Understanding Shower Kits – A Short Tutorial

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Shower kits are great for anyone who wants to refurbish their bathroom. There are excellent shower and bathroom facilities in most modern houses. Shower kits include shower parts, faucets, handles, knobs, shower parts and others.

There are many options to choose from for your bathroom. So before buying anything, you should have some knowledge about the different kinds of shower kits in order to choose the best one.

Types of Shower Kits

1. Shower Panel: These are simple kits that are designed with shower rail, hose and body jets. They have a hand held shower but some shower kits also have an overhead shower. They can be easily installed by fixing to the bathroom wall.

2. Shower Hose: It is also popularly known as a shower rail and shower head. This is the most popular kind of shower kits. It also comes in different styles and shades which can easily go with any kind of bathroom d├ęcor.

3. Steam Enclosure Kit: This is not very common kind of shower kit that you’ll find more often in specialty stores. This kit has a steam room and steam enclosure which is combined into one unit. It also has other features like overhead showers, MP3 player or a radio, light, steam function, body jets, hand held shower and others.

4. Complete Shower Enclosure Kit: This is a complete type of shower kit which also has a front glass and a backboard. These can stand freely without any support. This kit has different parts which include a dial, shower hose, head and rail which are available in one package.

In some of the deluxe models, body jets are also available. Complete shower enclosure kit requires water pressure from around two or more boilers for a better function. However, these complete shower enclosure kits are more expensive as compared to other showers.

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