Your Essential Guide To Choosing A Shower Filter

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Buying a shower filter is no joke. Modern showers come with configurable temperature, spray pressure settings and adjustable shower head nozzle settings. A shower filter is porous and allows water to pass in order to separate the fluid from suspended particulate matter, and is used to extract impurities from water.

Anyone thinking about buying a shower filter should take the following factors into considerations:

1. What it can filter

You need to know what a shower filter can do before buying it. Find out what exactly it can remove e.g. chlorine, fluoride, sand or all of them.

2. Filtering Capacity

The next thing to consider is the amount of filtered water that can pass through the shower filter. Showers fitted with larger pore filters that allow more water to pass are always good.

3. Filter Requirements

Ask if the shower filter you choose needs electricity or is it gravity fed. Gravity fed filters help save on your electricity bills. You also need to take into consideration the durability of the water filter cartridges, and how long they last before needing replacement. Check the cost of replacing such cartridges. Longer lasting cartridges which are also cheap are always the best.

Benefits of Using a Shower Filter

Using shower filters reduces chlorine in the water which presents its users with the following benefits:

  • · It is an easy way of reducing harmful exposure of chlorine and other chemicals.
  • · Improve respiratory health due to reduced risks of asthma and bronchitis which result from chlorine.
  • · Reduced bladder and breasts cancer.
  • · Higher energy and overall health as chloride which usually causes fatigue is greatly reduced.
  • · Better air quality in the house.
  • · Soft, healthy and young looking skin.
  • · Reduced skin rashes and wrinkles.
  • · Healthy and soft hair as hair is able to preserve its natural moisturizing oil.

Shower filters not only enable you to enjoy your bath, but it also promotes the good health of its users by removing chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine from the water which could have been absorbed through the skin.

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