Shower Stalls – A Primer for Home Owners

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The need to contain the flow of water and splashing while showering makes it necessary to have shower stalls. There are different types of interior and outdoor shower enclosures, but interior stalls are much more common than outdoor stalls. Outdoor shower enclosures can be found in lakeside cabins and beaches.

Shower stalls are supposed to make your showering and massage experience more enjoyable. A shower enclosure is a simple four-wall structure with an opening or door on one of the walls. The walls must be well defined to bring out the actual structure. The other important part of a shower stall is a roof. The flow of water is normally contained by the faucets on one of the walls or ceiling.

A shower stall can not be complete without a shower head that helps in containing the flow of water. Some stalls have a set of sliding doors on one of the walls that allows you to enter or exit the stall without much struggle. A swinging door can also be used on a shower enclosure. It is important to ensure that the swinging door does not swing inside the stall.

Shower stalls have many features but this depends on the type of design that one chooses to have. There are some stalls that have shower nozzles on the four walls installed to make your showering experience more enjoyable. The shower nozzles are normally mounted at various heights on the four walls to provide you with many options while having a massage.

The flow of water from each of the nozzles is adjusted by the settings on the shower head. This is good for massage because one can choose to have a steady, pulsating or a stronger flow from the shower nozzles. Shower stall inserts and fiber-glass panels are some of the materials that are commonly used to construct shower stalls. The stalls can also be built using bricks and tiles and then fitted with a fiber-glass door. Wood panels should be used to construct outdoor shower stalls for privacy.

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