Kohler Rain Shower Head Reviews

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How To Find The Best Kohler Rain Shower Heads

Kohler rain shower head reviews reflect the company’s reputation and quality in that they are uniformly positive and glowing. Kohler showerheads are popular with home owners for their combination of quality and style.

Kohler rain shower reviews by plumbers and contractors uniformly emphasize how good these accessories are, and how they add value to any bathroom.

Out of the many different models of rain shower heads manufactured by Kohler, we feature the best 3 models on this section of Kohler rain shower head reviews.

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Kohler Rain Shower Head Reviews
 The BEST Rain Shower Heads From Kohler


1. KOHLER WaterTile 54-Nozzle Bodyspray

KOHLER WaterTile 54-Nozzle Bodyspray


2. Kohler 86101-CP Body Spray

Kohler 86101-CP Body Spray


3. KOHLER MasterShower Three-Way Bodyspray

KOHLER MasterShower Three-Way Bodyspray


4. KOHLER WaterTile 22-Nozzle Bodyspray

KOHLER WaterTile 22-Nozzle Bodyspray


5. Kohler K-8003-2BZ WaterTile Body Spray

Kohler K-8003-2BZ WaterTile Body Spray


6. Kohler Watertile Round 54-Nozzle Bodyspray

Kohler Watertile Round 54-Nozzle Bodyspray

7. KOHLER Single-Function Showerhead

Kohler Rain Shower Head Reviews

Kohler is a popular brand of rain shower heads, and the KOHLER K-10282-CP Forte Single-Function Showerhead is a jewel in its crown.

Appealing features include the five and half inch sprayface with multiple nozzles delivering excellent water cover and conserving heat for a pleasant showering experience. Water cover is optimal with this model, and the unique MasterClean technology helps resist the build up of hard water, making it easy to clean and maintain the shower head.

One of Kohler’s popular models, this rain shower head has been praised in many Kohler rain shower head reviews all over the Web. It has been called “the best shower head”, and given rave reviews by most customers.

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8. Kohler 8-Inch Contemporary Round Rain Showerhead

Kohler rain shower head review

A model of rain shower head that gives you greater control over your showering experience, Kohler’s 8 inch contemporary round rain shower head is its best selling model and is popular among home owners and plumbers alike.

The KOHLER K-13688-CP 8-Inch Contemporary Round Rain Showerhead has a low profile design making it ideal as a centerpiece in any kind of custom shower stall or installation. In terms of spray performance, as many Kohler rain shower head reviews prove, this model powered by Katalyst spray technology offers a drenching rain-like experience.

The design has been optimized to deliver a dense spray that makes you feel warm during your shower while enjoying a thorough cleansing effect. MasterClean sprayface comes with transparent nozzles to make it easier to clean and maintain even in areas with salty or hard water.

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9. Kohler Refresh Rain Shower Head With Handheld AttachmentKohler rain shower head review

Kohler’s Purist luxury rain shower head package comes in a deluxe pack of style, combining unique functionality with decadent indulgence. Inclusive of a multi-function adjustable handshower along with a slide bar, the package also has 3 WaterTile body sprayers and a valve trim.

The KOHLER K-10853-4-CP Purist Luxury Showering Package requires a pressure balancing valve to ensure high water flow at perfect temperatures. Like all trademark Kohler faucets and shower heads, the luxury Purist range has a corrosion-resistant finish that doesn’t tarnish and lasts much longer than even the stringent industry norms mandate.

As any other Kohler rain shower head review will confirm, the Purist line is an amalgam of simple architectural form with an appealing aesthetic design element, topped up by precision engineering.

Although this is one of the Kohler stable’s expensive products, every happy owner of this showering package has considered it money well worth investing into their luxurious indulgence.

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