Ceiling Shower Head – The Ulitimate In Showerhead Experience

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Ceiling shower head is one of the latest concepts in shower head technology. The shower head fixed to the ceiling pour water over you from above which is a distinctly different way of showering than the side ways shower head that we are used to. There are hundreds of contemporary designs and sizes in the ceiling mounted shower head category which make for a pleasant showering feel. They also exude a sophisticated and cosmopolitan aura that make up a modern bathroom experience.

Today when you check out stores selling ceiling shower heads you will be amazed by the variety and designs on offers. The innovative and unique styles are truly mindblowing. Take for instance the Dornbracht RainSky or even the Hansgrohe Raindance Rainmaker, two of the most sought after brands in ceiling rain shower head types. These models with their large sizes allow for maximum coverage and use an blend of air and water to recreate different types of rainshowers right in your bathroom.

Choose from a heavy downpour, a light rain, sharp shower, slight drizzle any other combination. These are the most expensive types of ceiling shower head on offer. These need to be planned for when the bathroom is under construction as they need large waterflows and need flush installation. Advanced electronics built into the system has been designed to control large waterflows.

If you are going for a large and luxurious bathroom, then the Rainsky makes for an ideal mate to go with all that luxury. The large ceiling shower head takes showering to another level. It’s pure bliss to stand under one of these huge shower heads. The size allows for the replication of outdoor rain experience indoors. You will be thrilled with the awesome showers that this shower head is able to recreate for you.

Get drenched indoors with these superb models. There is another model from Dornbracht for the small bathroom sizes called JustRain priced about $2000 dollars and is 16″ wide. So, if you have small bathroom but want the luxury of a rain shower head the JustRain may be just right for you.

If your bathroom design does not allow for flush mount with the ceiling, then the range of dome shower heads are ideal substitutes for a ceiling shower head. Take for instance the Hansgrohe Downpour Air Royale which is a large dome 14″ wide. It’s a absolute delight to bath under this extra large shower head which is sleek and modern in its looks.

KWC rain dome shower head is another option that could be used instead of a ceiling shower head. It comes with KWC’s self cleaning technology, a clean design, option to rotate with 35 degree swivel, options include ceiling mount or wall mounted with arm.

The 8 and half inch wide dome comes with 180 water outlets that dump enormous amounts of water while in the shower offering users a unique and enthralling way to experience rain in the comfort of their bathrooms. Modern ceiling shower head and rain shower heads are just what the doctor ordered to destress our minds and clean our bodies.