Is A Rain Shower Head Right For Your Bathroom?

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If you have every been caught in a rain shower on a warm summer’s evening you will know that the experience can be very pleasant. Now you can re-create the sensation in your own bathroom with a rain shower head and with the big advantage that you can have the water temperature as cool or as hot as you like.

Rain shower heads come in a wide variety of designs and models to suit any taste. There is a choice of a round rain shower head or a square one. They can be fixed heads, i.e. mounted on the wall or the ceiling, or you can have a detachable rain shower head which you can hold in your hand and direct the water where you wish. You can have a rain shower head with an LED light which changes color with the water temperature and actually colors the water as it flows and you can even get a model which switches from rain shower head to waterfall effect and back.

In addition you can get models that save water by reducing the pressure, but in tests conducted with sixteen people over an eight week period most people preferred a greater force of water, with some commenting that it was difficult to wash and rinse your hair with the water saving models. As one of the organisers of the test said afterwards “people didn’t like wimpy showers”.

The best rain shower models deliver a consistently smooth flow of water that caresses the skin. By turning the water cold you can finish your shower with an invigorating spray that gives a stinging sensation before you towel off. Of course, you can turn the temperature up and down as you wish.

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Some rain shower heads come with an LED light fitted which changes color as the water temperature changes. These are run entirely off the flow of the water and need no wiring or batteries. Kids absolutely love these and it becomes difficult to get them out of the shower. Even adults get a lot of pleasure from them.

There is a huge choice of these shower heads available in different designs and finishes all intended to give your shower and bathroom that extra touch of elegance. Fitting them is usually very simple, since most of the models will fit most shower units. It just involves unscrewing the existing shower head and screwing the new one into place.

Many of the available models of rain shower heads are made by world famous manufacturers including Kohler, Hansgrohe, Moen, Delta, Grohe and Danze. There are so many to choose from that it becomes difficult to know which is the right rain shower head for you.

Looking on Amazon will give you some good ideas and you will also get feedback from people who have bought the units. In order to help you decide, there are also some very good websites which do nothing but review rain shower heads. It is well worth a look.

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