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How To Find The Best Hansgrohe Rain Shower Head Reviews

(With a Buying Guide for 2023)

Any Hansgrohe rain shower head reviews will confirm that these rain shower heads are among the best of the best. That’s no surprise as the product comes from a manufacturer who prides itself for a combination of innovation and elegance.

Not only is a Hansgrohe rain shower head durable and functional, it also has an aesthetic appeal and charm that has its fans raving over the quality of the fixture, as well as the experience of taking a shower in it.

Top Selling Hansgrohe Rain Shower Head Models

Hansgrohe Croma Select S 7-inch Low Flow Showerhead


Hansgrohe Raindance S Showerhead

Hansgrohe Croma 9-inch Showerhead

Hansgrohe Bodyspray Showerhead


For those who demand high quality standards for their homes and cherish the durability that comes from true value, the Hansgrohe rain shower head is a premium bathroom accessory that will never fail to appeal.

There are a wide range of Hansgrohe rain shower heads and it was with some difficulty that we have shortlisted these 5 BEST Hansgrohe rain shower head reviews of handpicked models for your consideration.

Take a look at each Hansgrohe shower head review. Visit the official website (links below) for more information. Then make a buying decision.

Best Hansgrohe Rain Shower Head Reviews #1

Hansgrohe Raindance Downpour AIR Showerhead

The 10-inch jewel in the crown of a line of Hansgrohe rain shower head models is the Downpour AIR showerhead . It’s a beautiful, elegant and affordable round rainfall shower head.

Sporting the model number 27474001, Hansgrove Raindance Downpour AIR Showerhead mixes air with water in 3 jets. It will stream down a warm rain in either powerful needle jets to massage away aches and knots, or a gentle spray that falls like a drizzle from the skies.

Owners of a Downpour AIR Hansgrohe rain shower head appreciate the large showerhead that’s almost 10 inches in diameter (9.375 inches, to be precise) that drenches a large area for a comfortable, intense, enjoyable showering experience.

The overhead shower design is sleek and will match the decor of almost any style of bathroom. Chrome plating of the spray disc ensures longevity.

The Downpour AIR Hansgrohe rain shower head is easy to clean because of an anti-calcification feature that the company calls ‘QuickClean’. This prevents limescale deposits from hardening on the nozzle. Just wipe it away from the soft silicon nozzles effortlessly!

Technological innovations are behind the delightful showering experience offered by the Downpour AIR rainfall shower head. AirPower is the method by which the water is enriched with air, ensuring a pleasant shower of soft droplets that caress your skin.

The Raindance Hansgrohe rain shower head models are versatile enough to cater to different needs and preferences, coming in various settings that allow a user to adjust the speed and force of the stream to create a unique experience.

Any Hansgrohe shower head review will be incomplete without mentioning the alternatives that may work well for different kinds of users. And there’s a model for everyone from the Hansgrohe stable.

But the Downpour AIR is by far one of the most popular choices.



Learn more about this model | Locate a Retailer


Best Hansgrohe Rain Shower Head Reviews #2

Hansgrohe Raindance E 240 AIR 1-Jet Showerhead

Another gem of a Hansgrohe rain shower head is the Raindance E 240 that’s more a brass work of bathroom art than a shower accessory!

With a 10 by 6 inches spray finished face that’s made of solid brass, everything about this Hansgrohe rain shower head reeks of class and style. It is powered by the same AIR injection technology that sets the Downpour AIR apart from other pretenders in its class.

According to several Hansgrohe shower head reviews, this model offers a range of showering modes. You can enjoy anywhere between a gentle spray and forceful needle-like water jets.

The Hansgrohe Raindance shower head features 141 no-clog channels. This ensures you’ll get drenched just as if you were outdoors in a thunderstorm – but of course with clean water of the right temperature you desire.

Again, like the Downpour, the Hansgrohe Raindance E 240 rain shower head also boasts of an easy to clean nozzle that features QuickClean anti-lime descaling functionality. This ensures that you’ll always enjoy a perfect stream of water jets when you shower.

What makes the Hangrohe Raindance special, like other rain shower heads from this maker, as compared to other competitors in the marketplace?

Well, unlike any other brand, a Hansgrohe shower head will deliver air-enriched droplets of water that feel lighter, yet fuller and softer. The experience of showering under a Hansgrohe Raindance E 240 shower is akin to enjoying a sudden cloudburst inside the controlled environment of your bathroom!



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Best Hansgrohe Rain Shower Head Reviews #3

Hansgrohe Showerpipe 360 Rain Shower with Handheld System

Not all rain shower heads are fixed. Some are flexible enough to be held by hand, directed anywhere you like, and still deliver a fascinating showering experience unlike any other.

And the Hansgrohe Showerpipe 360 is just that kind of system. With a thrilling 3-spray setting that delivers a wide, uniform stream, the handheld shower head is easy to install and easier to use.

The Hansgrohe shower head package includes a Raindance E 360 AIR shower head, along with another Raindance Select E 120 AIR handshower with 3 jets. A Porter holder for the handset is included, as is a Techniflex shower hose.

While you can easily alternate between the fixed showerhead and the handheld device, a Hansgrohe shower head review will reveal that both cannot be used simultaneously. Temperature control is also simple using an easy-to-operate thermostatic mixing valve.

Showering in this premium Hansgrohe Showerpipe 360 rain shower head is a special feeling.

Each water drop bursts out in a wide jet, enriched with air to feel light, bouncy and smooth as it hits your body in a gentle arc or a forceful jet. When you operate it in WhirlAir Spray mode, the water strikes you in energetic rotatory bursts that relax taut muscles and massage any aches and cramps away.

The same QuickClean and AirPower technology powers the Showerpipe 360 Rain Shower System just as it does with other Hansgrohe rain shower head models.

There are several neat design aspects that are user-friendly. This includes a plastic injection molding that insulates the handheld shower. You won’t feel too hot or cold while holding it for a shower.



Learn more about this model | Locate a Retailer

Best Hansgrohe Rain Shower Head Reviews #4

Hansgrohe Croma Select S Showerhead

One of the Hansgrohe rain shower head models that launched in 2013 (see the Hansgrohe shower head review here), the Hansgrohe Croma Select S Low Flow Showerhead is one of the hottest selling rain shower heads from the popular brand.

Features that have boosted its popularity, just as with other Hansgrohe shower head models, include:

This top selling Hansgrohe rain shower head review model represents the core of the world-famous brand’s consumer promise – to deliver comfort and technology to let you make the most of water!

Not only is the Hansgrohe Croma Select S Showerhead a relatively more affordable rain shower head, it also retains design elegance and functional simplicity.

It is also extremely durable and has a long life just like every Hansgrohe showerhead ever made. Daily use is so easy and comfortable that you’ll enjoy your Hansgrohe products for years and years!



Learn more about this model | Locate a Retailer


Best Hansgrohe Rain Shower Head Reviews #5

Hansgrohe Croma 9-inch Shower Head

Hansgrohe Croma 9-inch Showerhead

A chrome masterpiece from the Hansgrohe shower head catalog is this delightful shower head called Hansgrohe Croma 9-inch Showerhead, a 9 inch diameter circular rainfall shower head.

This model has been around for almost a decade. Over this period, it has broken all sales records – and continues to rule strong, year after year.

Its 180 no-clog water channels deliver powerful jets of water in a mode called ‘Rain Air’. This mode drenches you in 2.5 gallons per minute of light, fluffy air-energized liquid. The experience is delightfully like singing in the rain!

No wonder so many Hansgrohe fans swear that the Croma 9-inch shower head produces the “loveliest type of rain”!

The Hansgrohe Croma 9-inch Premium Modern 1-Spray RainAir Air Infusion Showerhead was designed with your comfort and enjoyment in mind.

Showering Modes

In single-spray mode (RainAir), the 9-inch circle sprays 180 thin jets of warm, hot or cold water. The Hansgrohe rain shower head can be rotated in any direction by 26 degrees, giving you extensive reach even in a large shower stall.

The device is easy to install and comes with a standard half inch pipe connection. The nickel plating offers a matching spray face to fit your bathroom’s decor and ambience.

To accommodate diverse tastes and preferences, this Hansgrohe rain shower head allows multiple adjustments. There are settings to tailor your showering experience to be unique and special.

Like other models, the Hansgrohe Croma 9-inch shower head also features QuickClean that prevents accumulation of lime crust deposits on the nozzles. Air-enriched droplets make for a lighter, gentler and fuller shower, enhancing your pleasure and enjoyment.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a hurry and just want a quick bath, or if you feel like relaxing from the travails of a difficult day. The Hansgrohe Croma rainfall shower head will be just what the doctor ordered!

Hansgrohe Croma 9-inch Showerhead

Learn more about this model | Locate a Retailer

More Hansgrohe Shower Head Review

Hansgrohe continues to innovate and improve an already impressive range of shower heads and rainfall shower heads.

Newer models like the Rainfinity series and Locarno range, as well as features like PowderRain are what keeps this brand and manufacturer on the cutting edge of rain shower heads.

Here are a few more Hansgrohe shower head reviews from great and popular models that continue to be bestsellers…

Popular Hansgrohe Rainshower Head Review #1

Hansgrohe Crometta E 240 Shower Column

A rainshower head that’s ideal for an upcoming bathroom renovation, the Hansgrohe Crometta E 240 Shower Column has a 10.5 inch showerhead that delivers a comfortable, generous drenching flow at the perfect temperature and pressure.

A technological marvel, this shower head uses a precise thermostatic mixer. It will ensure that water temperature is exactly at the level comfortable for you. Two jets of water can be adjusted by simply rotating the end of the shower.

A generous 1.6 meter long shower hose that can also pivot conveniently prevents tangling while you enjoy a bath. The shower slider is also adjustable.  You can move the head to a height that’s best suited to your needs.

The Hansgrohe Crometta E shower head is easy to install and is compatible with most hot water production systems. A universal column ensures that you won’t require any costly or difficult modifications. The device is backed by a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

If you’re looking for a nice hand shower which can also serve as a fixed wall-mounted shower, then the Hansgrohe Crometta E 240 Shower Column is a great choice.

Learn more about this model | Locate a Retailer

Top Hansgrohe Rainshower Head Review #2

Hansgrohe Modern Bodyspray

The Hansgrohe Modern Bodyspray is a powerful and adjustable rain shower head that can be twisted around to your desired angle. You can easily install this by fixing it to a half-inch water inlet. This shower head features the Rubit cleaning system to prevent nozzle clogging and limescale deposition.

The Hansgrohe bodyspray rainshower head is eco-friendly and conserves water aggressively. Even at maximum flow, this consumes no more than 1.4 gallons per minute. It makes this model a low-flow high-pressure shower head as well.

Finished in brushed nickel, the shower looks classy and sleek. It’s a great combination of design elegance, technological innovation and showering comfort.

This is a great choice for anyone looking for a great shower experience at affordable cost.

Learn more about this model | Find a Retailer

Top Hansgrohe Rain Shower Head #3

Hansgrohe Classic 2-inch Bodyspray


The Hansgrohe Classic 2-inch Bodyspray is an adjustable rain dance body spray that turns a regular shower into a unique, special experience. What was just a bathroom where you went to take a bath is now a recreation center. You’ll want to go there to relax, unwind and enjoy yourself.

There are a range of Hansgrohe rain shower heads you can choose from and all deliver an amazing experience. The Classic Bodyspray is no exception.

A large 4 inch square spray face jets water at varying pressures and constant temperature from different directions.  You’ll be able to enjoy either a gentle drenching or an intense spray. It will help unravel knotted muscles and soothe away aches and pains.

Featuring Hansgrohe’s Eco AIR technology, this eco-friendly spray shower head conserves water without compromising on shower quality. In fact, even at maximum flow, this rain shower head consumes no more than 0.9 gallons per minute!

The manufacturer offers a limited 5 year warranty. This should help remove any hesitation in your mind before you pick up this product.

If you’re looking to transform your showering experience forever, the Hansgrohe Classic 2-inch Bodyspray is a great way to do it.

Learn more about this model | Locate a Retailer

Best Hansgrohe Rainshower Head Review – Runners Up

There are many other worthy Hansgrohe rain shower heads, including

Do you want more information about any of the Hansgrohe rainshower heads mentioned above?

Please go ahead and click on the links above.

They will take you to the official product website where you can find every little detail you want.

You’ll find tech specifications, installation instructions, and buyer reviews. There are even ways to order them right now online and have the shower heads delivered to you.

If you have any other favorite Hansgrohe rainfall shower head models, please let us know about them.

Would you like any specific Hansgrohe shower head review to be added to this list? Leave a comment below sharing your experience with this lovely range of rainfall shower heads!

The Best Hansgrohe Shower Head Review


The Hansgrohe Croma Select S Showerhead


Hansgrohe Raindance S Showerhead

A Hansgrohe Croma 9-inch Showerhead

Hansgrohe Bodyspray Showerhead


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