Kohler Shower Head Reviews

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Discover The Best Kohler Shower Heads

Kohler Shower head reviews are a reflection of this shower head company’s well-deserved reputation for quality and style. It’s no surprise that the reviews from happy customers are uniformly glowing and positive. These Kohler shower heads consistently deliver on the promise of quality with style, making them a popular choice with many home owners around the world.

Kohler shower head reviews by professionals in the home improvement industry, including plumbers, stand as proud testimony to how good they are. Many are aware that Kohler is a brand name which adds value to every bathroom.

The company manufactures many different models of shower heads. Here are the 3 best shower head models, reviewed in detail and hand-picked for your convenience.

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Kohler Shower Head Reviews
The 3 BEST Shower Head Models From Kohler


KOHLER GPM Moxie Shower Head

Kohler shower head
Kohler is an extremely popular brand of shower head manufacturers, and the KOHLER K-9245-CP 2.5 GPM Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker is among the most popular in its catalog.

Attractive features of this model include the sixty angled nozzles that provide an extensive spray coverage, and the wireless networking with bluetooth enabled devices that allow you to enjoy your favorite music while relaxing in the shower.

Designed specifically to be resistant to water damage, the wireless speaker delivers superb sound quality. A silicone coated spray face means that you’ll find it easy to wipe away mineral build up, making it easy to clean and maintain the shower head.

One of Kohler’s popular models, the GPM moxie shower head has been called one of the best shower head models by Kohler. Many expert and authority websites have called it “the best shower head”, and given Kohler’s best-selling model rave reviews.

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KOHLER Single-Function Showerhead


Kohler is a popular brand of rain shower heads, and the KOHLER K-10282-CP Forte Single-Function Showerhead
is a jewel in its crown.

Appealing features include the five and half inch sprayface with multiple nozzles delivering excellent water cover and conserving heat for a pleasant showering experience. Water cover is optimal with this model, and the unique MasterClean technology helps resist the build up of hard water, making it easy to clean and maintain the shower head.

One of Kohler’s popular models, this rain shower head has been praised in many Kohler rain shower head reviews all over the Web. It has been called “the best shower head”, and given rave reviews by most customers.

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Kohler Flipside Showerhead (Polished Nickel)

Kohler’s Flipside shower head package delivers four distinct showering sensations, each with a spray face dedicated to delivering a luxurious, relaxing experience. Innovation by way of the Flipstream technology makes it easy to choose the type of spray you like – just flip a switch on the spray head.

The Kohler K-15996-SN Flipside 01 Showerhead has the 4 distinct styles of spray – Koverage, Kotton, Komotion and Kurrent – for uniquely different kinds of showers. For regular day to day use, the full face Koverage spray will be useful.

Kotton mimics a luxury spa, releasing a dense, soft enveloping downpour. Komotion provides a more intense drenching, adding circular patterns for greater enjoyment. Kurrent is more targeted, easing away aches and pains.

Just like every other Kohler shower head review, the delighted testimonials from owners of the Flipside range of shower heads is an amalgam of aesthetic appeal and functional excellence made possible by precision engineering.

Kohler shower heads may be more expensive products, but every happy owner of these shower packages have considered it money worth spending. You’ll agree with them once you’ve given it a try!

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Kohler Rain Shower Heads

KOHLER WaterTile 54-Nozzle Bodyspray

From Kohler’s popular line of rain shower heads comes this beauty. A KOHLER WaterTile 54-Nozzle Bodyspray gives you a soothing, luxurious experience of hydrotherapy – just as you’d enjoy in nature while soaking in a sudden cloudburst!

The Kohler rain shower head is almost 5 inches square and fits virtually flush with your bathroom wall. You can fix it to a wall at any level you prefer. The spray face hardly projects out, and the gleaming finish and sleek design nicely complements bathrooms of any style or decor.

The 54-nozzle design is structured to deliver a soothing spray from all directions, loosening taut muscles and massaging away aches and pains. And still, thanks to an eco-friendly design, the shower head only uses 2.5 gallons per minute at the highest force setting.

Even though there is only a single speed setting for the shower, you’ll discover that it’s no limitation at all. The needle like spray at your desired temperature will delight you, especially since the spray head can be adjusted to pivot for targeted delivery of water jets.

Kohler’s trademark MasterClean technology ensures that the shower head cleans easily. Just wipe it with a cloth to get rid of limescale or other grime.

If you’re looking for a soothing shower spray that’s elegant and classy, easy to maintain and clean, and won’t cost an arm and leg, then this Kohler rain shower head is a good choice.

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  • Fits flush with the wall
  • Low profile, complements all bathroom styles
  • 54-nozzle design for an enjoyable shower
  • Adjustable nozzle flow direction
  • Eco-friendly, 2.5 gpm at maximum flow
  • Resistant to corrosion or tarnishing


  • Single water flow setting

KOHLER MasterShower Three-Way Bodyspray

Delight your senses with a drenching under this KOHLER MasterShower Three-Way Bodyspray that’s designed for pleasure combined with efficiency.

The polished chrome Mastershower head is designed to deliver three distinct body sprays. A twist on the easy-grip outer ring lets you switch conveniently between these options for a rejuvenating and relaxing experience.

  • In Pulse Spray mode, a wide jet of water engulfs you under a warm or cold deluge, refreshing you and washing away the grime of a hard day at work.
  • When you change to the wider Strong Spray mode, the force of water jets increases to give you a deep massage to soothe away aches and relax knotted muscles.
  • The Concentrated Pulse setting lets you target specific areas to direct a forceful massaging spray for excellent pain relief.

Even though the sprayface shower head is narrow at barely 2.8 inches, the spray covers a fair-sized area to ensure an enjoyable bathing experience. Several reviewers are delighted at how the Concentrated Pulse setting actually feels like a massage unlike many other models that don’t deliver on tall promises.

If you’re searching for a simple but effective rain shower head that offers 3 shower settings, is resistant to corrosion, looks elegant and is easy to install, then look no further than the KOHLER K-8509-G MasterShower Rain Shower Head.

Kohler’s MasterClean sprayface is resistant to build up of deposits even in areas with hard water. It is quick and easy to clean the shower head by wiping it gently. The chrome finish is classy and it resists corrosion and tarnishing over time.

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  • 3 showering modes for comfort and enjoyment
  • Easy-grip ring lets you shift quickly between modes
  • 2.5 gallons per minute flow rate
  • MasterClean allows easy maintenance
  • elegant finish that’s resistant to corrosion


  • consumes more water, not compliant with WaterSense qualifications

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Kohler Handheld Shower Heads

Kohler K-98362-BN Awaken Slide bar

This all-inclusive shower kit in vibrant nickel finish from Kohler combines the Kohler K-98362-BN Awaken Slide bar handheld shower head along with a 2-foot slide bar and 5-foot ribbon hose into a package that you can use to instantly install a shower at home.

The advanced innovative shower head design lets you enjoy a choice of 3 different sprays. You can select from:

  • Wide coverage: with a larger area of shower jet
  • Intense drenching: where you’re hit by high speed sprays
  • Targeted: to allow directing soothing showers at specific parts

Controlling flow and pattern is easy with the ergonomic design. All you have to do is rotate a tab with your thumb. The handheld shower head fits comfortably into your palm. You can hold it securely even when slippery with soap or water.

The MasterClean spray face makes it difficult for limescale and mineral deposits to stick, and the Kohler K-98362-BN Awaken Slide bar shower  head can be cleaned quickly and easily by wiping.

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  • 3 distinct showering modes
  • secure grip of handheld shower head
  • easy to control flow and pattern
  • MasterClean makes maintenance easy
  • lifetime limited warranty


  • hose length of 5 feet may feel restrictive

Kohler Purist Handshower

A shower head that delivers 3 distinct water spray patterns, the Kohler Purist Handshower is a state of art product that’s popular among home owners for good reason.

Enhanced with Katalyst technology, this shower head delivers a decadent experience. Katalyst intelligently mixes 2 liters of air per minute with water flow, generating a light spray of fuller water drops that cling to your body.

You can choose to shower in one of 3 modes – full coverage which has a wide reach, pulsating massage that soothes aching muscles, or silk spray which gently sprinkles you with water at the perfect temperature and pressure. Switching between modes is easy and takes just the flick of a thumb tab to transition smoothly from one to another.

A Kohler Purist Handshower comes with a limited lifetime warranty against defects and leaks, and is equipped with MasterClean nozzle technology to prevent clogging and makes cleaning quick and easy.

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  • 3 showering modes for an enjoyable experience
  • Katalyst air entrainment for fuller, lighter water drops
  • targeted hydromassage possible
  • limited lifetime warranty
  • MasterClean makes maintenance easy


  • slightly more expensive than other shower heads

Kohler Bancroft Handshower

An interesting WaterTile body spray, this Kohler Handheld shower head is popular for its outstanding performance, extreme versatility and trusted reliability.

Using Katalyst air entrainment technology, the Kohler Bancroft Handshower delivers an indulgent bathing experience that you must see to believe. The adjustable spray face can change direction on a pivot to deliver targeted massaging sprays to specific parts of your body.

Innovative nozzle design and waterway design helps this eco-friendly shower head maximize water usage while conserving the precious fluid. It happens without compromise of showering quality, in a way that heightens the sensory joy of taking a bath.

The low profile design nicely matches any indoor decor, and can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. The 27-nozzle spray face delivers a drenching shower and remains easy to clean.

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  • Katalyst air entrainment technology enriches your shower
  • can be wall or ceiling mounted
  • classy finish to resist tarnishing and corrosion
  • innovative nozzle and waterway design
  • eco-friendly, conserves water at 2.5 GPM flow


  • 27-nozzle design limits the showering area reach

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Kohler High Pressure Shower Heads

Kohler 22169-G-BV Forte Showerhead

The Kohler 22169-G-BV Forte Showerhead adds style and class to your bathroom, delivering an enjoyable showering experience that will thrill and delight you.

With 3 distinctive sprays – pulsating massage, full coverage and silk spray – to choose from, you’ll find a shower mode to match your mood and desires.

A button lets you instantly pause water flow while soaping, saving water and preventing a mess. MasterClean technology prevents limescale build up and makes the shower head easy to clean by wiping.

The Kohler 22169-G-BV Forte Showerhead is eco-friendly with a maximum water consumption of 2.5 gallons per minute. Katalyst air entrainment technology is responsible for lighter, fuller water drops that enhance your showering pleasure.

The shower head is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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  • 3 showering modes available
  • MasterClean technology keeps shower head clean
  • Katalyst air entrainment enhances pleasure
  • water pause button present
  • eco-friendly and water conserving


  • spray face cannot be rotated or angled

KOHLER 10282-AK-G Forte Wall-Mount Showerhead

This KOHLER 10282-AK-G Forte Wall-Mount Showerhead employs innovative Katalyst air entrainment tech to deliver lighter, fuller water drops that intensify your enjoyment of a shower.

Designed with novel nozzle patterns, internal waterway structure, and air-induction systems, this shower head leverages technology to maximize your enjoyment.

Katalyst inducts 2 liters of air per minute into the water flow, creating a voluptuous spray that clings to your body and gently washes away the grime and dirt of a busy day while relaxing taut muscles and leaving you relaxed and happy.

This eco-friendly Kohler shower head not only prevents water wastage but also improves cleaning experience, effectively washing your hair with no soapy residue. The spray face is kept free of mineral and grime deposition with Kohler’s MasterClean system.

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  • eco-friendly 2.5 GPM flow
  • MasterClean sprayface is easy to keep clean
  • Katalyst air-induction system for more enjoyment
  • limited lifetime warranty


  • single showering mode available

KOHLER Awaken Showerhead

With the KOHLER Awaken Showerhead you’ll get the combined benefit of quality, performance and design innovation in your bath. Featuring contemporary design that nicely complements any kind of decor or style, this versatile Kohler shower head is a popular choice of many homes.

You’ll get to choose between three modes of shower spray – wide coverage, intense drenching or targeted. The first has extensive reach at modest pressure. The second is a more forceful spray that thoroughly soaks you through. And the last offers a chance at targeted hydrotherapy to direct jets at sore and aching muscles.

An ergonomically crafted thumb tab lets you easily switch between modes or even transiently pause flow to soap or move the shower head around. The KOHLER Awaken Showerhead is an eco-friendly device with a maximum flow of 1.5 gallons per minute.

The nozzles are evenly spread across the spray face, ensuring a uniformly wide flow at adequate pressure to provide an enjoyable shower. MasterClean technology helps keep the shower head clean and free of limescale deposits.

Learn more about this model | Locate a Retailer


  • multiple modes of showering
  • MasterClean nozzle cleaning system
  • 1.5 GPM water conserving flow
  • easy to operate controls
  • limited lifetime warranty


  • shower head direction can’t be adjusted

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Kohler Dual Shower Heads

KOHLER Flipside Hand Held Shower Head

The KOHLER Flipside Hand Held Shower Head couples a water conserving 2.5 GPM flow rate with a choice of 4 showering settings to create a unique and enjoyable experience in your bath.

Ergonomic controls make it incredibly easy to switch between spray modes even with soapy hands. The 4 spray settings are coverage spray, massage mix, circular and targeted massage modes. With a simple twist of the shower head you can change spray settings.

This versatile KOHLER Shower Head is a good match for many different bathroom styles and interior decor. The model is available in 4 kinds of finish to match different decors. You can select the chrome, nickel, polished, or oil-rubbed bronze versions.

The shower head is nearly 6 inches across and is compatible with most standard plumbing. A manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty covers you against defects and leaks.

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  • choice of 4 different showering patterns
  • easy controls to switch modes
  • water conserving eco-friendly design
  • 4 types of finish to match any interior
  • limited lifetime warranty


  • spray is too wide for small bathrooms

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Hopefully, these Kohler shower head reviews were of some help in choosing the right model for your needs.

If you want to learn more about any of these models, please click the links which will take you to Amazon.com where you’ll find technical specifications, customer testimonials and other data that are of value.

Kohler Shower Head Reviews: Top Quality Products for Your Shower

Kohler, being one of the biggest producers of plumbing products, has been around for over a century and is well known across the globe. Bathroom fixtures like Kohler shower heads are among the best in the market today.

The company has products to fit all kinds of needs; whether you are searching for a refreshing shower that will wake you up or a long calming shower after working hard all day, you will certainly find one that will suit you.

Recently the company introduced the water tile showerhead. This model will perfectly match your bathroom setting, if you happen to be a minimalist advocate and like the fashionable look. The head of the shower head is fitted into the walls or ceiling of the bathroom thus producing a clean and clutter free effect.

Installing this type of shower head in your shower room means you will never worry about lime scale accumulating on the shower head fitting. The water tile shower head is just one of the varieties of Kohler shower heads that are available for purchase. You should consider buying a multi functional shower head, if you desire a head that’s flexible to your bathing or showering needs.

Innovation In Shower Design

Kohler is one of the few manufacturers to offer consumers a “flip side” design. This showering device offers four different methods of taking a shower.

The device can provide a massage like effect while you are showering, a spa type spray, a complete face spray and a spray delivered in a spherical pattern that will refresh as well as relax you after working hard all day.

There are also single function models of Kohler shower heads. These deliver a consistent water spray and have multifunctional heads which provide a wide, pulsating or massaging spray.

One other popular product is the rain shower head.

Kohler Rain Shower Heads

Have you experienced the feeling of showering under a waterfall? You will get that same kind of great feeling when you step in the shower with the rain showerhead.

KOHLER K-98741-K1-BV Water Tile Ambient Rain Shower
In addition, if you are searching for hand shower heads, you will find many to select from. These have multi function features and all you need to do is turn the ring located on the exterior of the shower head and you will get a direct spray.

However you can adjust it to increase the surface area of your spray so that the water can get to where you want it.

Most Kohler shower heads are chrome finished and not affected by lime scale accumulation. This ensures that you product will last you a long time. Also, do not forget that most models have a life time warranty.

With regard to budget, it should not be difficult to see that the more complex models, which are made with the newest technology, will be more expensive. But there is no need to bother about this because there are Kohler shower heads to fit all budgets.

As Kohler Shower Head reviews make clear, these products are readily available within the market and you will find several different models to select from. Perhaps the best method to purchase these products is through the World Wide Web where you will find lots of great information regarding the products.

Kohler Faucets – The Finest Faucets For Your Bathroom & Kitchen

Kohler faucets are among the finest when it comes to durability and quality. You should consider incorporating a Kohler kitchen faucet into your bathrooms and kitchen to improve your home’s overall appearance.

These faucets are available in various colors, finishes and styles. You will certainly find a set that will match your room’s style and look.

Aside from looking stylish, Kohler faucets are generally simple and easy to install. In addition, it is very efficient and provides fast flow of water because of its special flexible elements and connect hoses.

The adaptability of Kohler products makes installation fast and stress-free. You can even set up a Kohler faucet without the help of a professional and you will not need any special equipment.

Design and Style, Elegance With Class

Kohler faucets are available in a wide variety of finishes. Some are finished with wrought iron, black iron chrome and nickel, which are either given a matte surface finish or brushed. Also, some are available in different bronze finishes like Venetian bronze, rubbed bronze, brazen bronze, oil rubbed bronze and brushed bronze.

Some Kohler faucets also come in French gold, pearl nickel, polished brass, platinum and satin nickel finishes. Even though you have several options to select from, you will not find it difficult to get a faucet that will match your kitchen’s color scheme and general appeal.

Once you take the decision to install a Kohler kitchen faucet within your kitchen, you will find that it is highly functional and reliable.

The faucet’s zinc die-cast and solid brass construction ensures it will last you long a time. This faucet is constructed with materials specially selected to protect the faucet against water residue and minerals which may result in corrosion of the metal parts.

Kohler faucets are fitted with internal ceramic disc valves. These valves are resistant to rust, water and debris, and they permit efficient management of water flow.

How to Care For Your Kohler Faucet for the Kitchen

Kohler products can last for several years if they are cared for and cleaned properly. To obtain the finest results, follow these simple rules:

1. Do allow cleaner to remain on surfaces for extended periods of time. Always wipe off any cleaners or detergents immediately after you apply them to the surface you want to clean.

2. If any cleaner or detergent lands on adjoining surfaces, do thoroughly rinse and dry the surfaces using a soft, moist sponge or cloth.

3. When cleaning, do not use a brush or scouring pad as these could scratch the surfaces of your faucet.

Kohler faucets offer great value for your hard earned funds. Due to its exceptional construction and high end quality, the Kohler faucet and shower head is appropriate for both residential and commercial use.

In addition, it offers a wide variety of functions, mechanisms and modes. There is the pause mode, push button spray, as well as temperature and volume manager. It may be available in different designs like wall mounted, single holed, centers and widespread.

Apart from these features, the price of Kohler faucets are in general, reasonabe compared to other brands. Taking all these into consideration, Kohler shower heads and faucets are highly recommended for home improvement, renovation and construction projects.