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Home owners are uniformly delighted with their Delta shower faucet. As a homeowner, you will need to replace your shower faucets sooner or later. This can be occasioned by wear and tear, or even malfunctioning. When such a time comes, you should already know the different kinds of Delta shower faucets that are there in the market.

It is not every day that homeowners have to replace their shower faucets. This means that they tend to forget about it altogether. Therefore when a need arises to replace it, they may panic by not knowing what to do. If you know the type of delta shower faucet that you want to replace, it can be quite easy to fix a new one.

There are basically four types of faucets that you may notice while shopping. Knowing a little about each of them is quite helpful, as it enables you to make a decision that is well informed. They include the following.

Types of Delta shower faucet

1). Cartridge style Delta shower faucet

Cartridge types are characterized by the distinct look that they have. The knob that serves to stop and release water moves up and down. Remember that traditional valves also have a knob, but unlike these, their knobs are turned left or right. A movable cartridge located within their stems enables them to control water flow. Since these types of faucets do not contain a lot of movable parts, they are quite easy to maintain.

2). Compression faucet

Compression is another type of delta shower faucets are certainly the oldest as well as the most common kinds in use today. They are composed of a steam that is held in position by means of a rubber or plastic washer. This is then nested into a metal brass seat. As the knob is turned to the left, its stem rises, which is what leads to the water flowing. Turning the knob to the right results in stopping the flow of water. If you are looking for the inexpensive Delta shower faucet, then this is the one you should go for. However, you will have to contend with the frequent leaks that are occasioned by the wearing out of washers.

3). Ball valve

This is composed of a ball that has two slots. One of the slots is for hot water while the other one is for cold water. Turning the handle causes water to flow through the slots. To control the temperature of water flowing, it handle is either turned clockwise or anticlockwise. To control water pressure, the handle is moved up and down. Their main advantage is that they are quite durable since they do not need washers in order to operate.

4). Ceramic Disc

This kind of Delta shower faucet comes with two ceramic discs located inside the stem, one being superimposed on the other. Turning the faucet clockwise tightens the seal. This is because the two discs get forced together. On turning the valve anticlockwise, top disc rises, making water to flow. The reason why many people prefer them is that are durable, and this is because they lack movable parts. Therefore, instances of wear and tear are nonexistent.

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