Handheld Shower Heads

Choosing The Best Handheld Shower Heads Reviews

Handheld shower heads are a boon for older folks as they is much more convenient to use while sitting down. These shower heads also make showering an enjoyable task for you and other members of the family.

Rain shower heads are a great way to relax in the bath. But handheld shower heads are accessories that you will be glad to choose because of their many benefits.

Why are they better? Keep reading to find out – or move ahead to the section on our 3 Best Handheld Shower Head Reviews.

Handheld Shower Heads Explained

Shower heads are usually fixed to a wall or ceiling. When you turn the knob, water sprays down at the angle and speed you desire. But to allow water to sluice over and wash all parts of your body, you’ll have to adjust your position, move or bend.

Elderly people and children might find showering under a fixed shower head more inconvenient and difficult. By the time they find the right angle and speed they have wasted time – and water. In most cases, they can’t even reach the shower head to adjust it to their required angle.

Handheld shower heads can function both as a fixed showers when attached to the wall, or can be held in your hand to direct the water spray towards any area of your body. No more having to do calisthenics in your bath!

Different spray settings make it easier to control the water jets. You might also buy a dual shower head with one fixed to the wall while the other is hand held. To learn more about double shower heads guide check out our reviews.

Why Choose Handheld Shower Heads

Elders in the family can’t be expected to bend and twist in order to have the water streaming from a fixed shower head to wash all parts of their body satisfactorily. Small children will not like a hot spray from a fixed shower head hitting their face rather than their body. And you can forget about bathing your pets with a fixed shower head. A handheld shower head is just right for these situations.

Cleaning your shower stall is also easier with a handheld shower. You can use it to hose down the walls and floor with the head pointed in the direction you want. No more messy cleaning up with buckets and mops to soak up misdirected jets of water.

The best thing about a detachable shower head is that you can still use it as fixed shower head whenever you want to. This means you can continue to enjoy the range of water spray settings from pulsating, to massage, to mist, stream, regular, gentle and more – yet have the handset fixed to a handle when you like. Choose the setting that suits your mood.

Which Model of Handheld Shower Heads Are Best?

It is always a good idea to learn from others who have already installed handheld shower heads. So before you make a buying decision, ask around to find out which are the best handheld shower heads.

To make that decision easier for you, we have picked some best sellers from a collection of other reviews, analysed the pros and cons of each model, and presented the top 3 handheld shower head reviews for your convenience. Check them out.

Top 3 Best Handheld Shower Heads Reviews

Delta In2ition Handheld Shower Head

Looking to relax under a handheld shower head with eco-friendly design? The Delta In2ition 4-function Handheld Shower Head is a great choice due to its H20 kinetic design. It saves water and delivers a wonderful showering experience.

The massaging spray is what you need to unwind after a long, hard day’s work. There are four other settings to match your mood. If you hate to waste water, there’s a pause button that stops water flow while you lather up or reach for the shampoo.

The brass and stainless steel finish give the handheld shower head a shiny look. The arm and flange for this product are sold separately, giving you more options to customize. Learn more about it here.

Hansgrohe 3-Jet Handheld Shower Head

If you prefer a long hose with your handheld shower heads, the Hansgrohe Croma E 100 3-Jet Handheld Shower with its 63 inches of Techniflex hose is the right handheld shower. Its reach is long, and comes with a shower arm mount too.

Like all Hansgrohe products, the Croma E comes with QuickClean technology and so you won’t have to worry about limescale build up that is a nightmare with other showerheads. The patented Hansgrohe design ensures a perfect showering experience with its range of different settings for water sprays.

Enjoy a turbo spray, full spray, or a pulsating massage spray from the large round shower head. It’s light weight and very easy to hold when showering, delivering a strong water jet that feels like you’re standing under a high pressure shower head.

Learn all about it here – click now.

Moen Four Function Handheld Shower Head with Slide Bar

Moen is well known for its great showering products, and the Moen 4-Function Handheld Shower Head is no exception. Customers who have bought this product rave about it.

It comes with a 30 inch slide bar which is very easy to fix. You can just prop up the handheld shower head at a convenient height on the bar when it’s not in use. No need to hang on to it while soaping yourself.

The 4 water settings offer full spray, massage spray, vigorous spray or a combination of the three, which is pure bliss. The long 69 inch double lock hose reaches any corner of your shower stall. The shower head is easily rotated to adjust the water spray to any angle you desire. This is a handheld shower head that’s perfect for your needs. Read a full review here – click.