Moen Shower Head Reviews

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How To Find The Best Moen Shower Heads

All Moen shower head reviews sing the praises of one of the world’s best-known premium brands of faucets and shower heads.

A Moen shower head is always a deluxe product that combines style and fashion with durability and function. Moen shower heads and faucets have fans around the world, and have delighted millions of home owners through the years.

Even plumbers and contractors who install dozens of shower heads every month are effusive in their praise for Moen shower head models. Moen has acquired a brand name that is trusted by consumers and contractors, a reputation strengthened by an unrelenting commitment to manufacturing quality products at a reasonable price.

There are many different Moen shower head models suitable for bathroom and kitchen use. Here are what many agree are the 3 best Moen shower head models, with some information about each type.

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Moen Shower Head Reviews
The 3 BEST Shower Head Models From Moen


Moen Rain Shower Heads

1. Moen S6320 Velocity Rainshower Shower Head

Imagine a large round disc with a diameter of 8 inches spraying a delightful shower all over you at any temperature you desire. This elegant and classy rainshower shower head from Moen perfectly fits the bill.

With excellent coverage and a patented immersion technology that ensures great spray power for an enjoyable shower, you’ll have a great experience with the Moen S6320BN Velocity Two-Function Rainshower Showerhead.

The Moen rain shower head can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, as long as there is a clearance to allow for its height of 3.5 inches. Gushing water at a flow of 2.5 gallons per minute, it can drench and relax you instantly. You can adjust the flow and operate the shower in two spray modes:

  • Rain shower spray
  • Focused high-pressure rinse

So you can enjoy a gentle drizzle of warm water, or a powerful jet of icy cold needles to awaken and refresh you. The shower angle can even be adjusted to your liking, as can the force of your shower jet.

Like all Moen rain shower head models, the  S6320BN Velocity Rainshower  shower head is elegant and attractive with a beautiful finish and crafted to perfection. It is extremely efficient at water usage and eco-friendly.

Several Moen rain shower head reviews sing its praises loud and clear because it truly is a remarkable product. If there’s one thing that detracts from a wider appeal, it’s the price. But with this Moen shower head you’ll definitely get great value for your money.

Buy the Moen S6320BN Velocity Two-Function Rainshower Showerhead


  • stylish design and elegant finish
  • efficient, eco-friendly
  • 2 modes of shower – rinse and rain shower
  • 8″ diameter shower head
  • 100 nozzles for powerful jets
  • angle of shower head is adjustable by 30 degrees
  • Moen is a well known and respected brand


  • price is higher than other models


2. Moen S6320ORB Velocity Two Function Rainshower Head

Like other rain shower heads, the Moen Velocity Two-Function rain shower head delivers an experience that’s similar to getting drenched in the rain… just indoors. You’ll enjoy a luxurious showering experience right at home.

This Moen rain shower head can be mounted either on the wall or ceiling, with adjustable angles. This makes it possible to set the spray to jet at you from different directions. Installation is quick and easy, and doesn’t require special tools or instruments other than a wrench.

You can run the Moen S6320ORB Velocity Two-Function Rainshower Head in two modes.

  • In concentrated rinse mode, the water jets are thrice as forceful than a regular spray. This is excellent to relax taut muscles and massage away aches and pains.
  • A gentler full-coverage mode offers a wider stream that’s also gentle and soothing.

The water pressure can be easily adjusted using a lever control. Water flow rate is typically 2.5 gallons per minute, which may be too high for households looking to conserve water and save on their bill.

The Moen rain shower head is simple yet elegant and classy in design. Though made of chrome, it feels like plastic to the touch. There are 3 finishes to choose from – brushed gold, nickel and bronze.

Like other models, the major downside to this rain shower head is its price. At a little over $300, this is an expensive product which may turn off a few buyers even though it offers great value for the money.

Moen is a well known and widely reputed manufacturer and their products are guaranteed to be durable and work well. Fans of Moen products will not hesitate. Others may look for more affordable rain shower heads.

Buy Moen S6320ORB Velocity Two-Function Rainshower Head


  • large 8″ diameter spray head
  • 2 spray settings – full-coverage and rinse modes
  • allows wall or ceiling mounting
  • stylish look and classy finish


  • more expensive
  • material feels plastic-like


3. Moen Mosaic Round Rain Shower Head

A stylish product designed for modern bathrooms, this Moen rain shower head will bring elegance and class to any home. It will also deliver a thoroughly enjoyable showering experience.

Whether you’re showering to wake up and be refreshed to face a busy day ahead, or to soothe and relax yourself before retiring for the night, the Moen TS1322BG Mosaic Rain Shower Head is a perfect choice.

The beautiful brushed gold finish is a hallmark of the Mosaic line of Moen rain shower heads. It fits nicely into pre-designed or custom-built shower stalls, and will not fade, corrode or stain easily. If you prefer a different finish, you can choose between chrome, nickel and oil-rubbed bronze.

The Moen TS1322BG Mosaic Rain Shower Head is also extremely efficient with a maximum water flow of 2 gallons per minute. The innovative Immersion rainshower technology that powers this Moen shower head ensures self-pressurizing so that you can shower at a consistent flow even when inlet water supply drops.

This Moen shower head is smaller than other models at 3 and 1/4″ but still gives you an enjoyable spray. The M-Pact rain shower valve lets you upgrade a shower system without the services of a plumber or having to take down or install any existing pipes or plumbing.

The product is built of strong and sturdy material which makes the shower head durable and long lasting. Moen is a reputed brand with millions of happy fans over the years. The company stands behind its products with a lifetime limited warranty against leaks, defects and dripping.

Buy the Moen Mosaic Rain Shower Head


  • beautiful design and elegant finish
  • choice of finishes – brushed gold, bronze, nickel or chrome
  • can be wall or ceiling mounted
  • self-pressurizing technology ensures uniform shower
  • durable, comes with lifetime warranty


  • single spray function
  • smaller shower head

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Moen Hand Held Shower Heads

The Moen Engage Magnetix Handheld Showerhead

Moen Engage Magnetix Handheld Showerhead is stunningly designed with a mirror-like nickel finish. This Moen handheld shower head is a masterpiece in elegance and performance. It is designed to be compatible with bathrooms of any decor or style, becoming a complementary accessory that any home owner will be proud to own.

The Engage Magnetix handheld shower head has a fair sized spray area that allows for a thorough drenching cleanse. Temperature regulation is wonderful, making for an enjoyable showering experience.

Despite the satisfying downpour, the Moen Engage Magnetix is eco-friendly and conserves water. The maximum flow rate is 2.5 GPM. Self cleaning nozzle nubbins make maintenance a pleasure. For some users, the higher price point is a drawback. But most agree it is well worth it in terms of value recieved.

Buy the Moen Engage Magnetix Handheld Showerhead

Moen 26100SRN Engage Magnetix 3.5-Inch Handheld Showerhead

Moen 26100SRN Engage Magnetix 3.5-Inch Handheld Showerhead is one of the top line shower head models from Moen that offers a superior showering experience at an affordable price. The modestly sized spray face drenches you beneath a stream of water at the ideal temperature and pressure to create a completely enjoyable bath.

The brushed-nickel finish resists corrosion and tarnishing while beautifully blending into the decor and design of any bathroom. It fits and matches EPA guidelines, making it one of many eco-friendly shower heads from the Moen stable.

Backed by a lifetime limited warranty by Moen, you can buy this shower head with confidence and secure in the knowledge that even in the rare instance of a flaw or leak, you can get a replacement with no hassle or worry.

Buy the Moen Engage Magnetix Handheld Showerhead

Moen Engage Magnetix Handheld Rain Shower Head

Moen Engage Magnetix Handheld Rain Shower Head is a delightful rain shower head from Moen that offers extensive reach and coverage to create an illusion as if you’re standing under a rainstorm in the open – even while you’re indoors in a controlled environment of your own bathroom.

Powered by Immersion technology, this shower head delivers a consistant water pressure even when inlet water pressure flucutates.

The Moen Engage Magnetix Handheld Rain Shower Head is highly effective at conserving water without any compromise at all on delivering a thoroughly enjoyable shower experience.

This shower head is made of high quality material and is very durable. Backed by a trusted brand’s limited lifetime warranty, there should be little hesitation in getting this device for your bathroom.

Buy the Moen Engage Magnetix Handheld Rain Shower Head

Moen Basic Hand Held Shower Head

Moen shower head
With an oil rubbed bronze finish giving it a rich brown look that’s speckled with light and dark accents, the Moen 3868ORB Basic Handheld Shower is an artistic delight and functional wonder. It is a 4 inch hand shower with vacuum breaker and slide bar included.

Moen boasts of finishes that are guaranteed to stay sleek and elegant for a lifetime. Moen faucets are engineering marvels that perfectly balance water pressure for an enjoyable shower. And Moen shower heads are exceptionally beautiful and extremely reliable.

Moen shower heads will match any bathroom decor. Try one out and you’ll begin to appreciate the magic of “the best shower head” from Moen.

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Moen Massaging Hand Shower

Moen shower head
The Moen 3867 Four Function Massaging Handshower has a chrome finish giving it a bright, reflective cool metal appearance. Offering 4 spray patterns suitable for various levels of enjoyment – massage, full, vigorous or combinations of the above – this hand shower from Moen is among its best selling models.

The hand shower comes with a 30 inch slide bar that lets you select the shower’s height using a push button attachment. The hand shower holder can also be rotated in order to adjust the angle of your shower arm.

What makes this such a popular choice? Moen is always a quality play, and with this particular model the company has outdone itself. Of all Moen’s high quality shower head models, this one is the hottest seller and the one with a large number of positive reviews.

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Moen High Pressure Shower Heads

The Moen A501BN Vertical Shower Body Spray

Moen A501BN Vertical Shower Body Spray delivers luxury right into your home, making every shower you take a delightful and pleasurable experience. With an elegant, stylish finish that’s also corrosion and tarnish resistant, this Moen shower head lends sophistication and class to any home.

Sturdy and durable, this vertical body spray is crafted from quality materials and has LifeShine finish that won’t rust or flake off even after many years. A limited lifetime warranty ensures that the manufacturer takes the promise seriously.

Moen’s Immersion technology is at play, delivering steady flow and pressure for an enjoyable shower, even when inlet pressure isn’t constant. Despite this, it is eco-friendly and conserves water with a maximum flow rate of less than 2 gallons per minute.

If there is any limitation to this Moen shower head model, it’s that the shower head is fixed and cannot be rotated to different directions.

Buy the Moen A501BN Vertical Shower Body Spray

Moen ORB Vertical Shower

If you’ve dreamed of bathing under an oil-rubbed bronze shower head, luxuriating in a drenching downpour at the ideal temperature and pressure, then the Moen A501ORB Vertical Shower Body Spray may make your dream come true!

It is beautifully constructed and designed flawlessly to lend class and style to any bathroom. It is compatible with most plumbing and matches the decor and interior of many homes. The old-world finish and striking accents are unique, making it a hit with most owners.

The Moen vertical shower mounts flat into the ceiling and remains flush with it. Immersion technology ensures a steady and uniform shower pressure for added comfort and enjoyment.

The device is protected under a limited lifetime warranty. Moen is a trusted and reputed brand, and this vertical shower is an excellent product.

Buy the Moen A501ORB Vertical Shower Body Spray

Moen TS1320 Mosaic Square Body Spray

A reasonably priced Moen rain shower head, the Moen TS1320 Mosaic Square Body Spray is sure to help you enjoy a daily rinse under drenching jets.

The brushed-nickel finish is charming and elegant, lending a warm gray metallic appearance to your bathroom. This shower shower head is meant to be aesthetic and functional. A patented M-Pact valve system ensures that future upgrades will be simple and swift. You will not have to tinker with any existing plumbing.

Self-pressurizing technology helps if water pressure fluctuates badly. Your shower invigorates you. You’ll feel like a new person after your bath.

Moen uses high quality materials so that shower heads will be durable and long lasting. The company offers a limited lifetime warranty against  manufacturing flaws.

If you’re looking for an elegant, simple and trustworthy rain shower head from Moen, this could be your best pick.

Buy the Moen TS1320 Mosaic Square Body Spray

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Moen Dual Shower Heads

Moen Engage Magnetix Handshower and Rainshower Combo

The Moen Engage Magnetix Handshower and Rainshower Combo is widely regarded one of the best dual shower head models on the market. And that’s a reputation it deserves because this truly is a special shower head.

What is unique about it?

Well, here’s one thing. The Magnetix features magnetic holder technology. This means you’ll find it more convenient to replace the hand shower into its stand even if your hands are slippery with lather.

There are other ways in which the Magnetix Moen dual shower sets itself apart from other competing brands and models. The fixed shower head component functions in one mode, drenching you thoroughly at full blast.

The hand held shower head, however, throws up a range of 6 different modes of operation.

You can enjoy a gentle rainfall massage, or a needle jet spray to relax taut muscles. There’s even a button to pause the water spray instantly, which is convenient while soaping and helps conserve water usage.

The fixed Moen shower head component in the Moen Engage Magnetix showerhead model is large. It measures 3.5 inches in diameter and offers an extensive range of flow which makes for an enjoyable bathing experience. A 60″ metal hose connects it to the base unit, and the head can be rotated to your convenience.

There’s also the option to use both shower heads at the same time, or one or the other for showering. Simple controls that are easy to operate make it convenient and quick to adjust water temperature. Controlling the head and direction of water spray is also easy.

Installation is quick and convenient. Many home owners are able to install it on their own without even calling a plumber.

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  • Easy rotation of hand held shower head
  • High pressure shower spray to ease tension and massage aches away
  • Magnetic dock makes it simple to replace hand shower head
  • Option to pick from 6 different spray modes
  • Easy installation


  • Fixed shower head component can only operate in a single mode
  • Moen Magnetix shower heads are more expensive than other brands

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Moen Attract 6-Spray Hand Shower and Shower Head Combo Kit

The Moen Attract 6-Spray dual shower head is WaterSense certified eco-friendly product from a popular manufacturer of faucets and showers. If you’re looking for a combination of rain shower head and hand shower, this is a great choice.

The shower head comes with pause buttons to instantly stop water flow during a shower. In addition to conserving water, this also helps prevent messy spills while moving the hose or faucet around.

Moen’s Magnetix technology based on magnetic attraction to hold the handset in place on the holder stand. It makes it easier to replace the shower head even while your hands are slippery with soap suds.

Moen’s premier finishing process stamps this model with a beautiful appearance that also resists tarnishing and corrosion for years of use. The surface resists water spots and fingerprints as well.

The Moen dual shower head package includes a rain shower head, hose, connector and a hand piece. The rain shower head is larger at 6 and 3/4 inches diameter, while the hand held shower head is small at 3 inches across.

The hand shower allows operation in 6 different modes of speed and water flow pattern. At maximum flow, the shower head uses 1.75 gallons per minute.

Installation is easy and requires regular half inch shower arm diverters. It can be done using little more than a wrench without even calling for the services of a plumber. Your purchase is guaranteed under a limited lifetime warranty by the manufacturer.

Overall the Moen Attract 6-spray dual shower head is a great choice for anyone seeking a combination of rain shower and handheld shower from a reliable brand at reasonable cost.

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  • has large rain shower head and smaller handheld shower head
  • efficient at saving water
  • Water Sense certified
  • classy appearance and elegant finish
  • durable and resists corrosion
  • easy to install


  • price is high

Read more about this model | Locate a vendor

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Did these Moen shower head reviews assist you in selecting the right model for your bathroom? You can learn more about these models when you click the links below which will help you find technical specifications, customer testimonials and other data that are of value.

Moen Shower Heads: Timeless Style, Peerless Functionality

Your bathroom is more than just a place to prepare for the day ahead. Your bath or shower can be an excellent place where you can get away from everything when you select the appropriate shower head. If you intend to remodel your home or build a new one, you should consider installing Moen shower heads and fixtures in your bathroom.

Moen shower heads are regarded as among the finest in the market. They have impeccable designs and are available in various styles and sizes. These shower heads are built to last and they add a touch of class to any bathroom.

Top quality materials are used to produce Moen shower heads. Shower heads and fixtures can be detachable or fixed. You can attach fixed shower heads to the ceiling or walls.

A removable shower head is also known as a handheld shower head. In both designs, Moen shower devices offer a shower head that delivers a wide and even spray.

Wide Design Range

With hundreds of varieties and designs, Moen provides you with the option to produce any style.

Several of Moen’s shower devices can be modified for different kinds of water pressure. If you have Moen showerhead installed in your shower, one person within your household can use a strong massage-type water flow, while another family member can choose a light calming water stream.

In addition, you can create a distinctive Moen shower experience by setting up 2 fixed shower heads to 2 walls within your shower room. This 2 fixed shower heads alternative is also just right for 2 individuals showering together.

If your objective is to create a relaxing, spa-like bathroom, then you should take a look at the unique Moen rain shower showerhead products. Most models have an 8 inches diameter and are finished in brushed nickel, brushed bronze, chrome, and oil rubbed bronze. You can select from a self pressurized spray to a calming rain rinse. Moen’s patented technology boosts the force and flow of the water delivery.

Tips for Cleaning Moen Shower Heads

Moen shower head reviews don’t often focus on the risk of not cleaning the heads.

If you fail to clean your shower head properly and regularly, then taking a shower can harm your health. This is because your shower head might contain harmful bacteria. Here are some tips for cleaning your Moen shower head. For this, you will need some vinegar and elbow grease.

1. Remove the shower head. You may need vice grips or pliers to do this. If you use equipment, be sure to place a rag or towel over the shower head to shield it from dents and scratches.

2. Remove the showerhead cover, if one is in place.

3. Heat the vinegar on your cooker or stove. Be careful to only warm, not boil the vinegar. The amount of vinegar you will require depends on the size of your shower head. You have to completely submerge the showerhead within the vinegar.

4. Pour the heated vinegar into a bucket or bowl. Place your Moen showerhead into the bucket and submerge it within the vinegar. Leave it for about twenty minutes.

5. Get a thin wire or paperclip and use it to clear the holes within the showerhead. Be sure to remove all the debris and dirt from the holes.

6. Rinse your showerhead and place it inside hot water. Re-install your Moen showerhead and cover.

The majority of shower heads and fixtures are chosen based on appearance, instead of functionality. Even though style and looks are important, you should not ignore functionality. The Moen shower heads and fixtures will complement your bathroom as well as provide your desired functionality.

Moen Faucets – A Blend of Beauty & Utility

All Moen faucets make a fashion statement while providing great utilitarian value as well. When shopping for a faucet, whether bathroom or kitchen, you want a product that is as much an accessory as it is a utility. Based on extensive market research , Moen faucets add a touch of class and reliability to your kitchen, bathroom and bar.

The new innovative Moen reflex faucet has revolutionized the kitchen faucet. Docile, yet secure to dock, this Moen faucet brings ease to doing dishes and watching it retract to its original position shows the amount of work that went into making that kitchen masterpiece. When it comes to choosing a faucet, not only in the kitchen but in a general sense, you have to consider the already set plumbing supply.

Moen Faucets Design

Moen faucets come in an array of designs ranging from single handled one, pull down faucets and even bridges. An option is also available to purchase addition components and Moen parts such as rough in valves to integrate the faucet into your plumbing if it is for an already built kitchen.

The bathroom is considered a haven for sensual relief and Moen faucets are the bathroom’s very cornerstone. The faucets introduce unique designs to your shower and tub, your bathroom sink and down to the bidet. The bathroom and tub faucets made by Moen have replaced the old plain zinc faucet and replaced it with an the Moen Lifeshine.

What sets apart the Moen Lifeshine, is the the electroplated chrome finish that reduces the risk of water corrosion to zero and in the same breath giving the faucets a good polished shine.

The Moen bathroom sink has four major variations, the wall-mount, the eight inch the four inch and the single hole. Wall mounted faucets are easy on the eye and tend to work best with wall mounted or under-mounted sinks.

The widespread faucet or the 8 inch would be best choice for hot and cold water dispensers separate from the nozzle while the center-set faucet its smaller counterpart is of a more compact nature and also placed on the counter-top.

If you are looking for these and more designs to bring a more homely comfort to your home, you could do well by going with Moen faucets.

Moen Parts – What Makes Them So Popular?

Moen is a manufacturer of bathroom and kitchen products including faucets, plumbing supply and other fixtures. Engineered originally by Alfred Moen, these products are part of the Fortune 500 Brands Home and Security Company. Moen Shower Head Reviews reveal what makes them so special.

Moen Faucet Design

The design used to make Moen parts is not complex. Most Moen kitchen, bathtub and wash basin faucets are of a single-handle design. Most models have used the same basic water controlling technology and design ever since 1960.

You will find that most Moen parts like shower and bathtub controls use a larger cartridge with a pressure and balancing mechanism that compensates for sudden pressure changes in either hot or cold water supply. These faucets have been quite functional and operational in their simplest sense.

Since many plumbing solutions and companies lag in the implementation of interoperable systems that can simplify leakage fixing performances, Moen parts and faucets will always solve these inefficiencies.

Moen parts produced by the manufacturer are, by and large, of the cartridge design. There’s an O-ring at the base of the cartridge prevents the cartridge from leaking. When given enough time, though, this O-ring eventually cracks leading to leakage of water. Replacing a leaking cartridge with a new Moen part is one way of fixing the problem. Sometimes it may work better when you replace the O-ring with another one.

Repair of Moen Faucets

Repair and maintenance of Moen parts and faucets is not easy. Moen Shower Head reviews testify to their durability, but still wear and tear could happen over years.

However with the right knowledge and skills, you can handle repairs and installations. The first stage of repair would be to switch off the main water supply. This will enable you to locate the exact leaking point without dealing with the hassles that come with splashing water.

You must then proceed to pry the index cup (plastic) off from the centre of the faucet handle. A blade or a utility knife can be used to expose the screw that holds the handle tightly to the faucet.

By doing this, you will be able to remove both the faucet handle as well as the chrome retaining nut located at the top of the faucet. Then you can lift the faucet off the cartridge body and attend to any leaking joints or spaces.

To minimize this risk, be sure to carefully study Moen Shower Head reviews before you buy a Moen part.

Moen Faucet Parts – How To Choose Your Faucets Wisely

Moen faucet parts are market leaders in plumbing supply and bathroom remodelling. When it comes to house embellishment, we tend to choose every little thing wisely. But little do we care about the bathroom or kitchen, except for the storage cabins and tiles. We even ignore the sink, which is a widely used part of both kitchen and bathroom.

A sink’s appearance as well as its durability depends on the type of faucet you use. Moen faucet parts serve as excellent replacement and repair supplies in case of damage or wearing out of faucets. There are many aspects depending upon which you can make a choice for the Moen faucet:

1. Finish:

If you are too concerned about the way your house looks, then this is one factor that you cannot tend to ignore. Moen faucet parts are available in different designs, colors and finishes. You can make a choice from the wide variety of options available to cater to your needs. Some wear a contemporary look while others bear a traditional yet sophisticated look.

2. Usage:

Moen faucet part design keeps usage in mind. For this reason, there are different designs available for different purposes: bathrooms, kitchens and for showers.

3. Number of handles:

Faucets come in two types: single-handed and double handed. If your family is comfortable using water at room temperature, then a single-handed faucet can work for you. However, if you feel that there is a requirement for hot water as well, you should opt for the double-handed faucets. Such faucets can deliver you hot and cold water simultaneously.

4. Technology and innovation:

Innovation drives every Moen faucet part. Some faucets are simple, while some others come with add on accessories, such as the soap dispenser. Also, in this technology driven world, faucets have also started appearing with a touch of technology. There are water regulator parts that turns on with a single touch of ours, making it easy to use.

A perfect blend of these aspects will help you choose your faucet wisely and will offer you a rich experience while you use your kitchen or bathroom sink.