Shower Panels

The Best Shower Panels Reviews

Why do you even need shower panels?

Well, sometimes it’s not just the water pressure or the showering experience but the whole atmosphere that adds to feeling of happiness when you enter the bathroom. One of the reasons why LED shower heads and shower head speakers are so popular today is because people want to relax with a song or indulge themselves with flashing lights or bask in changing colors of the water spray in the privacy of the bathroom.

If you’re looking to add an extra level of luxury to your showering experience install a shower panel system. Forget the shower panels of old, which were mostly functional items. Today’s shower panels have a ton of features which make taking a shower truly enjoyable.

To help you find the right shower panels, we have compiled a guide of the best shower panel reviews. Check out the best shower panels on this page or go right ahead to the best shower panel reviews.

Shower Panels – A Brief Overview

Shower panels were once used to conceal piping and other unsightly parts of a bathroom. A single hole for the shower head was usually the only thing visible. Its purpose was to make the shower head look better.

Multiple functionalities and fancy additions to the shower panel have evolved with the times. Now you have a number of choices to make your stay in the bath more enjoyable. Shower panels offer diverse options like rainfall shower heads, body jets, handheld showers and more. They are equipped with lights, sound systems, a radio and other accessories. It depends on the model and make of the panel you choose.

Does your bathroom need shower panels?

In today’s hectic life most folks hurry in and out of the shower as schedules are too rushed for a relaxed soak or shower. We forget that a shower offers a great way to unwind and relax, releasing the stress and strain of your workday. A shower panel can offer you the ultimate in relaxation. Choose a relaxing rainfall or pulsating massage, and watch tension ebb away.

Shower panels have an array of openings or outlets which let water spray out at different intensity. This enhances your bath. Lights, sound and other extra fittings add to the whole experience. You can set an alarm to remind you when its time to get out, or listen to soothing music, or even dance along as the lights on the panel blink and flicker.

There are many features in the shower panels showcased here. Read the following shower panel reviews to know what is featured and decide which shower panel fits your budget.

The 5 Best Shower Panels Reviews

Blue Ocean Thermostatic Shower Panel

The thermostatic Blue Ocean 66.5 Shower Panel is among the best high-end models. It features a rainfall shower head which also works as waterfall shower head. There are several sets of body nozzles, like the handheld shower head for those times when you’re not in the mood for a waterfall or rainfall.

A brushed stainless steel finish gives the panel an elegant and sophisticated appearance. All panel functions can be used at the same time. It easily fits on existing piping at home. Those who have used Blue Ocean Thermostatic shower panels have virtually no complaints. Learn more – click here.

Decor Star Stainless Steel Rainfall Shower Panel

When you choose the Decor Star Stainless Steel Shower Panel, the first feature that will instantly captivate you is its superb styling and elegant design. The thermostatic faucet gives off water at the exact temperature you want. When you want to relax, use the two horizontal sprays feature.

The 50 body jets offer instant relaxation. For a luxurious bath after a hard day’s work, use the waterfall or overhead rain shower feature. With so many nozzles directing a stream of water at you, the shower head produces an excellent rainfall shower.

For a quick shower you can use the handheld shower head. You could turn on all the features at the same time for an out of the world showering experience, or use just a few of them at a time. Decor Star Shower Panels have been rated #1 among shower panels and is among the best selling ones as well. Learn more here – click

AKDY 51” Tempered Glass Aluminum Shower Panel

The AKDY 51” Tempered Glass Aluminum Shower Panel is piece of artistry with the surface as reflective as a mirror. It comes equipped with a massaging shower option, and the body fog setting has 8 adjustable jet nozzles.

You can use the handheld shower for a quick wash. It also offers a rainshower shower head and 4 extra shower settings. The thermometer is a digital one with an LED display. It tells you if the water temperature is safe and comfortable to shower.

The features on this panel work independently of each other, and you can use them in any combination you wish. You will receive optimum water pressure at all times. Choose from a range of colors including chrome, light blue and more. You’ll find more information about these shower panels in other AKDY shower panel reviews. Read a full review here

Blue Ocean 52” Stainless Steel Shower Panel

One of the most popular shower panels ranked by sales volume on is the Blue Ocean SS Shower Panel, with over 130 reviews of 4 or 5 stars. It’s an amazing rainfall shower head that has eight adjustable nozzles on the front of the panel.

With a digital LED temperature control panel, you can be sure of the right level of warm or cold water in your bath. It comes with a handheld shower head also, with different shower settings and a valve to control water temperature. The elegant tempered-glass shower panel has a tap built into it near the bottom. All the features are independent of each other, but can all be operated at once to get the type of showering experience you want. Learn more – click here

The AKDY Aluminum LED Lighted Shower Panel

AKDY LED shower panels with their 3-colored LED lighting on the handheld shower head and rainfall shower head makes it great buy. Each of its settings can be regulated separately, or all can be used together for optimum performance.

The lights or thermometer don’t require batteries. This model of bathroom shower panels has a handheld shower, waterspout, rain shower head and eight adjustable body fog jets. Red, blue and orange LED lighting makes showering in the AKDY Shower Panel an unique experience. Read the review here – click.