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How To Buy A Dual Shower Head?

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Your Guide To Buying a Dual Shower Head

It’s important before you plunk down your cash to purchase a showering system that you understand what exactly the term ‘dual shower head‘ or ‘double shower head‘ actually means, and why it is desirable to get one rather than a more conventional shower head.

Dual shower heads combine two devices (2 in 1 combos) – a mounted or fixed shower head, and a handheld one that can be manipulated while showering. The combination offers greater flexibility to your experience.

It also becomes useful when you are bathing pets or for little kids to have more fun with shower jets hitting them from different directions.

Each shower head in a dual system has an independent water flow source. This means the water pressure in your home should be high enough to deliver enough water to power both.

The consumption of water during a shower is also higher with a double shower system, often greater than the typical 2.5 GPM limit with other models. If your water bills depend upon water consumption, the cost of owning a dual shower head might build up over time.

Shower heads can vary in size, shape and function. A fixed head could be a rainfall shower head, or have LED lights attached to it, or come with a range of different operating modes. And the hand held head can have similar diversity of function.


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What To Look For In A Dual Shower Head?

The factors to consider before ordering a double shower head system are:

1. Quality:

Does the brand you’re reviewing have a good reputation in the marketplace? Are their products durable and made of good materials? Do they help you conserve water and are they otherwise eco-friendly? These are important considerations to keep in mind.

2. Design:

An elegant, classy shower design can add beauty and style to your bathroom, making the showering experience more special. Well known brands like Moen, Hansgrohe and Delta are popular for their design excellence and beautifully finished products.

3. Water Pressure:

If comfort and convenience are your primary reasons to get a dual shower head, make absolutely sure that your shower of choice will deliver enough pressure to have a clean bath. Cheap shower heads will only provide a weak water stream, even if they look pretty. Steer clear of them and stick with better brands, even if you’ll pay a little more for them.

4. Functionality:

See that your shower meets your requirements and offers all the functions you’d like to have. Most dual shower heads operate in multiple modes. You can easily select them at the press of a button or flick of a switch.

These modes range from powerful needle-spray jets of water that massage and relax aching, tired muscles, to a gentle soft shower that evokes pleasant memories of standing in the rain. Different styles like massage, mist, rain and economy modes adjust and alter water flow suitably to match your mood and desires.

5. Convenience:

Dual shower heads come with two heads. You can use them both together at the same time, or run only one while leaving the other turned off. If two people take a shower together, each may conveniently use one head. With a handheld shower head attached to a long shower hose you can bathe pets or little children easily.

6. Appearance:

The look and feel of a modern bathroom is of aesthetic significance to most home owners. To meet this demand, manufacturers produce shower heads in a range of colors and in several appealing designs to match your bathroom decor and theme. Shower heads come in bronze, nickel and oil-rubbed bronze finishing that lends a touch of class and elegance to any home.

7. Cost:

Budgets vary widely, and so do shower heads to match them. You’ll find a suitable shower head for every budget range, although the features and functionality may differ in certain specifics. But don’t imagine that low price represents poor quality.

You’d be amazed at just how versatile and feature-rich even modestly priced dual shower heads have become these days. And even low priced bathroom accessories are often long lasting and durable.

8. Installation:

A variable that isn’t often considered deeply ahead of time is the ease of installing a shower head.

Address all these questions before making your final decision.

9. LED Shower Heads:

A colorful showering experience under LED lights can be thrilling and fun entertainment for some – but a nightmare scenario for others. When you realize that LED shower heads cannot be used without the lighting effects, your decision to purchase one might be affected by this fact.

10. Shower Head Reviews:

Finally, take heart in the knowledge that you’re not all alone in making this decision. You can rely upon several expert reviews of the different dual shower head models to get unbiased and impartial information to help you decide on the right brand, design and model for your bathroom.

Go through a few reviews. Read customer testimonials. You’ll get a good idea of which model to buy. Then go ahead with more confidence and certainty to order your dream shower head.

Types of Dual Shower Heads

Now, maybe you thought things would get simple once you’ve zeroed in on “dual shower heads” – but no, there’s still another choice to make!

And that’s because there are two types of double shower heads – fixed, and combo.

Fixed Dual Shower Heads

In these models, the two shower heads are fixed onto a single mount which may attach to your bathroom wall or ceiling. You can choose to place the two heads side by side, or position them vertically one above the other. The choice will depend upon the area you’d like to cover with your shower stream, and the kind of use the shower will have in your home. Either arrangement works just as well.

Dual Shower Heads With Handheld Showers

In this type, one shower head is attached to the wall, while the other rests in a holder. You can hold it by hand and move it around, to the extent permitted by your shower hose. This makes it comfortable to direct the shower stream to specific parts of your body that are hard to reach or position under a fixed shower stream. With the handheld head you can also wash walls, bathtubs and other accessories, or give your pet a bath.


Now that you’ve read this extensive buying guide for dual shower heads, you’ve gained enough knowledge to make an informed choice. There’s one last question left to address before you can move on to begin your research and go shopping.

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