The Benefits Of Using A Shower Head Filter

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There are several benefits to using a shower head filter, especially if you live in a hard water area and have a baby or young children in the house. Fitting a shower head filter will remove the many contaminants in the water and make it considerably softer. A leading dermatologist has recently identified a strong link between hard water and childhood eczema, so if you have babies or young children using a shower head filter will protect them.

Chemicals in the water and the hardness of the water itself can cause dry and irritating skin. An itchy scalp and dandruff may also be caused by various chemicals including chlorine. Many water supply companies add chlorine to the water which not only contacts the skin directly, but you also breathe in particles contained in the shower mist. In fact it is possible to take in more chemicals and chlorine by having a shower than you would by drinking the same water from the tap.

Chlorine will cause irritations to the skin and rashes and will also make existing conditions worse. If it gets into the eyes it can make them red and itchy as well. If you suffer from dandruff and an irritated scalp this may well be caused by contaminants in the water supply. When you look at all the white mess on your shower curtain or door and on your taps remember that this is going on to your body as well.

Hard water will also add to the build up of soap scum because it makes it harder for your soap and shampoos to lather. Fitting a shower head filter will soften the water and reduce the build up of scum. It will also save money on soap and shampoos. In addition, water that has been softened is proven to have a soothing effect on skin problems, including psoriasis.

Many people these days would not dream of drinking water straight out of the tap, preferring to use a filter jug or drink bottled water instead. This removes not only chemicals but also bacteria that may be present in the water. Fitting a shower head filter has the same effect as filtering your drinking water.Another big advantage of having a shower head filter is that your shower will remain clean for much longer and you won’t get the big build up of scale, which in turn means that you will need to clean it less often.

Some shower head filters use carbon block. This clogs very quickly and needs to be changed once a month in the same way you would change your drinking water filter. Shower head filters are very easy to fit and most types will indeed fit most showers.

You should be able to buy a shower head filter for less than $80 which is a small investment for a big pay off. Removing the likelihood of skin problems, especially in young children, together with the removal of contaminants in the shower mist can only be of benefit to the whole family.

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