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Bathroom lighting matters for every home and that is why it should be given serious consideration. There are quite a number of reasons why you should have good lighting in your bathroom. To begin with, your bathroom needs good lighting to effectively carry out your grooming routines at any time of the day. It is easy for accidents to happen in a bathroom when it does not have adequate lighting.

The first place you visit after waking up in the morning is the bathroom. This transition while you are half-asleep can be difficult if your bathroom isn’t well lit. Whether you use the bathroom while you unwind after a very tiring day or prepare for the beginning of a new one, you should have good lighting.

Here are a few useful tips that will help you with bathroom lighting.

Choose the right lighting fixtures

Some bathrooms have a single fixture which may not be sufficient enough to provide the much need lighting. The illumination in your bathroom should at least be in three layers and this requires a variety of sources. The three basic layers needed for adequate lighting in your bathroom include accent, task and ambient. There are different types of light fixtures but it is your personal responsibility to choose a fixture that suits your design scheme.

Consider lighting features in other accessories

Most bathroom accessories and supplies like whirlpool tubs, bathroom cabinets and mirrors are designed with lighting applications such as built-in lights that help in illuminating bathroom vanities. Good lighting creates a peaceful atmosphere in the master bathroom and having appliances with integrated bulbs can help in creating that kind of atmosphere.

Plan the tiers of bathroom lighting

All the three layers of lighting are used in different ways in the bathroom. Ambient lighting is good for movement because it brightens the overall space. Accent lighting brings out the different elements in the bathroom such as the beautiful glasses and intricate tile work. Task lighting sheds light on all grooming activities such as combing, making up and shaving.

Bathroom lighting should be shadow free and should also include opaque lampshades, overhead lighting and side lighting for a complete range of activities.

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