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Shower Head Types – Discover 9 Types of Shower Heads

Did you know there were different shower head types and that each one has unique features?

If you didn’t know that all shower heads aren’t alike, or understand the difference between the different shower head types, then listen up – because you’re about to discover everything about the nine distinct types of shower head – and which one is the best for your bathroom.

Of all the material on this Rain Shower Head website, the most popular article is this introduction to the various shower head types. Each visitor has a favorite shower head type. For some, it’s a rain shower head. For others, it’s a handheld or dual shower head. Some who are often on the road are looking for a shower head to use in their RV.

Shower heads come in an array of designs and across a range of prices. And no, not all of them are expensive. So browse through the different shower head types before you select one that seems right for your needs. Then explore different brands and models to find your perfect shower head.

9 Types of Shower Head

1. Rain Shower Head
2. Dual Shower Head
3. Handheld Shower Head
4. LED Shower Heads
5. High-Pressure Shower Head
6. Low-Pressure Shower Heads
7. RV Shower Heads
8. Filtered Shower Heads
9. Panel Showers

Rain Shower Head

Among the most luxurious, dreamy shower heads are the rain shower heads (also called rainfall shower heads and waterfall shower heads) that deliver a drenching experience like getting caught in a storm… just indoors!

Most rain shower head models come with an array of settings that let you configure your showering experience. You can adjust water speed and force, temperature, direction, and even the nature of your spray.

Rain shower heads are typically more expensive than other shower heads, but deliver a superior experience unlike most others. There are several popular brands and designs of rain shower heads that you can choose from, and there’s a wide range of prices that make it sure you’ll find one to match your budget.

Jumbo rain shower heads deliver the best experience of them all, but require a larger bathroom floor space to install one. You can find the best rain shower head and explore options for installation, warranty and model before picking one that’s right for you.

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Dual Shower Head

It can be hard to decide between a rain shower head and a handheld shower head – so why not enjoy both? Yes, it’s possible – with a dual shower head.

They offer both advantages of a rain shower head and handheld shower, allowing extreme configuration by adjusting several settings. The rainfall shower head provides a thorough drenching, while the handheld device lets you direct a spray towards hard-to-reach areas. It can also be handy to give you pets (or kids!) a shower.

The water flow to each head is independent of the other. Average flow rates of 2.5 GPM apply to both heads, and the water pressure is high enough for both heads to be used simultaneously, as when couples enjoy showering together.

Like a rain shower head, the dual shower head requires a larger floor space in your bathroom, so keep that in mind while choosing a double shower head. The device itself is easy to install and efficient with water usage.

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Handheld Shower Head

You might opt for a handheld shower head instead of a dual or rain shower head, especially if you enjoy the flexibility and extra reach it provides. A handheld shower head comes with a handle that you can hold conveniently to direct the spray at any part you like.

A handheld shower head is particularly useful to bathe little children and pets. There’s usually a wall-mounted attachment into which you can slot the handheld shower head, turning it into a more or less conventional fixed shower. Some models come with a rail that allows you to adjust the height at which you can fix the shower head.

A handheld shower head is easy to install, conserves water and offers flexibility in height and direction of the water jet, making it an ideal option for a family with children.

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LED Shower Heads

For those who like glitz and glamor in their shower, an LED shower head is a good option. Colorful and musical, these attractive shower heads can lend pizzaz and excitement to your showering experience. LED shower heads come in a choice of colors and designs to match the decor and theme of your bathroom.

LED shower heads emit a light as you shower, sprucing up the stream of cold or hot water that relaxes or excites you as it jets from pressured nozzles. Good LED shower heads are durable and require little, if any maintenance. If you like variety, look for a model that offers spa-like settings with adjustments for spray settings (rainfall, massage, gentle, foamy, and more).

A few LED shower head models automatically change color depending on water temperature, giving you visual indication of what to expect before stepping into your shower. Families with young children often enjoy buying an LED shower head, though it’s often the adults who have more fun with one!

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High-Pressure Shower Head

If you’re looking for a relaxing shower every morning and evening, consider getting a high-pressure shower head. A jet of steaming hot (or icy cold) water at high pressure can be just the wake up jolt you need to face an exciting day ahead, or to wind down and relax after a busy one.

Many high pressure shower head models come with a range of settings. Be sure to check for the ones right for your needs. High pressure showers that have forceful jets you can direct at sore muscles can massage away pain and knots, leaving you deliciously relaxed and comfortable after a hot shower.

With high pressure shower heads available in a range of colors, designs and models, you should shop around to find one that matches your bathroom and offers the features you want. Be sure to check the reviews to make sure that the high-pressure shower head you finally select is among the best in its category.

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Low-Pressure Shower Heads

In areas with low water pressure, one way to make sure you have an enjoyable showering experience is to install low pressure shower heads. These are designed to function efficiently even in areas where water pressure isn’t high, and maximize their jet stream force through an intelligent design that harnesses the weight of water.

Good low pressure shower head models offer a range of settings for your stream, including massage, rainfall and gentle spray functions. The only drawback of a low pressure shower head is its slightly higher cost. But if your home is in an area with a low-lying water tank or where water is pumped in at lesser pressures, you may not have many other options to enjoy a shower.

With a quality low pressure shower head you will be able to relax in a spa-like experience – thanks to innovative design and technology!

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RV Shower Heads

Even though they are called RV Shower Heads and are designed specially for use in a recreational vehicle, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get one for your home, too. The main benefit of an RV shower head is that it conserves water while delivering a high pressure shower spray. These heads are also better at not getting clogged.

Often modestly priced, RV shower heads are great for those who are on the road frequently and find their pre-installed showers clogging up or wasting too much water. These shower heads flow at a lesser GPM rate without sacrificing showering quality, but saving you money on water bills.

A fringe benefit is the anti-clogging design element which keeps maintenance low and enjoyment high. An RV shower head is a great choice for your vehicle – as well as your home.

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Filtered Shower Heads

Unclean or muddy water can wreak havoc with your showering experience. That’s where a filtered shower head comes in handy. Your filtered shower head will deliver a clean shower spray by removing particulate debris and contamination from the water source.

These shower heads are rather plain and inelegant in appearance, but compensate by their functionality. A filtered shower head is excellent at filtering out dirt and removing unpleasant smells from water. It can even get rid of chemicals like sulfur in water supplies.

Water pumped into the shower head gets purified and de-mineralized, with calcium salts being removed. This helps keep the nozzles from clogging. The downside is that the jet stream is weaker than with other shower heads, and you will have to clean the filter screen from time to time.

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Panel Showers

Functioning just like spray showers, a panel shower can come in fixed or handheld versions and delivers a massage-like experience while lending a tone of luxury to your bathroom.

While it consumes a little more water than other models, a panel shower provides a better drenching experience. You can rinse thoroughly and luxuriate under a dense stream of water of suitable temperature. Another advantage is that there isn’t any clogging because there are no nozzles to block.

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Which Shower Head Type Is Right For YOU?

As you’ve seen, there are various options to pick from and a range of shower head types to consider before you buy one. Read our shower head reviews. Click on the section that is of interest to explore other details and see our handpicked collection of the best shower heads in each category.

Then go ahead and order your preferred shower head model right here – or pick it up at your neighborhood hardware store. Just make sure you have the right shower head type for your needs and home situation.

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