Things To Do Before You Get a Dual Shower Head

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Dual shower heads have transformed the showering experience. Your bathroom or shower is one of the areas that have benefited from technology. It is a known fact that a good bathroom influences a person’s desire to take a shower. Good showering equipment makes it easier for a person to leave the bed. The thought of a nice warm shower energizes the body even before hitting the shower room.

One way in which people make showering fun and more effective is by installing dual shower head. This type of shower head comes in two sprouts instead of one. The shower head is also flexible hence the position can be adjusted to suit a person’s desires. Two sprout shower heads deliver more water and also disperse it evenly. A person is also able to adjust the temperature, pressure, and water intensity at will.

However, before heading out to buy a dual shower head, it is necessary to consider the following:


Dual shower heads come in a variety of designs. Each design will have its pros and cons. It is essential to go for a shower head that offers more convenience and flexibility. The common types are as follows:

· Single Handle-Two Head Shower

This is the most popular shower head. It forms a T-shape where a shower head is fixed on each end. It is easy to install, use and is mostly made from brass. Each head has its own valve for controlling water amount and pressure.

· Two Separate Heads

This setup has two independent shower heads that work independently. One head is attached to the wall and is meant for common washing. The other head runs from a flexible and independent attachment.

· Massage Shower Head

This is the most advanced and also among the most expensive. Other than having double heads, the shower delivers splashes that have a massage effect on the body. There is also a thermo-regulatory for controlling water temperature.


The price of the dual shower head is also another aspect that will influence the type of head. The price will vary according to the brand, the features, and also the quality of the shower head. Prior to purchasing a unit, it is good to ensure the head is of high quality and durable. Usually, massage head showers are more costly, while single sprout –twin head shower are cheaper.

Size of Bathroom

The type of shower will also depend on bathroom size. A small bathroom is limited unlike a big shower room. The limited space will make installing a head that comes with a long and separate attachment such as the two separate head difficult. Fixing some brands or types of twin head shower will also add inconvenience to the user instead of bettering the situation.

Installing a good dual shower head should make the showering experience more appealing. It is therefore necessary to do it right from the initial step. Proper research, patience, and due diligence will make certain that you get a top notch dual shower head.

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