Water Saving Shower Heads

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How To Find The Best Low Flow Water Saving Shower Head

Lingering a long time in the shower quickly uses up precious hot water and that’s why you need a water saving shower head. You often end up wasting a lot more water than you really need to get clean. Water is a precious and scarce resource. In large parts of the country, regulations mandate that no shower head should discharge more than 2.5 gallons per minute, in order to minimize wastage.

While you take a shower, you may not realize that you are wasting a lot of water just by staying in the shower a few minutes longer. But it all adds up when you routinely spend the extra time in the shower, especially with the speaker shower head belting out music or an LED shower head flashing lights, so you forget about time and space.

These cool shower heads entice you to spend longer than necessary in the bathroom – and if you aren’t using a water saving shower head, you’ll end up using extra gallons of water every time you take a bath.

Switch to a water saving shower head that will save you both water and money. Here we have reviewed several top brands of water saver shower heads. Browse this section to learn more about water saving shower heads, or go to the reviews of shower heads that catch your interest. Browse on for the best low flow shower heads.

Why Should You Opt For Low Flow Showerheads?

Designed to use very little water, a water saving shower head still provides a satisfying experience. A normal shower head might use upto 2.5 gallons per minute, but a low flow head will use just 1.5 gallons per minute. You can still take your long, refreshing bath without worrying about using up all the hot water or running up huge power bills.

Benefits of Water Efficient Shower Heads

If you look at water usage of a typical family, almost 17% of it goes towards their showering needs. This is about 40 gallons of water per family per day, a figure that can be brought down when you use a water saving shower head.

Young children playing in the water, and even adults after long work days, tend to spend extra time showering which will quickly double water usage. To avoid any stress or worry about extra water consumption, you can install a low water pressure shower head. You will typically use 40% less hot water and also consume less electric power even when you spend longer in the bathroom.

You might be worried that a water saving shower head will not give enough pressure to rinse off the soap and will leave you feeling unsatisfied. That’s not true at all. Modern water saving shower heads are designed to work like normal showers while using less water. The technology is different. It might use larger water drops or deliver different pressure settings to allow water to stream out at higher speed and give you good shower.

Using A Water Saver Shower Head

It is easy to install and use a low flow shower head. The extra benefit of lower power and water bills will only compound your enjoyment. The products are sold with detailed step-by-step instructions about installation, so you will not find any difficulty in fixing your new shower head.

Before you go out to buy your water saving shower head, check out the reviews of different products available. This will help you make the right choice based on well-researched information. It is easy to go wrong and buy the wrong product that saves water but leaves you dissatisfied with your shower. Our reviews will guide you to buy the best water saving shower head that not only helps you have a relaxing shower but also saves water.

3 Best Water Saving Shower Head Reviews

High Sierra High Efficiency Low Pressure Shower Head

If you want a stylish water saving shower head, look no further than the High Sierra Water Saver Shower Head. Made of polished chrome it saves up to 40% more water than normal shower heads. The device offers a strong spray with larger sized droplets.

High Sierra shower heads are designed with a transparent splash guard. This allows the water to be guided and aimed exactly where it’s needed. The perfect diameter of the spray makes it feel like the water is hitting you with more pressure, even though the water used is much less.

In just about a year, you will start seeing savings of about $50 dollars in your power bill. The manufacturers are so confident that you will like their product that they offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and 5-year warranty. This is a great product that offers value for money. Learn more about it here – click.

Speakman Hotel Anystream Water Saving Shower Head

If saving water while enjoying a pleasant shower is your aim, the Speakman High Pressure Low Flow Showerhead is an excellent choice. With 5 settings to adjust the speed of your jet spray, it allows 50 separate streams to flow at 8 pulsating frequencies.

Made of durable plastic, this water saving shower head is available in several colors to match the decor of your bathroom. Equipped with Anystream 360 technology, the shower sprays around 2 gallons per minute of water, saving you 4 gallons per shower on average.

There’s a limited warranty on the self-cleaning nozzle. It’s rather easy to operate this shower head; you just turn it to experience either a full shower, pulsating massage, needling spray or a gentle rain. Read a full review – click here.

American Standard Water Saver Shower Head

One of the best selling low flow shower heads, the American Standard Flowise Modern Water Saving Shower Head saves 40% more water than standard shower heads without compromising the showering experience. A handheld shower head offers multiple functions, including 3 spray settings.

The water saving shower head uses a pressurized chamber which then spins the water out at high speeds. The product comes with life-time warranty and can be easily installed on existing pipes. Get more information here – click