Bluetooth Shower Heads

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Choosing The Best Bluetooth Shower Heads Speaker and Reviews

The latest fad in bathroom accessories is a bluetooth shower head. Rarely does last year’s best shower system qualify as such this year. As technology evolves and improves, what was once considered ‘hot’ is now viewed as ‘passe’. With needs and expectations changing often, shower heads also need to keep pace. Double shower head systems and rain fall shower heads no longer appeal to new age homemakers of this year.

Today’s customers want shower heads with speaker systems. They like to pipe in music, even in the bathroom, and enjoy a soothing and relaxing shower. You can listen to your playlists and your favorite singers while taking a bath. No more leaving your door open to listen to songs playing from a music system in the bedroom or drawing room.

The latest innovation of bluetooth shower heads are offered by a few manufacturers who have dared to combine electronics with bathroom fittings. We have reviewed the best quality Bluetooth shower head speakers in this report.

Listening to music while in the shower no longer needs an elaborate set up. Your shower panel has all the controls needed to play your favorite music. Choose from the following top choices for the bluetooth shower heads that play music or check out our top 3 shower head speaker reviews.

Are you wondering if a bluetooth shower head with speaker is a good reason to change your bathroom fittings? Before doing so you will want to check out the important features and advantages of these modern devices. Actually, you might even be able to answer phone calls by talking into your shower heads. So what are you waiting for?

Explaining a Bluetooth Shower Head Speaker

A bluetooth shower head speaker is the latest in showering systems that let you play music in their shower. The built in speaker in the shower head belts out your favorite singers even as the water washes and cleanses you. The Bluetooth connectivity lets the shower head play songs from your phone or any other mp4 device.

The rechargeable blue tooth shower speaker has 7 hours of playtime. So you don’t need to recharge it often. But to use it, you need to pair it with a device like a phone or any other mp4 device. Everyone loves to listen to music, be it while travelling in a bus, on the subway, driving a car or even while walking. So it is natural that you want to listen to music while taking a shower too.

Benefits of a Bluetooth Shower Head with Speaker

1. We love to listen to music everywhere. So why should we be deprived of really good music in the bathroom? Stop worrying about moisture damaging your delicate electronic devices and phones. Some people buy waterproof speakers to install in their bathrooms. But that isn’t necessary any longer.

2. The music that flows out of a bluetooth shower head has great sound quality and you don’t have to worry about damaging it by tuning it with your wet hands. Control the volume, the song, the singer and more – right from your shower panel.

3. Speakers are portable, so you can even carry it along if you want to listen to music outside your bathroom.

4. Sometimes you’re in the mood for some dance music, while at other times all you want to do is relax. So use your speaker shower head to play the music you prefer. You can preset the type of music to play at different times of the day, so you don’t have to adjust it every time.

5. You can also listen to podcasts, news broadcasts and other audio content on the shower speaker. You can answer phone calls, if it doesn’t feel too weird talking into your shower head!

3 Best Music Shower Heads

Kohler Moxie Showerhead and Bluetooth Speaker

The best seller in a Bluetooth shower head category, the Kohler Moxie Showerhead has a battery that lasts 7 hours on average and can be easily recharged. With a sleek polished chrome finish and 2.5 gallons per minute flow rate, you will be pleasantly entertained during your shower time.

The speaker sits easily on your showerhead because of its magnetic base. The showerhead comes with a lifetime warranty while the speaker has a one year warranty. It’s easy to pair the Kohler Moxie speaker shower head with compatible devices. A point to be noted about this bluetooth speaker is that it does not allow answering phone calls. For a full review of the Kohler Moxie showerhead check out this page.

H2OVibe Rain & Bluetooth Speaker Showerhead

If you’re looking for an affordable bluetooth speaker shower head, the H2OVibe Rain Showerhead Jet with Bluetooth Speaker is great buy. With a large surface area of 9 inches, and 3 times more powerful jet sprays compared to other shower heads, this makes showering a pleasure even in areas with lower water pressure.

Latch the speaker to the middle of your shower head to listen to some great music. When attaching the speaker, make sure that you hear the click of locking the speaker in place on the shower head. It’s best to keep the volume at about 75 to 80% of maximum to get the best quality of sound.

This shower head also does not allow phone calls. With a blue tooth range of 33 feet, you can leave your phone even in the drawing room without affecting connectivity. The speakers are waterproof and are a great buy for the money. Learn more about it here – click.

Facilla Modern Bluetooth Shower Head Speaker

How many times have you had to turn off the shower and grab a towel before you could rush out to answer an important phone call? What if you could just press a button on your shower panel and take the call right in your bathroom?

The Facilla Modern Bluetooth Shower Head allows you to answer phone calls, listen to music, radio and more. Its blue tooth capability allows you to sync any bluetooth device with the showerhead speaker. A dual microphone noise reduction feature shuts down background noise of the shower and focuses on your voice, so the person who is calling you can hear you speaking.

The Facilla Modern looks great and the price is reasonable. It doesn’t have the quality of a Kohler or Hansgrohe, but if you feel like having some fun, go for this funky showerhead.

Just like the LED shower heads it won’t be long before bluetooth Shower head speakers become more common and much sought after. Read the full review here – click.