Recreate a Close-to-Nature Bathing Experience with a Waterfall Shower Head

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With our lives constantly in the fast lane, a majority of people deal with high levels of stress on a daily basis. A rejuvenating bath can work wonders in relaxing the body and mind. It is perhaps for this reason that the trend of themed bathrooms and fancy shower faucets is fast catching up. There is no better therapy for healing the body and mind than nature itself.

What’s special about a waterfall shower head? Since our fast-paced lifestyle limits our opportunities to get away and enjoy nature, many people are recreating a close-to-nature experience through nature-themed decors and bathrooms. Are you familiar with the invigorating experience of bathing under a waterfall? It is exhilarating and liberating at the same time. You can now revisit the same magic in the comfort of your bathroom by installing a waterfall shower head.

What is a Waterfall Shower Head?

A waterfall shower head is a bathroom hardware that recreates the experience of bathing under a waterfall. The water is dispensed from a single wide opening, resulting in a thick continuous stream of water. The shower faucet is either square or rectangular in shape as opposed to the round shape of a normal shower. Though traditionally this shower fixture was used in bathtubs, waterfall shower head experience can also be created by installing the hardware at a certain height on a wall.

Though a waterfall shower head rarely comes in mobile or hand-held versions, there is scope of adjusting the water flow as per personal requirements. These shower heads come in a variety of designs and finishing, ranging from brass to steel and chrome. To enhance the effect of a waterfall-like shower experience, there is a raging trend of adding other natural elements like shower heads with rock-like appearance, plants and skylight windows in the bathrooms.

How is it Different from a Regular Shower?

A waterfall shower head is strikingly different from its regular counterparts in terms of looks, design and working principle. The main difference lies in the water dispensation technique; the water here flows through one large opening instead of several tiny holes spread over a regular shower’s surface area.

This helps in creating a cascading effect through increased water flow, as opposed to the weak water flow through smaller streams in a regular shower head. Another added advantage of waterfall shower heads is the ease of cleaning compared to the standard shower heads.

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Choosing a Waterfall Shower Head

When it comes to choosing a waterfall shower head, there is a plethora of designs, shapes and capacities at a users’ disposal. For a more sumptuous and close to real waterfall-like bathing experience, you can choose wide, high volume waterfall shower heads. However, the installation process for these is a little more complex. You may need some expert plumbing intervention to have these installed in your bathroom; these even require an additional dedicated water supply line.

If you are looking for a waterfall shower experience at minimal cost and effort, you may consider the sleeker low volume options. Any professional or DIY enthusiast with reasonable plumbing know-how can install these shower heads in place of a regular shower head.

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