Best Dual Shower Heads In 2019 – A Buying Guide

Which are the best dual shower head models this year? And what manufacturers or brands should you watch out for. Find out in this review of dual shower heads.

So you want to learn about the best dual shower heads? Well, you’re in the right place!


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Everyone enjoys playing in the rain. Splashing through puddles, feeling the gentle spray of droplets on your face, the stream trickling down your back… it never fails to evoke a sense of innate joy and delight.

No wonder we love taking a shower. In a limited sense, it helps us experience the thrill of relaxing in the rain – but indoors, and with the water set at a comfortable temperature and pressure.

The closest you’ll get to the bliss of standing in the rain is when you use dual shower heads.

Dual shower heads are one of the various type of shower heads that offer a nature-like experience when you set the flow at high pressure. If you’d like that, then go through this buying guide for the best dual shower heads before making up your mind about the perfect shower head for your home.

Why Choose Dual Shower Heads?

Everyone loves the idea of enjoying a few minutes every morning and evening under the shower. It can perk you up and set the tone for a productive day ahead. Or it can help you unwind and relax with a massaging jet to loosen those taut muscles and wash away the grime and grit of a hard day at work.

The right shower head can ensure that you emerge from your bathroom in a good mood, ready to face the world and every challenge it throws your way. Both your mind and body will be fresh and eager to face the day when you’re clean, relaxed and comfortable after a nice shower.

But if you’re to select the right dual shower head, you must understand some basics including:

  • what’s the ideal water flow and volume?
  • which temperature is the best?
  • does the air pressure matter?
  • how many modes can the shower operate on?

Learn all about these in our buying guide for dual shower heads and you can ensure that you enjoy a delightful experience day after day. When your shower head delivers the perfect pressure and flow rate, your showering experience will be sublime and pleasurable.

The best dual shower heads available today permit extreme flexibility.

  • If you’d like to shower along with a partner, you can do it comfortably with a dual shower head.
  • If you’re looking to wash your pet, it’s a snap.
  • And with little kids in the family, a double shower head makes it fun to give them a bath.

So let’s talk about the best dual shower heads with top ratings, and see which would be your ideal pick depending upon your preferences and tastes as well as the kind of use you’ll have for it. The top rated models are analyzed in this report, with a quick summary of the pros and cons so that you’ll be able to make an informed decision about buying one.

9 Best Dual Shower Head Models & Brands

Ana Bath SS5450 Double Shower Head

The Ana Bath Combo (or Ana Bath SS5450) dual shower head is an affordable model that offers 5 unique functions for the hand held shower as well as another 5 for the fixed head. A rainfall shower head delivers a forceful massage that eases pains and aches to leave you feeling relaxed and peaceful. You can also operate it in massage, saturation mix, bubbling and bubble/saturation mix modes.

The long pipe and detachable shower head comes in handy to give kids a bath, and makes this Ana Bath dual shower head model a popular favorite with mothers of young children.

Most dual shower heads are somewhat wasteful of water. But not this one! Ana Bath double shower heads offer a flow rate of 2.3 GPM which is enough for a pleasant spray while showering, even if high pressure jets aren’t possible.

This dual shower head is light, sleek and elegant. Its brushed nickel finish adds a touch of class to any bathroom. The Ana Bath shower head manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty. Installation is easy and can be done on any existing pipe without need for extensive renovations.

If there’s a drawback to this excellent double shower system, it’s that switching from one mode to another midway through a shower isn’t easy. Fixing this glitch would easily make this the best dual shower head to pick. The Ana Bath dual shower head is also a little more expensive than other models, but has several advantages that more than compensate for this.


  • Large shower head of 5 inches
  • Durable and long lasting
  • 5 functions for shower settings
  • Low water flow rate of 2.3 GPM, lower water bills
  • Easy to install
  • Nozzles are free from clogging


  • Slightly more expensive
  • Pressure may drop when using both heads together
  • Switching modes while showering is tricky

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AquaDance 7″ Premium 3-Way Rainfall Combo Shower Head

The AquaDance dual shower head stands apart from the other best shower heads we’ve reviewed because of an especially big shower head spray-face than other double heads. However, impressive as that sounds, it isn’t the only advantage the AquaDance shower head has over its competitors.

The AquaDance 7 inch combo dual shower head can transform your bathroom, adding a touch of class and style to even the most mundane home. Apart from its sleek and elegant look, this double shower head also delivers an impressive performance. You’ll enjoy a heavenly performance under its soothing streams and stinging jets.

You can use the AquaDance shower head as either a fixed one or a hand held shower. The rainfall mode provides as good a drenching as any standalone rain shower head… and this is also true of the handheld shower head which is 7 inches large.

A regulator on the shower base allows the direction and position of the fixed shower head to be adjusted back and forth. You can operate this dual shower head in 6 modes – rain massage, power rain, pulsating massage, power mist, water-saver and rain mist. You can use either or both heads simultaneously while showering.

This shower head is made of stainless steel with a chrome finish that enhances the visual appeal dramatically. The shower is easy to clean and can be wiped free of any deposits of salt and mineral. Installation is easy and the shower head fits conveniently onto any piping that’s already in place.


  • Large 7 inch diameter showering face
  • Installation is simple and requires no tools
  • Lifetime warranty is offered
  • Design and style are impeccable
  • Easy to clean with clog-free nozzles
  • 6 showering modes available
  • Rainfall mode offers a luxurious shower experience


  • Higher cost reflects its premium nature

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DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury 9″ Rainfall Dual Shower Head

Among the most eye-catching and impressive dual shower head models on our shortlist is the DreamSpa Ultra Luxury 9″ rainfall shower head. DreamSpa is one of the popular, reliable brands in the shower head space, and the 9″ dual rainfall unit is one of its flagship designs.

The array of features and regulators that allow you to configure the showering experience is mouthwatering. Whether you’re looking to relax in a gentle spray of warm water, or pound your aching muscles with needle-jets of scalding hot water, or wake yourself up with a sharp blast of icy cold sluicing, you’ve got a setting that can make it happen on the DreamSpa Rainfall dual shower head.

The shower heads are square, and made of stainless steel which is durable, looks good and adds a flair to your bathroom. There are two shower heads – one fitted, the other handheld – and a hose with diverter. Installation is simple and doesn’t require a plumber.

This DreamSpa dual shower head operates in 7 different modes including power rain, pulsating massage, hydromist, rain mist, rain massage, power rain and one for saving water. The last is activated at the push of a button, and will help lower your water bills.

Adding an overhead bracket with an adjustable angle as well as an anti-swivel lock to your purchase allows you to customize and arrange the shower heads to your desired position.


  • Large 7″ shower spray heads
  • Easy installation, needs no tools
  • Offers 7 different shower settings
  • Both showers can be used singly or in combination
  • Elegant appearance and durable construction


  • Requires standard water pressure to use both heads

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Delta 75588RB In2ition Dual Shower Head

Like the other popular shower brand Moen, Delta dual shower heads are in a class of their own. Of many different Delta models, our pick for best dual shower head is the In2ition 75588RB.

All Delta shower heads are known for their design excellence, and the In2itiion is no exception to this rule. Finished with Venetian bronze, this dual shower head looks classy and stylish. If your bathroom decor matches a classic theme, this will be your ideal accessory.

The Delta dual shower doesn’t need much space and can be used even in smaller bathrooms. It is possible to use the handheld shower as a fixed or mounted one, and combining both heads can deliver a lovely rainfall experience whenever you desire.

The handheld shower head is ideal for massage and relaxation. You can operate the shower in 5 modes of which three are designed for relief of deep pain and to massage sore muscles. The eco-friendly pause mode helps save water and lowers flow rates to just 2.3 GPM.

Cleaning the shower head is easy as is installation (no need to call a plumber to help). In short, the Delta dual shower head is a popular choice if you’re looking for a delightful experience under an indoors rainfall.


  • Handheld shower can be used as a mounted one
  • Long handheld hose is convenient to shower
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Installation simple, doesn’t need a plumber
  • Flow rate can range from 2.3 to 5 GPM
  • Water saving mode is available


  • Water flow may decrease while using both heads at once

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AquaStorm by HotelSpa

Any list of dual shower heads gets a boost when we include Hotel Spa as one of the brands – and the AquaStorm 30-Setting SpiralFlo model is decidedly in a class of its own. A brilliant combination of great looks and exquisite functionality makes this model ‘best of breed’ and easily qualifies it for inclusion among the best dual shower heads.

If you’re looking for a spa-like showering experience, then take a close look at AquaStorm from HotelSpa. The double shower heads offer a range of spray settings for your convenience and choice. You can operate the shower in massage, pulsating massage, mist, power mist and hydrating mist modes, or conserve water by running it in ‘pause’ mode.

The uniquely designed 4-way fixed shower head along with a handheld shower allows 30 distinct flow patterns to be available, even under low water pressure conditions. The durable plastic heads are 6 and 4 inches wide and the angle between them can be adjusted to allow two people to shower comfortably together. Rub Clean jets help prevent lime buildup and nozzle clogging.

Installation is quick and simple, requiring no tools and guided by an excellent instruction manual. In 10 minutes, you’ll be all set and good to go. A 5 foot hose of stainless steel is included.


  • Large shower heads for excellent showering experience
  • Six spray settings and 30 flow options
  • High quality plastic is durable and doesn’t corrode
  • Flow rate of 5 GPM delivers excellent showering stream
  • Installation is quick and easy


  • The use of plastic may not appeal to some tastes, although it has shown top class performance

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Hydroluxe Ultra-Luxury Handheld Showerhead & Rain Shower Combo

One of the best dual shower heads on the market today that’s also a popular favorite among users is the Hydroluxe 1433 Ultra-Luxury handheld and rain shower head combo. In a crowded and demanding market, this model is among the unchallenged leaders, with a high star rating on several online marketplaces and thousands of delighted owners.

This double shower head is simply loaded with lovely features. Of the two shower heads, one is mounted and the other can be held in your hand. To save water, you may use one or the other. But it is just as effective to use both simultaneously. With a focus on saving water, the double shower head prominently features a ‘pause mode’ to shut water flow off immediately whenever you like. A shower restrictor makes sure that flow remains consistently below 2.5 GPM.

One of the most interesting features of the Hydroluxe dual shower is that it offers 24 water flow patterns. This makes for an enjoyable and unique showering experience unmatched by many other shower models. Each of the heads comes with 5 settings – stay warm mist, economy rain, massage, rain mode, and pause.

The water saving ‘economy‘ mode comes in handy even when there are water shortages and low pressure flow in pipes. The shower hose is 5 feet long and offers an attachment to connect with the handheld shower head so that you can conveniently adjust the shower head’s height as desired.

Its design is simple, pretty and appealing, while the product performs at a high level on every count. The Hydroluxe is easy to install and this can be done quickly without a plumber. A stainless steel body ensures freedom from corrosion, and brass nuts to attach the hose make it easy to tighten by hand without any tools.

If you’re looking for a dual shower head that’s easy on your wallet, conserves water, and is also good looking, durable and simple to install, then you don’t have to go any further than the Hydroluxe Ultra-Luxury shower head.


  • Allows adjustment of height with an overhead bracket
  • Offers 24 distinct water flow patterns
  • Choice of 5 shower sprays
  • Affordably price
  • Includes 10 year warranty
  • Easy to install


  • Pause spray setting occasionally drips water
  • Using both heads may be difficult if water pressure is low

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Waterpik High Pressure Dual Shower Head

A recent entry into the shortlist of best dual shower head brands and models is the Waterpik high pressure shower head. Offering 2.5 GPM flows and 12 spray settings (6 from each head) that includes a massaging Power Pulse mode, this attractive, elegant and durable shower head is set to become a popular favorite.

Regular innovation has steadily improved the Waterpik brand among discerning buyers and home owners. The Power Pulse massage involves one such research innovation, delivering twice as much force to the needle jets as other retail shower brands.

A 3 way diverter is built into the design, allowing you to select between the overhead rain shower head, the hose-attached hand held shower head, or enjoy both simultaneously. This offers a diversity in your showering experience and heightens your enjoyment and relaxation.

The device is quick and simple to install and needs no pipe tape or even the services of a plumber. As with all Waterpik shower heads, the High Pressure Dual model is high-style, high-performance and will surely be a worthy addition to every bathroom.


  • Innovative Power Pulse offers 2x force
  • 3 way diverter allows diversity in showering experience
  • Choose between 12 spray settings
  • Easy to install
  • Durable and stylish
  • Stays clean and free from clogging


  • Looks ‘cheap’, even though it functions better

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Moen Magnetix Double Shower Head Combo

The Moen 26009 Magnetix hand held and rain shower head combo has earned a well-deserved reputation of being an excellent dual shower head. What’s unique about this model is a magnetic holder technology that makes it easier to place the hand held unit on its shower head holder stand, even when your hands are slippery with soap.

The Magnetix dual shower is different from other Moen shower heads in other interesting ways. The fixed shower head offers only one mode of operation – full flow, which drenches you completely in a gentle gush of water. The other shower head, though, offers 6 features including a rainfall massage, along with a ‘pause spray’ button to cut off water flow instantly and conserve the precious liquid.

The fixed Moen Magnetic shower head is large and delivers a fulfilling shower experience. The handheld showerhead is 3.5 inches across and attaches to a 60 inch metal hose that’s flexible and can be rotated to your whims. You can use both shower heads together or separately. Temperature regulation is easy and consistent. The shower head can be conveniently installed.


  • Handheld shower head offers easy rotation
  • Delivers high pressure shower sprays
  • Snaps into place with magnetic dock
  • Choice of 6 spray modes
  • Easy to install


  • Fixed shower head only operates in one mode
  • Price is slightly higher than other brands

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Luminex by PowerSpa 7-Color 24-Setting LED

While our other picks for best dual shower head models focused on performance and durability, here’s one which offers great fun and entertainment without sacrificing on either of the other qualities.

The Luminex shower head from PowerSpa is an LED shower head that injects the element of relaxation and luxury into your bathing experience. An LED system that lights up depending on water pressure creates a unique, fun shower cycle. Colors shift and change through all shades of the rainbow, turning what’s otherwise a routine, mundane everyday event into one with romance, excitement and variety.

The LED lights do not require wires or electricity, being charged by water force alone so that the cycle is initiated by water pressure. If the thought of being spotlighted in diverse colors repels you, pick one of the other dual shower head models and ignore the Luminex!

A mini-turbine in the showerhead allows the LED lights to get recharged automatically. Air jets inject gas into the water stream, creating a lighter stream of droplets that cling to your body and enhance the showering experience. It also helps prevent the nozzle and pipe from clogging up.

There are 4 spray settings possible, like rain, massage, rain with massage, and pause (to conserve water), and you can select from them. The 4-inch spray face delivers a generous area of coverage to make your shower feel decadent and luxurious. The handheld head can be raised and lowered, or even adjusted to the right angle to reach all areas. Plastic faces make the head corrosion-free.

If the thought of being doused in colorful light as you shower appeals to your imagination, give the Luminex from PowerSpa serious consideration.


  • Fun, colorful showering experience
  • 4 spray modes for a rich, enjoyable shower
  • LED lights recharge automatically by water flow
  • No batteries or wires needed
  • Easy to install, no tools necessary
  • Long hose allows extensive reach for handheld shower


  • Color lights cannot be turned off while showering
  • The colors have nothing to do with water temperature

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Your Guide To Buying a Dual Shower Head

It’s important before you plunk down your cash to purchase a showering system that you understand what exactly the term ‘dual shower head‘ or ‘double shower head‘ actually means, and why it is desirable to get one rather than a more conventional shower head.

Dual shower heads combine two devices (2 in 1 combos) – a mounted or fixed shower head, and a handheld one that can be manipulated while showering. The combination offers greater flexibility to your experience. It also becomes useful when you are bathing pets or for little kids to have more fun with shower jets hitting them from different directions.

Each shower head in a dual system has an independent water flow source. This means the water pressure in your home should be high enough to deliver enough water to power both. The consumption of water during a shower is also higher with a double shower system, often greater than the typical 2.5 GPM limit with other models. If your water bills depend upon water consumption, the cost of owning a dual shower head might build up over time.

Shower heads can vary in size, shape and function. A fixed head could be a rainfall shower head, or have LED lights attached to it, or come with a range of different operating modes. And the hand held head can have similar diversity of function.

What To Look For In A Dual Shower Head?

The factors to consider before ordering a double shower head system are:

1. Quality: Does the brand you’re reviewing have a good reputation in the marketplace? Are their products durable and made of good materials? Do they help you conserve water and are they otherwise eco-friendly? These are important considerations to keep in mind.

2. Design: An elegant, classy shower design can add beauty and style to your bathroom, making the showering experience more special. Well known brands like Moen, Hansgrohe and Delta are popular for their design excellence and beautifully finished products.

3. Water Pressure: If comfort and convenience are your primary reasons to get a dual shower head, make absolutely sure that your shower of choice will deliver enough pressure to have a clean bath. Cheap shower heads will only provide a weak water stream, even if they look pretty. Steer clear of them and stick with better brands, even if you’ll pay a little more for them.

4. Functionality: See that your shower meets your requirements and offers all the functions you’d like to have. Most dual shower heads operate in multiple modes that can be easily selected at the press of a button or flick of a switch. These modes range from powerful needle-spray jets of water that massage and relax aching, tired muscles, to a gentle soft shower that evokes pleasant memories of standing in the rain. Different styles like massage, mist, rain and economy modes adjust and alter water flow suitably to match your mood and desires.

5. Convenience: Dual shower heads come with two heads. You can use them both together at the same time, or run only one while leaving the other turned off. If two people take a shower together, each may conveniently use one head. A handheld shower head attached to a long shower hose can be used to bathe pets or little children easily.

6. Appearance: The look and feel of a modern bathroom is of aesthetic significance to most home owners. To meet this demand, manufacturers produce shower heads in a range of colors and in several appealing designs to match your bathroom decor and theme. Shower heads come in bronze, nickel and oil-rubbed bronze finishing that lends a touch of class and elegance to any home.

7. Cost: Budgets vary widely, and so do shower heads to match them. You’ll find a suitable shower head for every budget range, although the features and functionality may differ in certain specifics. But don’t imagine that low price represents poor quality. You’d be amazed at just how versatile and feature-rich even modestly priced dual shower heads have become these days. And even low priced bathroom accessories are often long lasting and durable.

8. Installation: A variable that isn’t often considered deeply ahead of time is the ease of installing a shower head. Will your bathroom be large enough to accommodate the shower of your choice? Do you require extensive modifications to the piping or structure of your room? Will you be able to install the shower head yourself, or require the assistance of a plumber? All these questions must be addressed before making your final decision.

9. LED Shower Heads: A colorful showering experience under LED lights can be thrilling and fun entertainment for some – but a nightmare scenario for others. When you realize that LED shower heads cannot be used without the lighting effects, your decision to purchase one might be affected by this fact.

10. Shower Head Reviews: Finally, take heart in the knowledge that you’re not all alone in making this decision. You can rely upon several expert reviews of the different dual shower head models to get unbiased and impartial information to help you decide on the right brand, design and model for your bathroom. Go through a few reviews, and read customer testimonials to get a good idea of the model you plan to buy. Then go ahead with more confidence and certainty to order your dream shower head.

Types of Dual Shower Heads

Now, maybe you thought things would get simple once you’ve zeroed in on “dual shower heads” – but no, there’s still another choice to make!

And that’s because there are two types of double shower heads – fixed, and combo.

Fixed Dual Shower Heads

In these models, the two shower heads are fixed onto a single mount which may attach to your bathroom wall or ceiling. You can choose to place the two heads side by side, or position them vertically one above the other. The choice will depend upon the area you’d like to cover with your shower stream, and the kind of use the shower will have in your home. Either arrangement works just as well.

Dual Shower Heads With Handheld Showers

In this type, there is one shower head that’s attached to the wall, while the other rests in a holder and can be held by hand and moved around, to the extent permitted by your shower hose. This makes it comfortable to direct the shower stream to specific parts of your body that are hard to reach or position under a fixed shower stream. The handheld head can also be used to wash walls, bathtubs and other accessories, or to give your pet a bath.


Now that you’ve read this extensive buying guide for dual shower heads, you’ve gained enough knowledge to make an informed choice. There’s one last question left to address before you can move on to begin your research and go shopping.

What Is The Benefit of Dual Shower Heads?

It seems strange to address this issue so late in the review. But there’s a reason for doing this… because it’s hard to know whether something offers an advantage or not without actually learning about it!

Now that you know, in rich detail, what a dual shower head looks like and how it works, along with the two major types of double showers, we can more logically think about whether or not one is right for your home.

There are many real advantages to having a dual shower head.

1. Coverage: A double shower head can technically double your showering area. If two people shower at the same time, each can use one head conveniently and comfortably without feeling cramped or left out. But even if you shower alone, the dual heads give you a more thorough drenching that enriches the experience and provides greater satisfaction.

The ability to detach and hold a handheld showerhead, directing the water stream at any area from different directions also ensures better cleansing and greater enjoyment from your shower. You’ll emerge feeling cleaner, more relaxed and happier.

2. Communal Showering: It’s exciting and romantic to shower along with a partner, and dual shower heads make it possible. Standing together under a rainfall shower or enjoying a stinging deep massage jet of water can be pleasurable and fun. Dual heads provide enough force over a large area to allow both of you to enjoy a nice drenching.

3. Greater Force: By placing both shower heads on top of each other, you can enjoy a more forceful stream of water for a better cleanse and a quicker shower. You’ll wash away grime and soap suds faster without needing to shift and adjust your position many times beneath the stream of water.

4. More Enjoyment With Modes: The better brands of dual shower heads offer various showering modes with their unique functionality. You can adjust the settings to match your mood. You may want to get thoroughly soaked and drenched with a rainfall setting. Or you may prefer a more gentle drizzle that comes from a mist setting. A range of modes enhances your enjoyment from a shower, and with dual shower heads you can literally double that pleasure.

5. Faster Showers: If you’re in a hurry, a double shower head will help you finish quicker by delivering twice as much volume as a regular shower – which means you’ll get clean in half as long! If each shower head runs at 2.5 GPM, you’ll get a collective 5 gallons per minute – which is almost like having a bucket of water dunked over you. And if you shower together with a partner, both of you will be done within the same time!

6. Extensive Reach: One quibble of many who use conventional showers is how much contortions they need to ensure that the water jet hits all parts of their bodies. You won’t struggle that way with a dual shower head, because the handheld head can be directed at any part easily.

7. Dual Temperature Settings: An interesting variation that you can enjoy only with a dual shower head is to mix up hot and cold streams of water simultaneously. Since each shower head can be controlled separately, you can have the jet of one showerhead stream scalding hot needles at you while the other drives icy cold blasts! If more than one person uses the shower at the same time, each can set water temperatures to their own preference.

So… dual shower heads can be versatile and entertaining, effective and elegant, functional and fascinating.

They will add a dash of luxury and a touch of class to any bathroom, offering a spa-like experience at a fraction of the cost and trouble. If there’s a downside to getting a double shower head for your home, it’s that it may be a little more expensive and involve higher water consumption.

But if you decide a dual shower head is right for you, be sure to make the right choice.

  • Go through the detailed reviews of our shortlisted collection of the best dual shower heads.
  • Analyze each in light of the factors listed above.
  • Then look at buyer testimonials on online marketplace websites.
  • Finally, pick your ideal double shower head and order it on the Web or from your neighborhood retail store.

Give a higher preference for the top rated brands and models because even though they are priced slightly higher, they more than make up for this by way of superior quality, longevity and durability along with extra functions and settings that will make your showering experience more enjoyable and refreshing.