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How To Find The Best Moen Shower Heads

All Moen shower head reviews sing the praises of one of the world’s best-known premium brands of faucets and shower heads.

A Moen shower head is always a deluxe product that combines style and fashion with durability and function. Moen shower heads and faucets have fans around the world, and have delighted millions of home owners through the years.

Even plumbers and contractors who install dozens of shower heads every month are effusive in their praise for Moen shower head models.

Moen has acquired a brand name that is trusted by consumers and contractors, a reputation strengthened by an unrelenting commitment to manufacturing quality products at a reasonable price.

Moen Shower Head Reviews
The BEST Shower Head Models From Moen

There are many different Moen shower head models suitable for bathroom and kitchen use.

Here are what many agree are the very best Moen shower head models, with some information about each type.

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Moen Rain Shower Heads

Imagine a large round disc of 8 inches or more spraying a delightful shower all over you – at any temperature you desire.

These elegant and classy Moen rain shower shower heads perfectly fit the bill. You’ll find in-depth reviews of each model in the Moen rain shower head reviews section here.


The top Moen rain shower heads are:

There are also many more models of rain shower heads on the Moen Rain Shower Head reviews page.

Moen Hand Held Shower Heads

Some of the best handheld shower head models are made by Moen. Here are some of the top selling hand held shower heads from this popular manufacturer.


The Moen Magnetix Handheld Showerhead

Moen Magnetix Handheld Showerhead is stunningly designed with a mirror-like nickel finish.

This Moen handheld shower head is a masterpiece in elegance and performance. It is designed to be compatible with bathrooms of any decor or style, becoming a complementary accessory that any home owner will be proud to own.

The Moen Magnetix Hand Held shower head has a fair sized spray area that allows for a thorough drenching cleanse. Temperature regulation is wonderful, making for an enjoyable showering experience.

Despite the satisfying downpour, the Moen Engage Magnetix Handheld is eco-friendly and conserves water. The maximum flow rate is 2.5 GPM. Self cleaning nozzle nubbins make maintenance a pleasure.

For some users, the higher price point is a drawback. But most agree it is well worth it in terms of value recieved.

Buy the Moen Engage Magnetix Handheld Showerhead


Moen 26100SRN Engage 3.5-Inch Handheld Showerhead

Moen 26100SRN Engage 3.5-Inch Handheld Showerhead is one of the top line shower head models from Moen.

It offers a superior showering experience at an affordable price. The modestly sized spray face drenches you beneath a stream of water at the ideal temperature and pressure. This creates a completely enjoyable and delightful bath.

The brushed-nickel finish resists corrosion and tarnishing while beautifully blending into the decor and design of any bathroom. The Moen Engage 3.5 Inch shower head fits and matches EPA guidelines, making it one of many eco-friendly shower heads from the Moen stable.

Backed by a lifetime limited warranty by Moen, you can buy this shower head with confidence. Even in the rare instance of a flaw or leak, you can get a replacement without hassle or worry.

Buy the Moen Engage Magnetix Handheld Showerhead


Moen Engage Magnetix Handheld Rain Shower Head

Moen Engage Magnetix Handheld Rain Shower Head is a delightful rain shower head from Moen that offers extensive reach and coverage to create an illusion.

It’s as if you’re standing under a rainstorm in the open – even while you’re indoors in a controlled environment of your own bathroom.

Powered by Immersion technology, this Moen Engage Magnetix Handheld shower head delivers a consistant water pressure even when inlet water pressure flucutates.

The shower head is made of high quality material and is very durable. Backed by a trusted brand’s limited lifetime warranty, there should be little hesitation in getting this device for your bathroom.

This Moen Engage handheld shower head is highly effective at conserving water without any compromise at all on delivering a thoroughly enjoyable shower experience.

Buy the Moen Engage Magnetix Handheld Rain Shower Head


Moen Eco-Performance Hand Held Shower Head

With an oil rubbed bronze finish giving it a rich brown look that’s speckled with light and dark accents, the Moen 3669EPBN Eco Performance Handheld Shower is an artistic delight and functional wonder.

It is a 4 inch hand shower with vacuum breaker and slide bar included. Moen boasts of finishes that are guaranteed to stay sleek and elegant for a lifetime. This one is of brushed nickel and lends a sleek, classy appearance to any bathroom.

Moen faucets are engineering marvels that perfectly balance water pressure for an enjoyable shower. And the Moen Eco Performance Handheld shower head is exceptionally beautiful and extremely reliable.

Moen shower heads will match any bathroom decor. Try one out and you’ll begin to appreciate the magic of “the best shower head” from Moen.

Learn more about this model | Locate a Retailer

Moen Massaging Hand Shower

The Moen 3867 Four Function Massaging Handshower has a chrome finish giving it a bright, reflective cool metal appearance.

Offering 4 spray patterns suitable for various levels of enjoyment – massage, full, vigorous or combinations of the above – this hand shower from Moen is among its best selling models.

The Moen Four Function hand shower comes with a 30 inch slide bar that lets you select the shower’s height using a push button attachment. The hand shower holder can also be rotated in order to adjust the angle of your shower arm.

What makes this such a popular choice?

Moen is always a quality play, and with this particular model the company has outdone itself.

Of all its high quality shower head models, the Moen Massaging Handheld Shower is the hottest seller. And one with a large number of positive reviews.

Learn more about this model | Locate a Retailer

There are many more models of handheld shower heads on the Moen Handheld Shower Head reviews page.


Moen High Pressure Shower Heads

Among the best high pressure shower head models are the ones manufactured by Moen. These are some of the hottest high pressure shower heads from this popular brand.


The Moen A501BN Vertical Shower Body Spray

Moen A501BN Vertical Shower Body Spray delivers luxury right into your home, making every shower you take a delightful and pleasurable experience.

With an elegant, stylish finish that’s also corrosion and tarnish resistant, this Moen shower head lends sophistication and class to any home.

Sturdy and durable, this Moen vertical body spray is crafted from quality materials and has LifeShine finish that won’t rust or flake off even after many years. A limited lifetime warranty ensures that the manufacturer takes the promise seriously.

Moen’s Immersion technology is at play, delivering steady flow and pressure for an enjoyable shower, even when inlet pressure isn’t constant. Despite this, it is eco-friendly and conserves water with a maximum flow rate of less than 2 gallons per minute.

If there is any limitation to this Moen high pressure shower head model, it’s that the shower head is fixed and cannot be rotated to different directions.

Buy the Moen A501BN Vertical Shower Body Spray


Moen ORB Vertical Shower

Have you ever dreamed of bathing under an oil-rubbed bronze shower head? And luxuriating in a drenching downpour at the ideal temperature and pressure? Then the Moen A501ORB Vertical Shower Body Spray may make your dream come true!

It is beautifully constructed and designed flawlessly. The Moen Vertical High Pressure Shower Head lends class and style to any bathroom. It is compatible with most plumbing and matches the decor and interior of many homes.

The old-world finish and striking accents are unique, making it a hit with most owners. The Moen Vertical Shower mounts flat into the ceiling and remains flush with it. Immersion technology ensures a steady and uniform shower pressure for added comfort and enjoyment.

The device is protected under a limited lifetime warranty. Moen is a trusted and reputed brand, and this vertical shower is an excellent product.

Buy the Moen A501ORB Vertical Shower Body Spray


Moen TS1320 Mosaic Square Body Spray

A reasonably priced Moen rain shower head, the Moen TS1320 Mosaic Square Body Spray is sure to help you enjoy a daily rinse under drenching jets.

The brushed-nickel finish is charming and elegant, lending a warm gray metallic appearance to your bathroom. This shower shower head is meant to be aesthetic and functional.

A patented M-Pact valve system ensures that future upgrades will be simple and swift. You will not have to tinker with any existing plumbing.

The Moen Mosaic Square shower head‘s self-pressurizing technology helps if water pressure fluctuates badly. Your shower invigorates you. You’ll feel like a new person after your bath.

Moen uses high quality materials so that shower heads will be durable and long lasting. The company offers a limited lifetime warranty against  manufacturing flaws.

If you’re looking for an elegant, simple and trustworthy rain shower head from Moen, the Mosaic Square High Pressure shower head could be your best pick.

Buy the Moen TS1320 Mosaic Square Body Spray


There are more models of high pressure shower heads on the Moen High Pressure Shower Head reviews page.

Moen Dual Shower Heads

Some great best dual shower head models are made by Moen. Here are some of the top rated double shower heads from this popular brand.


Moen Engage Magnetix Handshower and Rainshower Combo

The Moen Engage Magnetix Handshower and Rainshower Combo is widely regarded one of the best dual shower head models on the market. And that’s a reputation it deserves because this truly is a special shower head.

What is unique about it?

Well, here’s one thing. The Magnetix features magnetic holder technology. This means you’ll find it more convenient to replace the hand shower into its stand even if your hands are slippery with lather.

There are other ways in which the Magnetix Moen dual shower sets itself apart from other competing brands and models. The fixed shower head component functions in one mode, drenching you thoroughly at full blast.

The hand held shower head, however, throws up a range of 6 different modes of operation.

You can enjoy a gentle rainfall massage, or a needle jet spray to relax taut muscles. There’s even a button to pause the water spray instantly, which is convenient while soaping and helps conserve water usage.

The fixed Moen shower head component in the Moen Engage Magnetix showerhead model is large. It measures 3.5 inches in diameter and offers an extensive range of flow which makes for an enjoyable bathing experience. A 60″ metal hose connects it to the base unit, and the head can be rotated to your convenience.

There’s also the option to use both shower heads at the same time, or one or the other for showering. Simple controls that are easy to operate make it convenient and quick to adjust water temperature. Controlling the Moen Magnetix shower head and direction of water spray is also easy.

Installation is quick and convenient. Many home owners are able to install it on their own without even calling a plumber.



Read more about this model | Locate a vendor


Moen Attract 6-Spray Hand Shower and Shower Head Combo Kit

The Moen Attract 6-Spray dual shower head is WaterSense certified eco-friendly product from a popular manufacturer of faucets and showers. If you’re looking for a combination of rain shower head and hand shower, this is a great choice.

The shower head comes with pause buttons to instantly stop water flow during a shower. In addition to conserving water, this also helps prevent messy spills while moving the hose or faucet around.

Moen’s Magnetix technology based on magnetic attraction to hold the handset in place on the holder stand. It makes it easier to replace the shower head even while your hands are slippery with soap suds.

Moen’s premier finishing process stamps this model with a beautiful appearance that also resists tarnishing and corrosion for years of use. The surface resists water spots and fingerprints as well.

The Moen dual shower head package includes a rain shower head, hose, connector and a hand piece. The rain shower head is larger at 6 and 3/4 inches diameter, while the hand held shower head is small at 3 inches across.

The hand shower allows operation in 6 different modes of speed and water flow pattern. At maximum flow, the shower head uses 1.75 gallons per minute.

Installation is easy and requires regular half inch shower arm diverters. You can do it with little more than a wrench, and don’t even need the services of a plumber. Your purchase is guaranteed under a limited lifetime warranty by the manufacturer.

Overall the Moen Attract 6-spray dual shower head is a great choice for anyone seeking a combination of rain shower and handheld shower from a reliable brand at reasonable cost.



Read more about this model | Locate a vendor

There are more models of handheld shower heads on the Moen Dual Shower Head reviews page.


Moen Shower Heads: Timeless Style, Peerless Functionality

Your bathroom is more than just a place to prepare for the day ahead. Your bath or shower can be an excellent place where you can get away from everything when you select the appropriate shower head.

If you intend to remodel your home or build a new one, you should consider installing Moen shower heads and fixtures in your bathroom.

Moen shower heads are regarded as among the finest in the market. They have impeccable designs and are available in various styles and sizes. These shower heads are built to last and they add a touch of class to any bathroom.

Moen shower heads are made using top quality materials. Shower heads and fixtures can be detachable or fixed. You can attach fixed shower heads to the ceiling or walls.

A removable shower head is also known as a handheld shower head. In both designs, Moen shower devices offer a shower head that delivers a wide and even spray.

Wide Design Range

With hundreds of varieties and designs, Moen provides you with the option to produce any style.

You can modify several of Moen’s shower devices for different kinds of water pressure. If you have Moen showerhead installed in your shower, one person within your household can use a strong massage-type water flow, while another family member can choose a light calming water stream.

In addition, you can create a distinctive Moen shower experience by setting up 2 fixed shower heads to 2 walls within your shower room. This 2 fixed shower heads alternative is also just right for 2 individuals showering together.



If your objective is to create a relaxing, spa-like bathroom, then you should take a look at the unique Moen rain shower showerhead products. Most models have an 8 inches diameter. They have a finish of brushed nickel, brushed bronze, chrome, and oil rubbed bronze.

You can select from a self pressurized spray to a calming rain rinse. Moen’s patented technology boosts the force and flow of the water delivery.

Now Buy Your Moen Showerhead!

Did these Moen shower head reviews assist you in selecting the right model for your bathroom?

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