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How To Find The Best Moen Rain Shower Heads

Moen rain shower head reviews are uniformly positive and glowing – and that’s with good reason. One of the industry leaders in combining style with quality, Moen showerheads are a popular draw among home owners and building contractors alike.

Delighted Moen rain shower reviews by plumbers and contractors dot every online store and discussion forum.

Out of the vast portfolio of rain shower heads manufactured by Moen, we have chosen to feature the best 3 models for this section on Moen rain shower head reviews.

You can go through each of these Moen rain shower head reviews and get further details and information from the websites linked below.

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Moen Rain Shower Head Reviews
The BEST Showerheads From Moen

Moen S6320 Velocity Rainshower Shower Head

Moen S6320BN Velocity Two-Function Rainshower Showerhead is a brushed nickel shower head with a warm gray look and offering 2 spray patterns – rain shower and concentrated rinse.

Powered by an advanced self pressuring immersion technology that Moen has patented, the shower head channels water with thrice as much force as any other comparable rain shower head. This allows greater water conservation with lower utility bills. The maximum water flow rate is 2.5 gpm.

You can choose between a calming rinse function and a pressurizing spray. You can adjust the flow and operate the shower in two spray modes:

The shower angle can even be adjusted to your liking, as can the force of your shower jet.

A range of faucets like the Moen Velocity helps regulate the flow intensity and temperature. The rainshower head is 8 inches in diameter, and the entire set up comes with a limited lifetime warranty.



While Moen shower heads are slightly more expensive, customers are by and large happy about their decision to invest in a Moen Velocity Rainshower head because of the performance and durability. Take a look at the best shower head models from Moen.

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Moen S6320ORB Velocity Two Function Rainshower Head

It’s designed for those who want control over their rainshower experience. The Moen Velocity Rainshower Head model with Velocity immersion technology is a great choice. Enjoy the feel of getting drenched in the rain… just indoors.

This Moen rain shower head can be mounted either on the wall or ceiling, with adjustable angles. This makes it possible to set the spray to jet at you from different directions. With the flip of a lever, you can switch between a calm rain rinse to a more forceful cleansing spray.

The Moen S6320ORB Velocity Two-Function Rainshower Head boasts a reflective chrome finish that adds a touch of class to this design. Moen has incorporated some interesting technology into this model, which channels water with greater force through the rain shower head than most other competing models.

The Moen rain shower head allows 2 spray patterns – rain shower and concentrated.

The showerhead is 8″ in diameter, and comes with half inch IPS connectors. This rain shower head comes in different kinds of finish to match your bathroom.

Like all other Moen showerheads, the Moen S6320ORB Velocity Rainshower Head meets the highest quality standards and is backed by Moen’s limited lifetime warranty. Installation is quick and easy, and doesn’t require special tools or instruments other than a wrench.



At a little over $300, this is an expensive product which may turn off a few buyers even though it offers great value for the money.


Moen Mosaic Round Rain Shower Head

Designed brilliantly to lend a touch of class and glamor to any modern bathroom, the Moen TS1322BG Mosaic Rain Shower Head delivers a soothing and enjoyable showering experience.

Whether you’re showering to wake up and be refreshed to face a busy day ahead, or to soothe and relax yourself before retiring for the night, the Moen Mosaic Rain Shower Head is a perfect choice.

A classy brushed gold finish is a hallmark that distinguishes this model from others in the Moen Mosaic Round range. However, if you don’t like gold finishes, you can choose from between nickel, chrome and oil-brushed bronze alternatives.

This Moen Mosaic Round rain shower head is water-efficient and eco friendly with a maximum consumption of 2 gallons per minute. Despite a smaller 3 1/4 inch diameter, this shower head provides a refreshing spray.

The M-Pact rain shower valve lets you upgrade a shower system without the services of a plumber or having to take down or install any existing pipes or plumbing.

Built using Immersion rainshower technology, the device is self-pressurizing and can ensure that your shower continues at the same pressure regardless of water input.



Sturdy and durable, the Moen Mosaic rain shower head comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

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4. Moen S1004 Razor Thin Rainshower Shower Head

A stunning design of chrome finish and a mirror-like polish are the hallmarks of this eye-catching Moen rain shower head model. It matches any decor or bathroom style, making an attractive accessory for most homes.

The spray area is large so that you’ll enjoy a drenching shower that feels like you’re in nature under a tropical rain storm. And yet, the temperature control lever that’s easy to operate will ensure that the water stays at a warmth or coolness that’s comfortable and suits your tastes.

Despite this, the Moen S1004 Razor Thin Rainshower Shower Head is extremely efficient at water conservation.

Maximum flow rate is 2.5 gallons per minute. Self-cleaning nubbins make maintenance easy and hands-free. Installation is simple and hassle-free. The shower head is durable and backed by the manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty.

Some users feel the high price tag is a deterrent. But when you consider how much value is packed into this delightful Moen Razor Thin rain shower head, you’ll agree that it’s fully worth the money you’ll pay for it.

Buy Moen S1004 Razor Thin Rainshower Shower Head

5. Moen Waterhill Rainshower Head

This delightful 10 inch rain shower head from Moen delivers excellent coverage to give you the sensation of standing in the rain outdoors. Armed with a self-pressuring Immersion technology, this shower head ensures that you’ll enjoy a shower at consistent pressure regardless of how much the inlet water pressure is fluctuating.

Efficient and eco-friendly, the Moen Waterhill Rainshower Showerhead has a maximum flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute and operates in a single ‘Rain Shower‘ drenching mode only. Some users report the lack of a focused jet spray as a drawback, but this is subjective.

A beautiful design that looks elegant and modern make this Moen Waterhill rain shower head a desirable accessory for any bathroom. The LifeShine brushed finish lends a touch of class to the product while protecting the material and preventing it from tarnish, corrosion or flaking.

This is a durable and sturdy device which is backed by the manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty. So get this Moen Waterhill rain shower head with a brushed nickel finish and transform your showering experience – starting today.

Buy Moen Waterhill Rainshower Showerhead

6. Moen Eco-Performance Rainshower

The Moen TS22002 Eco-Performance Arris Posi-Temp Pressure Balancing modern shower head is a high-end rainshower head that delivers superlative experience at a premium price.

A shower head that’s 10 inches in diameter drenches you under a temperature-regulated stream of water while maintaining eco-friendly performance vis a vis water conservation.

This Moen Eco-Performance shower head meets EPA WaterSense criteria and is one of very few Moen rainshower head models to have been WaterSense certified for conserving water.

The brushed-nickel finish is warm and inviting, blending in beautifully with any interior bathroom decor. Construction of the shower head is sturdy and durable, with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer to relieve your worries about product failure.

The Moen Eco-Performance Rainshower rain shower head offers an invigorating experience with perfectly balanced jets at your ideal force striking your body from all directions to wash away grime and soothe away aches and knots.

Moen’s innovative Immersion technology ensures that your water pressure remains steady even when inlet supply pressure fluctuates. This makes your showering experience more enjoyable and fun.

Buy the Moen Eco-Performance Rainshower

7. Moen Mosaic Round Two-Function Body Spray

The Moen TS1422BG Mosaic Round Two-Function Body Spray brings everyday luxury to a new level of enjoyment. With a brushed gold finish that looks elegant and stylish, this Moen rainshower head will bring a touch of sophistication to your bathroom.

This Moen Mosaic Round shower head is durable and sturdy. It’s made from high quality material that does not tarnish or fade with time. A LifeShine finish that’s a hallmark of Moen products ensures that the faucet will not rust. The finish won’t flake off in the years to come. A limited lifetime warranty guarantees against this, as well as other manufacturing flaws like leaks or valve failures.

Moen’s unique self-pressuring Immersion technology is included in this shower head. This means your shower will be uniform and enjoyable even when inlet pressure drops. It may happen due to plumbing or water supply problems in your area. Water is conserved with a maximum flow rate of 2 gallons per minute.

If there are limitations to this Moen Mosaic rainshower head, it’s that it offers only one mode of function and no other choices of finish. But other than these minor issues, this is a delightful rainshower head. It will grace your bathroom and make your showering more enjoyable.

Buy Moen Mosaic Round Two-Function Body Spray

8. Moen Mosaic Square Body Spray

A modestly priced single-function Moen rain shower head, the Moen TS1320BN Mosaic Square Body Spray is guaranteed to make you enjoy a daily rinse in the drenching jets more than ever before. Warm up your bath and have fun morning and night!

The brushed nickel finish is sleek and charming, giving a warm grey metallic appearance to your bathroom. This rainshower shower head is designed for aesthetics and function. The M-Pact valve system ensures that future upgrades will be simple and swift. You won’t need to tinker with the existing plumbing or pipes.

Self-pressurizing technology is helpful in locations where water pressure fluctuates badly. It makes the difference between a weak and forceful shower. One that invigorates and rejuvenates you. You’ll feel like a new person after your bath.

The use of only high quality materials by Moen ensures that the shower head will be durable and long lasting. Your purchase is backed by a limited lifetime warranty against leaks and manufacturing flaws.

If you’re looking for an elegant, simple and trustworthy rain shower head from Moen, the Mosaic Square Body could be your best pick.

Buy Moen Mosaic Square Body Spray

9. Moen Body Spray

If your dream rain shower head is of oil-rubbed bronze finish, beautifully crafted, and melds with everything else in your bathroom, then the Moen TS1320ORB Body Spray is worth a closer look. Its old-world finish and striking accents make it a popular favorite with discerning buyers.

The body spray shower head mounts flat onto the wall and stays flush with it. Featuring Moen’s advanced Immersion technology, this shower head will ensure a steady water pressure during your shower. This happens even if ambient water pressure in your area isn’t uniform.

Moen is a reliable and trusted manufacturing brand. It backs all rain shower head products with a limited lifetime warranty. You are safeguarded against flaws, leaks and defects.

So you can buy this Moen Body Spray rain shower head with confidence. Be secure in the knowledge that any deficiencies will be promptly corrected by the company.

Buy Moen Body Spray – Oil Rubbed Bronze

10. Moen Chrome Handheld Rain Shower

Moen is a household name when it comes to high quality showerheads. The Moen chrome handheld rain shower (Moen 3867) is no exception. The chrome finish gives it a mirror-like look that matches most interiors and styles.

The Moen 3867 Four Function Massaging Handshower with Slide Bar offers a lucurious showering experience, with four different water settings. It features a 4-function 4″ diameter spray head hand shower. A vacuum breaker is included, along with a slide bar that permits easy adjustment of height. The handshower holder also lets you easily rotate the bar to alter spray angle. The hose is 69″ long for convenient showering all over the body.

One of the most popular models of Moen, this Moen chrome handheld rain shower has been rated the best rain shower head in many reviews. Delighted buyers praise the “nice variety of sprays and solid construction”.  They call it “the BEST rain shower head ever!”

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11. Moen Refresh Rain Shower Head With Handheld Attachment

Moen’s Refresh rain shower head collection comes in a range of styles, each with a unique kind of functionality. Custom designed to give you many options to shower, this is part of a deluxe product line which is greatly in demand.

With a brushed nickel finish that is resistant to fingerprints and water spots, the MOEN 9 inch Rainshower and 7-Setting Handheld Showerheads give you a cleaner looking bath.

The showerhead is large (measures 9 inches in diameter) and is ceiling mounted or wall-mounted. In addition you get a handshower for convenience and ease of use. The Invigoral rainshower technology leads to self-pressurizing of your water stream. This gives the illusion of greater force while actually consuming less water.

One of the Moen stable‘s leading and popular models is the Refresh rain shower with handheld showerhead. It is reasonably priced and is one of the popular best-sellers of the leading brand.

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Hopefully you found these Moen rainshower head reviews helpful.

Read these Moen rain shower head reviews. If you want to learn more about any of these models, please click the links. They will take you to There you’ll find technical specifications, customer testimonials and other data that are of value.

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