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How To Choose The Right Shower Fixtures

Shower Fixtures

There is a wide range of bathroom shower fixtures that can make the bathroom a perfect place for relaxation and freshen your mind and body. The modern shower fixtures designs can spruce up the decor of a bathroom, while the beautifully designed shower heads and designer fixtures reveal a classy touch to any bathroom.

Bathroom shower fixtures include the faucet, shower curtains, shower heads and nozzles. When you go to buy all these, must have an idea of your desirable bathroom design in your mind so you can buy all those things according to that. You can also hire the professionals, if you don’t have any idea about shower fixtures and for the good advice.

To make your bathing experience more relaxing and convenient then dual head shower fixtures are best for you. Dual head shower fixtures are composed of two heads that share the same pipeline. The purpose of the design is to increase the flow of water for each head to cover whole body surface area. There are many kinds of shower fixtures faucets according to your needs and requirements like fixed and adjustable shower heads.

There are also outdoor shower fixtures available. Outdoor shower fixtures can be standing or mounted on wall. Standing shower fixtures are movable unlike mounted on wall showers. Before buying Outdoor shower fixtures, keep in mind that as they are outside, they may be affected with the weather conditions. Outdoor fixtures should be frost proofing.

You can buy shower fixtures separately or as a shower unit. Shower fixtures are available in different brands, different styles, designs, different prices, depending on your needs. As there are numerous options available, so before buying shower fixtures, compare their features, quality and durability. If you want a unique look in your bathroom, do not be afraid to experiment.

What’s A Shower Head Holder?

A shower head holder comes in different sizes, colors, and styles to fit different people’s tastes and preference. One thing that all shower head holders have in common is the versatility and convenience they provide users.

A shower head holder eliminates the inconvenience brought about by a fixed shower head, by providing a convenient place where one can place a hand held shower head. This means that different people can fix a holder at the height they are comfortable with for a more enjoyable shower experience.

There are several things you need to consider before you can settle on a shower head holder for your bathroom.

Type of shower head

This will ensure that you select a shower head holder that fits your existing shower head, especially when you are not replacing the whole system and just want to add the holder.

The Shower Head Holder’s Functionality

The essence of buying a shower head holder is to eliminate the need to always hold a handheld shower every time you want to use it. Different types of shower head holders work to eliminate this inconvenience by either providing a non-movable fixture where you can place the shower head, or a rotating fixture that enables you to direct the shower head in whatever direction you choose.

Shower head holder fixtures

Some shower head holders require permanent holes that have to be drilled on the bathroom tiles for the holder to be mounted, and hold properly. Other holders can be attached to the bathroom wall by suction or adhesive, making them the ideal choice for buyers who do not wish to drill holes into their bathroom tiles.

Material used to make the holder

Shower head holders are made of different materials ranging from plastic to brass. This gives different buyers enough options when it comes to choosing a holder that fits their style and is also in harmony with the rest of the bathroom fixtures and decor.


It is only wise to buy a holder that is within your budget. However, you should never compromise on quality, meaning that the cheapest holders are not always the best. Choose a shower head holder that is of good quality, and its price falls within your budget.

There is no denying that shower head holders have made using a handheld shower both convenient and enjoyable. They have also made it possible for children, the elderly, and the disabled to enjoy taking a shower without requiring any help to do so. Shower head holders also ensure that you do not waste a lot of water as the shower head is directed to the area you want to clean.

Switching from a fixed shower head to a handheld shower head is a sure smart move, and including a shower head holder in the whole setup ensures that you still have both your hands free, and can enjoy taking a shower without having to hold the shower head every time you are in the shower.

Shower Head Holder

Shower Valve – How To Choose The Perfect Shower Valve For Your Bathroom

The shower valve is a crucial part of the shower unit. It controls the water pressure, flow and temperature. When redesigning an old shower or installing a new one, it is essential to consider what kind of setup and valve you want. This is significant because you will be making use of it for a long time. You have several options from which to choose, and despite the fact that they are different, all of them are useful.

Decide whether you will need the thermostatic shower valve that restricts fluctuations in water temperatures. This will be a good idea if the water temperature is normally affected when somebody uses water in a different part of the house.

If you don’t have such an issue then a pressure balanced shower valve is the best choice. It controls the pressure, and also maintains a fairly steady temperature. There are also some other types of basic valves available. However, they don’t give you real control over the water changes in your home.

Look at the shower valve options within the category that you selected, either thermostatic or manual. Narrow your choices further depending on how much control you desire over pressure and temperature. You can actually be equipped with three controls. The more controls you have installed, the better the adjustment of your shower.

Consider whether you will require more than a single water outlet. If you only require a shower head, then a single outlet is fine. Having more than one outlet provides you with more options, such as a handheld shower jet or nozzle.

If the shower faucet starts to leak or water is hardly coming out, your shower valve assembly needs to be replaced if you have used it for such a long time. Although there are numerous kinds of shower valves, it’s basically the same procedure when it comes to replacing them.

Shower Diverter Valve – Which One To Choose?

There is no doubt that your shower diverter valve is an important part of the tub shower system. But just what is this gadget that is so important? Simply put, it refers to a two-way system which regulates water flow either to your bathtub spout or to your shower head.

Put in a different way, shower diverter valve is capable of allowing water into the tub spout, or can be adjusted so that it forces water to be diverted to your shower head via set of pipes.

Basically, there are two kinds of bath diverter valves. The first one is in the form of a lever, and can be pulled or pushed in controlling the flow of water. The other type is in form of a handle which is rotated to regulate the diverter valve.

Because shower diverter valves are so critical in your bathtub system, it is important that you choose something that is durable. Do not just look at the style in which the gadget has been designed. In order to pick the one that fits your needs, we discuss three types of these valves below, so that you can know which one is best for your particular case.

Three-Valve Diverter

Located between taps on two-tap faucet, this diverter type is capable of bringing water to tub and the shower. In order to have the water mixed to the right temperature, you will have to turn on both the cold and hot water taps. When the diverter is turned on 180 degrees clockwise, properly mixed water will flow out via the showerhead. However, to reverse the water flow to the bath tub, the diverter is turned in the anticlockwise direction.

Two-Valve Diverter

Just like in a 3-valve diverter, water is run through the spout of the tub until such a time when it has been mixed to the desired temperatures. This diverter has two valves that are L-shaped, and which push water upward in the direction of a shower arm. This water is subsequently led out to the shower head.

This two-valve diverter can be positioned in the middle of a faucet which adjusts temperature with one dial. Turning to the right gives cold water while turning to the left provides hot water. Another way in which this 2-way valve could be installed would be by setting it between the taps in a 2-tap faucet.

Tee Diverter

Another common type of shower diverter valve is the tee diverter. This is normally positioned in a tub spout. You get to run water to the desired temperature, after which you will pull diverter pull arm which is located at the tub spout. What follows is that the water rushes out via the shower head.

With a shower diverter valve, it is possible to install the shower over the tub. This subsequently eliminates any need for a different enclosure or shower stall. Not only does this save the much needed space in the bedroom, but it also eliminates the need to install extra piping, faucets and tiling in the bedroom. To cut off the flow of water is a rubber washer. It instead forces the water through the shower head vertically.

Tips For Buying A Shower Arm

Buying a new shower arm is not so easy. There are several products in the market to confuse anyone who is buying. As such, the big question is how does one purchase a shower arm without regret. If you need to purchase a shower arm, then here are some of the things to look for.

The first thing to look for is the brand of the shower arm. There are very many brands out there. However, there are very few quality shower arms out there. As you look for a perfect brand, it is important that you get one that has been in the market for long. Such brands have undergone more testing than any other thing.

It is much simpler to find reviews about that product online than simply choosing to pick a new product in the market. In addition, there are more people using a shower arm that has been in the market long in comparison to those trying out newer brands.

Secondly, you have to consider the prices. It is obvious that most of the renowned brands are more expensive compared to others. If you cannot afford the high end shower arms, it is not the end of the road. One thing about newer brands is that you can never ascertain their performance until you try them out. However, it does not mean that all of them are low quality products. There are other aspects you can look at that will guarantee you have the best deal ever for your purchase.

A good shower arm should come with some sort of warranty. That way, you can tell how long the manufacturers expect their product to last. Manufacturers who trust their products will give maximum warranty time knowing their item will not disappoint. However, for those who create sub-standard products, they will even refrain from giving a warranty. In case you come across such suppliers, you should know better than deal with them.

Another thing is that you should choose a brand that offers variety. When you go to the market, you will meet other shoppers interested in the same product as you. Interestingly, you may not buy similar products. This is because each person has their style. People have different favorite colors. As you are choosing, you may want to consider a color that is appealing to you. Furthermore, you must be keen on the material used to make the shower arms.

It is true that most items vary in price due to the kind of material used to make them. Long-lasting products are made with high quality materials. It is for that reason that most of them have higher prices. A good product should also have support for green living. It should not be detrimental to the environment.

What Are Shower Heads – An Introduction

Shower heads are an essential part of your shower. Shower heads create the joy of splashing water and the convenience of having a quick and gentle stream of running water to bathe and relax in.

Their main essence is the distribution of water across the shower. The ability to process the water intensity and amount of water consumption is one of the important features of your shower head. Choosing the proper attributes and design is among the best development and functional qualities used to standardize the manufacturing of showers.

Certain essential aspects of water gadgets are what make shower heads an important part of your shower. According to their effects, shower heads vary in form, size and quality.

Types and features of shower heads

There are many types of shower heads that people can choose for their bathrooms. Some models come in either plastic or metal. Metallic shower heads are a good fit for most wash rooms. Water gadgets can vary depending on the ability to stay durable for longer periods.

Having metallic gadgets to come into contact with water can cause rusting. This is a quality that most people do not want to have in their shower gadgets. Rust-proof metals are used in the manufacture of the better kinds and brands of shower heads.

Another material that shower heads can be designed from is plastic. This is one of the most common types of wash heads that people use in their washrooms. It is not quite as durable as metal models, but at the same time is cheaper and fit for many people to repair and install on their own.

Although they come in different styles and designs, all shower heads serve the basic service of fulfilling the flow of water. Water consumption is also an important aspect among the design of these shower heads. Therefore to select the best shower head, you must check for the above qualities to fit your consumption requirements.

Ceiling Shower Head – The Ulitimate In Showerhead Experience

Ceiling shower head is one of the latest concepts in shower head technology. The shower head fixed to the ceiling pour water over you from above which is a distinctly different way of showering than the side ways shower head that we are used to. There are hundreds of contemporary designs and sizes in the ceiling mounted shower head category which make for a pleasant showering feel. They also exude a sophisticated and cosmopolitan aura that make up a modern bathroom experience.

Today when you check out stores selling ceiling shower heads you will be amazed by the variety and designs on offers. The innovative and unique styles are truly mindblowing. Take for instance the Dornbracht RainSky or even the Hansgrohe Raindance Rainmaker, two of the most sought after brands in ceiling rain shower head types. These models with their large sizes allow for maximum coverage and use an blend of air and water to recreate different types of rainshowers right in your bathroom.

Choose from a heavy downpour, a light rain, sharp shower, slight drizzle any other combination. These are the most expensive types of ceiling shower head on offer. These need to be planned for when the bathroom is under construction as they need large waterflows and need flush installation. Advanced electronics built into the system has been designed to control large waterflows.

If you are going for a large and luxurious bathroom, then the Rainsky makes for an ideal mate to go with all that luxury. The large ceiling shower head takes showering to another level. It’s pure bliss to stand under one of these huge shower heads. The size allows for the replication of outdoor rain experience indoors. You will be thrilled with the awesome showers that this shower head is able to recreate for you.

Get drenched indoors with these superb models. There is another model from Dornbracht for the small bathroom sizes called JustRain priced about $2000 dollars and is 16″ wide. So, if you have small bathroom but want the luxury of a rain shower head the JustRain may be just right for you.

If your bathroom design does not allow for flush mount with the ceiling, then the range of dome shower heads are ideal substitutes for a ceiling shower head. Take for instance the Hansgrohe Downpour Air Royale which is a large dome 14″ wide. It’s a absolute delight to bath under this extra large shower head which is sleek and modern in its looks.

KWC rain dome shower head is another option that could be used instead of a ceiling shower head. It comes with KWC’s self cleaning technology, a clean design, option to rotate with 35 degree swivel, options include ceiling mount or wall mounted with arm.

The 8 and half inch wide dome comes with 180 water outlets that dump enormous amounts of water while in the shower offering users a unique and enthralling way to experience rain in the comfort of their bathrooms. Modern ceiling shower head and rain shower heads are just what the doctor ordered to destress our minds and clean our bodies.

Factors To Consider When Selecting a Shower Faucet

Most home owners are usually faced with the prospect of buying a new shower faucet for their bathroom at one point or another. As this is not a regular occurrence, most home owners tend to be nervous when it comes to selecting the right shower faucet.

However, there is no need to panic since with the right guidance, you can be well on your way to acquiring the best faucet for your shower or bath.

Single or double handle

The first thing that you should consider when selecting a shower faucet is whether you would want one with a single handle or a double handled faucet. The best solution would be a bath faucet which has the same set up as your current faucet. However, if you are a new home owner and installing a shower faucet for the first time, you will have more options available.


The most popular type of handle from currently available in the market is the cross shaped handle but the wing lever handle is also equally popular. There are also a wide variety of styles available in the market from which you can choose from.


The material from which the shower faucet is made from should also be considered during the selection process. As far as selection of material goes, chrome not only stands out as the best choice but is also one of the strongest materials available in the market.

Epoxy and enamel are also another great choice but while they have great aesthetic value, they tend to get scratched and dented quickly with time. PVD is another viable option but can be extremely expensive.


There are four main types of shower faucets available in the market. The main type is the compression valve which is the most cost effective and efficient as compared to other valves in the market. Some other types of valves available include the ball, cartridge and ceramic disc valve.

By considering the above factors, you assured of selecting the best faucet for your shower or bath.

Most Popular Shower Faucet

KOHLER K-T11077-4E-CP Archer Bath/Shower Trim Set

Plumbing Supply Guide – How To Choose The Best Plumbing Supplies

Plumbing supply selection can be a bugbear for many home owners. Of all the rooms in your house, the bathroom is among the most used. It provides an exciting and homely atmosphere for those showering or taking a relaxing soak in the tub. Relaxation and comfort are attributes of the bathroom that need to be safeguarded.

Due to wear and tear, renovations may be required to change the face of the bathroom from time to time. A plumbing supply specialist can help you modify your bathroom appearance from an old-fashioned look to a modernized type. While purchasing these plumbing supplies you could have a checklist that will act as your guide to get quality items at bargain basement prices.

Types of Plumbing Supplies

Before starting your shopping exercise, you need to determine the types of bathroom supplies that you need, their quantities and any brand preferences that you may have. Any plumbing supply item that’s purchased should go well with you bathroom interiors without any mismatch.

They should also be stylish and up to the standard that you require for your bathroom. Eco-friendly supplies are a good proposition for the environment conscious home owner.

Supplier Prices and Your Budget

You can only spend the money that you have. You might want to conduct a thorough price survey beforehand to determine the price ranges of plumbing supply items that you want to buy. The places you can check are online plumbing supply stores, big box retailers and hardware outlets.

Working within your budget can save you the temptation to over spend and buy unnecessary items. Make use of the varieties of bathroom supplies online to source the best brands and models. The particular advantages that online stores have is the flexibility and competitiveness of their pricing. Some will even give you huge discounts to win you your business.

Plumber Expenses

This is one of the cost centers that is often ignored despite its significance. To have a good plumbing job done in your bathroom, you have to consider the cost of hiring competent plumbers too. They can either make or break the whole renovation exercise. Get the best at a competitive price, and don’t forget that good quality often comes at a higher price.

Bathroom Layout

Before you buy plumbing supplies, have a clear picture of your bathroom layout. This plan will give you confidence and certainty while shopping for the most attractive kinds of plumbing supply to fit your bathroom. You can hire the services of a plumbing supply company to help you in drafting the layout so as to get a perfect picture.

Additional Plumbing Tools

For the renovation exercise to run smoothly, you must incorporate all necessary plumbing tools. These tools will help you in fixing the different materials in place. You can either consult a plumber on the tools needed or you can search the internet for informative ideas. All this will work towards giving you that perfect bathroom finish.

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