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Tips for Cleaning Moen Shower Heads

Moen shower head reviews don’t often focus on the risk of not cleaning the heads.

If you fail to clean your shower head properly and regularly, then taking a shower can harm your health. This is because your shower head might contain harmful bacteria.

Here are some tips for cleaning your Moen shower head. For this, you will need some vinegar and elbow grease.

1. Remove the shower head. You may need vice grips or pliers to do this. If you use equipment, be sure to place a rag or towel over the shower head to shield it from dents and scratches.

2. Remove the showerhead cover, if one is in place.

3. Heat the vinegar on your cooker or stove. Be careful to only warm, not boil the vinegar. The amount of vinegar you will require depends on the size of your shower head. You have to completely submerge the showerhead within the vinegar.

4. Pour the heated vinegar into a bucket or bowl. Place your Moen showerhead into the bucket and submerge it within the vinegar. Leave it for about twenty minutes.

5. Get a thin wire or paperclip and use it to clear the holes within the showerhead. Be sure to remove all the debris and dirt from the holes.

6. Rinse your showerhead and place it inside hot water. Re-install your Moen showerhead and cover.

The majority of shower heads and fixtures are chosen based on appearance, instead of functionality.

Even though style and looks are important, you should not ignore functionality. The Moen shower heads and fixtures will complement your bathroom as well as provide your desired functionality.

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