Factors To Consider When Selecting a Shower Faucet

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Most home owners are usually faced with the prospect of buying a new shower faucet for their bathroom at one point or another. As this is not a regular occurrence, most home owners tend to be nervous when it comes to selecting the right shower faucet.

However, there is no need to panic since with the right guidance, you can be well on your way to acquiring the best faucet for your shower or bath.

Single or double handle

The first thing that you should consider when selecting a shower faucet is whether you would want one with a single handle or a double handled faucet. The best solution would be a bath faucet which has the same set up as your current faucet. However, if you are a new home owner and installing a shower faucet for the first time, you will have more options available.


The most popular type of handle from currently available in the market is the cross shaped handle but the wing lever handle is also equally popular. There are also a wide variety of styles available in the market from which you can choose from.


The material from which the shower faucet is made from should also be considered during the selection process. As far as selection of material goes, chrome not only stands out as the best choice but is also one of the strongest materials available in the market.

Epoxy and enamel are also another great choice but while they have great aesthetic value, they tend to get scratched and dented quickly with time. PVD is another viable option but can be extremely expensive.


There are four main types of shower faucets available in the market. The main type is the compression valve which is the most cost effective and efficient as compared to other valves in the market. Some other types of valves available include the ball, cartridge and ceramic disc valve.

By considering the above factors, you assured of selecting the best faucet for your shower or bath.

Most Popular Shower Faucet

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