Shower KitsOutdoor Solar Shower Kits
The Yescom solar shower modelOutdoor Solar Shower Kits is a portable and foldable shower that extends to 7 and half feet height. It can be folded in half and stored away when not in use. It is an attractive and useful option for your outdoor swimming pool, especially in the summer.

This outdoor solar shower kit holds 6.6 gallons of water at a time. The water will be warm and ready for you when you’ve finished your swimming and want to rinse off after a dip in the pool. Even if the sun’s heat is at its peak the water in the solar shower will not heat beyond 130 degree Fahrenheit, making this a pleasant way to clean up after enjoying your time in the pool.

You can read more about it from this Yescom Foldable outdoor solar shower kits review hereOutdoor Solar Shower Kits.

GAME Outdoor Solar Shower Kits Review

Outdoor Solar Shower KitsOutdoor Solar Shower Kits
It is easy to install the GAME outdoor solar shower kitOutdoor Solar Shower Kits as it connects to a standard garden hose available in most households. The Game shower can store about 5.5 gallons of water, which is enough for a quick rinse.

The outdoor solar shower kit can be used on its own, or can even be mounted on an existing shower unit. This solar shower allows you to adjust water temperature to your comfort level. You can also mix in cool water if the water in the solar shower kit gets too hot.

You’ll find more information in this extensive Game Outdoor Solar Shower Kits review hereOutdoor Solar Shower Kits.

7 FT Pool Spa Solar Base Outdoor Shower with Sprinkler

Outdoor Solar Shower KitsOutdoor Solar Shower Kits
Another excellent option when it comes to outdoor solar shower options is the FT Pool Spa Solar Base Outdoor ShowerOutdoor Solar Shower Kits. This shower faucet will quickly heat up the water so that you’ll have enough for a wash after swimming.

The FT Pool Spa solar shower is a little smaller than other models and can hold just 2.3 gallons of water. The shower is equipped with a temperature control feature which lets you reduce the temperature to the required level that you find comfortable.

Learn more about it in our FT Pool Spa outdoor solar shower kits review hereOutdoor Solar Shower Kits.

Understanding Shower Kits – A Short Tutorial

Shower kits are great for anyone who wants to refurbish their bathroom. There are excellent shower and bathroom facilities in most modern houses. Shower kits include shower parts, faucets, handles, knobs, shower parts and others.

There are many options to choose from for your bathroom. So before buying anything, you should have some knowledge about the different kinds of shower kits in order to choose the best one.

Types of Shower Kits

1. Shower Panel: These are simple kits that are designed with shower rail, hose and body jets. They have a hand held shower but some shower kits also have an overhead shower. They can be easily installed by fixing to the bathroom wall.

2. Shower Hose: It is also popularly known as a shower rail and shower head. This is the most popular kind of shower kits. It also comes in different styles and shades which can easily go with any kind of bathroom décor.

3. Steam Enclosure Kit: This is not very common kind of shower kit that you’ll find more often in specialty stores. This kit has a steam room and steam enclosure which is combined into one unit. It also has other features like overhead showers, MP3 player or a radio, light, steam function, body jets, hand held shower and others.

4. Complete Shower Enclosure Kit: This is a complete type of shower kit which also has a front glass and a backboard. These can stand freely without any support. This kit has different parts which include a dial, shower hose, head and rail which are available in one package.

In some of the deluxe models, body jets are also available. Complete shower enclosure kit requires water pressure from around two or more boilers for a better function. However, these complete shower enclosure kits are more expensive as compared to other showers.

How To Refurbish Your Bathrooms With An Amazing Shower Kit

A shower kit can help you get a bathroom refurbished quickly and easily. With several new buildings coming up every day, the sizes of homes, flats and apartments have drastically decreased. Now many people are opting for smaller, more compact houses. With space being a constraint, it is up to every individual to make the best use of what’s available and this includes the bathroom.

A great way to save space in a bathroom is by opting for a corner shower kit. In fact, shower kits in general make for a great and cost-effective way to refurbish your bathroom, giving it a more modern and up-scale look.

Types of shower kits

While shopping for a shower kit, it is important that you are aware of the various types that are available as well as what each type has to offer. Listed below are some of the common types.

Complete, enclosed shower kit: As the name suggests, this kit comes in a complete package including a shower rail, shower head, shower hose and shower dial. Some such kits also include shower jets. Most such kits also feature a backboard and a front glass, both of which are capable of standing on their own without any support.

Shower Hose: These are shower kits that don’t come with a backboard. This type of a shower kit is also known as shower head or shower rail. They are available in various designs and in different colors that can compliment all types of bathroom décor.

Enclosed Steam Shower Kit: Though not as popular, these shower kits come with a shower enclosure and a steam unit, embedded into one unit. They include other features like shower jets, rails, hoses and heads. They are probably the most expensive of the lot.

Shower panel: This is the most basic type of shower kits and is usually hand-held, thought they may include a shower-head too. They are relatively cheap and can be easily installed in bathrooms.

The benefits of opting for a shower kit

The greatest benefit of opting for such kits is the conservation of bathroom space. Bathrooms are usually the smallest room in a house and are generally very cramped up. However, with shower kits, you can make this room even more spacious without compromising on style.

Shower kits are also excellent for turning extra but small spaces available in your house into a shower rooms. Since these kits are available as enclosed structures too, you don’t have to spend extra on building new infrastructure or paying some a huge among of money to install the kit.

A shower kit is also an excellent way to refurbish your otherwise boring bathroom into something more modern and ultra-chic. This method is cost effective and you can choose a kit that best suits your budget. Moreover, you don’t have to re-do your entire bathroom décor so that the new kit compliments it. You can always opt for colors and designs that go well with what you already have in your bathroom.

Hence, at reasonable rates, you can have an almost brand new bathroom that matches the beauty and elegance of the other rooms in your home.