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Features of Rain Shower Heads : Your Rainshower Buying Guide

Your ULTIMATE Rain Shower Head Buying Guide

When it comes to selecting a rain shower head model, you are spoiled for choice. In this rain shower buying guide, we’ll explore the various features of rain shower heads.

We’ll also discuss why each of them matters in your choice of a brand or model for your bathroom.

In fact you will quickly be overwhelmed with so many different models, brands and designs to choose from that it can be difficult to pick just one!

Our Rain Shower Head Reviews are designed to help you solve that problem by hand-picking a few of the choicest models to analyze in detail. You’ll find reviews of rain shower head brands like Kohler, Moen, Delta, Grohe, Danze and Hansgrohe rain showerheads.

About Our Rain Shower Head Reviews

The reviews we share are unbiased and factual, derived from some personal testing as well as extensive study and evaluation of expert opinions about these rain shower heads, as well as consumer surveys from other buyers just like you.

It is not our aim to convince you to buy any specific model – unless it is right for you.

These rain shower head reviews will seek to present you with enough information to make a decision. If the material on this site helps you to choose one rain showerhead over another, we will be delighted.

If you order through one of our links, we will make a small referral fee – but that’s not the reason why we have selected these items to feature on the site.

These rain shower head reviews are of models we have carefully examined, tested and evaluated.

We review them only because believe are the best rain shower heads today – and hundreds of happy buyers agree with our assessment.

It is our fond hope that you will find the rain shower head of your dreams from this collection and enjoy the thrill and joy of transforming your bathroom and shower into a delightful experience!

Why Choose A Rain Shower Head?

Features of Rain Shower Heads That Influence Your Decision


Just by looking at pictures of a rain shower head, you might imagine it is incredibly wasteful of water – and decide a narrow stream under a conventional shower is more responsible and eco-friendly.

But that isn’t always true.

The best rain shower head models are designed using technological innovations that ensure that you’ll enjoy a sensation just like standing under real rain – without using much more water than with a regular shower head!

And the experience is totally different.

Thousands of delighted users rave about the lovely experience of standing under a rainfall shower head, drenching in a gentle spray or forceful jet of just warm, or icy cold, or steaming hot water – being able to switch spray force and water temperature at the push of a lever.

By pressuring the water stream and mixing it with air, the spray is made to seem quite similar to natural rainfall. This is what most users find intensely rewarding and satisfying about showering under a waterfall shower.

Even though the area of the water stream is larger, it does not affect the pressure of the jet delivered.

Some rainfall shower heads are wall mounted, while others are fixed to the ceiling. A few models of handheld shower heads can also deliver a near-rainfall experience. Waterfall shower heads are typically larger than conventional showers and will require a more spacious bathroom for the best effect.

If there’s one major drawback to a rainshower head, it’s that they are more expensive than other shower head types. But even in this niche, some brands have entered the market with offerings at really rock-bottom prices. So you can enjoy the showering experience of your choice – without breaking the bank!

What Features of Rain Shower Heads To Look At Before Buying

There’s a wide range of models and brands on the market, and you can pick from handheld, dual and fixed models.

The features of rain shower heads to consider before making your decision include:

1. Size

Larger spray face shower heads provide a more relaxing experience, even though they consume more water than smaller models. The reason is that a wider jet of water makes you feel surrounded by a stream of rain. Most rain shower heads measure 8 to 10 inches in diameter.

Of course, then, you have to consider the size of your bathroom. Is it large enough for the shower head model you plan to buy?

2. Quality

Outside the top brands, rain shower heads manufactured by other companies have a wide range of quality standards. Nowhere does the term ‘caveat emptor’ (buyer beware) apply more strongly.

Look at all the information available – user reviews, technical specs, materials used, water consumption data and more – before making your decision. Also check to see if there’s a warranty in place, so that you won’t lose much if there’s a manufacturing fault or defect in your shower head.

All the brands featured in our selection have passed the test of time and proven themselves to be reliable, durable and high quality manufacturers.

3. Installation

Another factor to keep in mind before you order a rainshower head is the ease of installation. Some models might require extensive modifications of your bathroom to install. Others can be a simple as screwing a shower head onto an existing pipe!

If you’ll need a plumber to handle the installation, or pay for modifications to your building, then be sure to factor in the extra cost and hassle into your decision making process.

It is also vital to check about whether your preferred model of rainshower head is wall or ceiling mounted. Some online product listings will only mention the shower head, and you may have to purchase other hardware (like shower hoses or fittings or faucets) separately.

4. Adjustments

Most models offer a range of operating modes that you can switch between by rotating a dial or using a handheld control. Check to see if the model offers choices you want – such as the force of the stream jets, temperature of water, number of jets, and other accessories like bluetooth and LED lighting.

5. Spray Settings

Advanced rainshower heads come with several advanced settings like mist, rainfall, massage and waterfall experiences. These may be unnecessary for some users, but absolutely vital to others. Make sure that you select a rain shower head that offers the functionality you desire.

6. Cost

Rainfall shower heads range in price from $25 to $500 and above. The difference is because of the brand, materials used, technology and advanced functionality.

Premium shower heads like Hansgrohe are costlier, but offer superior value by way of an elegant appearance and excellent performance. But if you’re on a tight budget, you may have to opt for a lower end model and accept the limited range of features it offers.

7. Water Conservation

In today’s eco-sensitive environment, many consumers critically look at water usage data before plunking for a particular brand or model of rain shower head.

Flow rates are typically around 2.5 GPM for most models. The better known manufacturers have innovative designs incorporated to save water and conserve heat, making for a better experience at less resource usage.

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